Recommend Dual Sim Dual App Phone below $300

I have been using Xiaomi Note3 for about 2yrs now when it died on me last week. It started to have difficulty charging. I had to try different angles and twist and turn the charging cable to charge it. It finally would not charge anymore. Apparently being unable to charge is a common issue for Xiaomi phones. Would it be worthwhile to replace the charging component or the battery to try and get some data out? Does anyone know if they sell it online? I saw on YouTube teaching how to replace the charging component but can't find the replacement part, anyone here got experience?
My previous Samsung NoteII also died on me after a few yrs with 'sudden death syndrome'.
I think it's all gimmick of corporations killing the product so consumers have to buy new ones!

Then of cos i now need a new phone, currently using a old phone with badly shattered screen.
Can't walk away from dual sim and dual apps now that I have a taste of it on the Xiaomi.
I understand dual sim usually means only 4G/3G at any one time, is there any with 4G/4G dual sim?
Xiaomi is good but if the charging port is going to be an issue across most of its models, then i wanna try avoid it. Oh is wireless charging able to be applied to any smartphone? Would it have worked on my Xiaomi in this case?
Price is negotiable but under $300 would be great. Any recommendations welcome, including Xiaomi. Thanks!


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