Cheap Postal Stamps in semi-large quantites?

I have a mate who does Ebaying and would love to help them out by finding a way to purchase postal stamps for cheap.



    how does eBay shipping work? I find shipping costs more than most items sold on there. How do buyers sell 3 dollar items with free shipping?


      Much of the time, they might send say a hdmi cable, or dvd/game , etc, and send it as a letter postage. Not allowed at all under Aus Post rules, but happens all the time.
      Minimum parcel is about $8 postage. Yet letters can be allowed a certain thickness (thick enough to send a game or dvd I think).


        It's allowed as long as it's under 20mm


          Every postal worker I have spoken to about this, says otherwise. They have told me only letters can be sent cheaply in envelope and that anything else has to be sent as parcel regardless of thickness etc..



            They have told me only letters can be sent cheaply in envelope and that anything else has to be sent as parcel regardless of thickness etc

            It sounds like these employees needs to be retrained.


            Letter size and weight guidelines

            We classify a letter as an item that:

            weighs less than 500g
            is no thicker than 20mm
            contains flexible items - nothing rigid or inflexible
            has a rectangular shape
            is no bigger than a B4 envelope (260mm x 360mm x 20mm)


        Not allowed at all under Aus Post rules

        That’s incorrect. Auspost discourages posting non flexible mail articles using the letter service because they lose money delivering them. Auspost telling customers that their mail articles may get damaged during transit is an easy excuse.

        Are there restrictions on what I can send in an envelope?
        Only paper items such as letters and documents should be sent inside regular paper envelopes.

        Any other items could easily be damaged or lost in transit, and so shouldn’t be posted in regular paper envelopes. Some examples include:

        rigid or inflexible items like keys, pens, USB sticks or CDs, which could be damaged by our machines or torn from the envelope and lost
        bendable or crushable items such as photographs or certificates, which could easily be bent or creased


    People sell older smaller denominations like 60cents stamps on ebay for a couple dollars less i.e $60 worth of stamps for $55 - combo that with a ebay discount is probably cheapest

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    Does your mate ship regular post size envelopes, or parcels? And approx how many per month? We ship about 500-600 items a month at attractive rates


    Weird you can buy them cheaper than there value, as I always thought you can take stamps back to the post office and exchange for cash. Might be some bull sh*t some one told me and I beleived


    There will be employees that work in thew mail room of bigger companies who collect envelopes on which the stamps have not been cancelled. Take them home, soak off the stamps and sell them in bulk on eBay