Netflix of Sports - kayo sports - what does the community think

I overheard a few people chatting ( both at work and on the field - my son plays rep cricket) about cricket not being available on free to air (FTA) anymore and Foxtel being the only option. Well now there is another option launched by Foxtel ( in beta currently)- see link below which is self explanatory

What do you guys think? Obviously not as great as Free to air, but better than paying for the more expensive Foxtel cable tv and dealing with their call centre negotiating price etc every few months.

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  • 22
    Currently don’t have Foxtel but will go for this
  • 8
    Currently with Foxtel and will cancel and go for this
  • 1
    Will stay on Foxtel
  • 17
    Will not opt for this

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    Was hoping this would take it's time to launch so they'd keep showing the cricket on for free.

    Currently only offer I can see is a 14-day free trial, hoping for some better deals to get it lower than the $25 a month.



    If you're into soccer Optus is actually a pretty good deal. On a $30 a month phone plan you get the Premier League, Champion's League, Europa League and a bunch of internationals.

    Kayo looks decent for basketball and has the Bundesliga which I'd like to watch.

    But given it's the price of my whole phone contract it's not something I'm that likely to get.


    This seems like a good alternative than getting a VPN and using Watch AFL.

    Interested to see app options.


    No EPL. No deal.


    There goes AFL free through Telstra?


    I'm keen to try the trial, only reason have Foxtel atm is because of the Sport (and a few entertainment channels), but could easily see us opting for Kayo + Netflix instead.

    Also have Optus Sport through the phones which is good.


    Basic $25/month
    Remove Voucher?
    Voucher Removed
    Basic $25/month

    So the voucher saves nothing lol.

    I don't watch cricket so no use for me, I prefer Telstra's offerings (or Optus Sports) which I pay no extra for.


    I'm thinking about finding someone to share this service with. That would only be $12.50 per month. I wouldn't mind sharing my netflix service either.


      I'll see how this free trial goes, and if I do see value in it id be keen. They're careful in their wording in the terms n conditions but cant see how it would violate anything.


        While it may be intended to share with people in your household, the whole concept of allowing multiple streams suggests it will generally be hard to enforce. Look at Spotify.

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    They should have an option to stream in 4K. Many sports have the tech and it's used in other countries (Soccer, F1,etc) Especially since we're getting it from the same broadcasters they have. All other streaming sites charge a max of $18 a month which includes 4K for half of them. Australia still only has 720p for some of the sports! Hopefully it will be available next year


    For tennis fans this is the only reasonably priced option out there. With Kayo you get all the slams except for the Australian Open but no Masters 1000/500. But most of everything else. Compare that with Tennis TV, $20 for all the ATP but no slams or Davis Cup or anything else.