expired Tempur Sonata Side Sleep Pillow $98 (Was $269), Free Pickup/Shipster or $9.95 Delivery @ Harvey Norman


This looks like a good price for a tempur pillow. Reviews are pretty positive on it as well

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    tempura pillow!!!
    you cracked me up.

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    But did barefoot investor use it? Otherwise I'm not gonna get it /s


    we spend ~1/3 of our life in bed, cheap out on mattress and pillows isn't a bargain, I see it as an investment for my well being.
    Unless you tried it, dont just say it's so expensive and leave it. Since when cheaper things are always better? Not that expensive ones are always better either.


      We have really good memory foam ones at moment are pretty old and needing replacing and these look very good for side sleepers


    thank you op. bought one tempura pillow for me.

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    Note that they will do half price straight off the bat, so you're really only saving $40.

    Also note there is quite an enormous range of different Tempur pillows.

    Suggest you swallow the $40 and go try all the different ones.


    Im a side sleeper, But prefer it between my legs. (Pillow) Whould this type be ok.


    Thanks OP….my old pillow was due for replacement :)

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    Serious you rich mofos. $100 for a pillow on ozbargain

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    Nice price find OP.

    To give some perspective, I own the Tempur Symphony and bought it for $180 when it was on special so $98 is an excellent price.

    I had gone through many sub $100 pillows before the Tempur - from $15 goose feather, duck feather, to more expensive buckwheat and other memory foam & latex pillows, etc. I've had the Tempur for nearly a year now & have not looked back nor considered looking for another pillow i.e. my neck/shoulder issues are no longer a problem.

    I'm not saying the Symphony is 100% perfect, but for the issues I was having it has been excellently. My advice is to go to a store where you can demo the pillows and where staff actually know what they are selling. This is what I did as I was going to buy the 'medium' size but when the salesperson examined my sleeping position and the way my head rested, they advised to go for the 'small' size.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Hope it helps someone. BTW, I'm a side-sleeper.


      Serious question. How would you know if it is good for you just by trying it in store? I mean you need to sleep to try it out, not just having your head on it for 10 seconds.


        Yeah you can't know for sure unless you spend like a couple weeks with it (not sure if Tempur have home trials - probably not).

        My comment was more along the lines of making sure you get the correct size pillow (i.e. height) so that your head/neck angle is at the correct angle when you sleep.


    I saw this deal and strong recommend try before buy

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    I clicked on the link and a chat pop up window greeted me on the Harvey Norman website saying "Hello Ozbargainer…".
    Surprised it didn't say "hello professionals…"


    Anyone know where I can get a pillow case for it?

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