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50% off Cloud Servers at DTS-NET (New Purchases & Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions Only)


50% off subscription of their DTS-NET Cloud Servers (i.e. VPS hosting with fancy proprietary control panel). They are similar to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure "Developer's Choice" starts at $4/month (after 50% off) with

1 CPU core
50GB Cloud Disk
Maximum 1 server per customer for their "DTS-NET Cloud Servers". Only apply to monthly and yearly subscriptions and new purchases, i.e. not renewal of existing service.

You also get 50% off configurable (up to 32 cores & 128GB memory) Again, new purchases & monthly and yearly subscription only.

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  • What’s 1997 got to with this?

  • wheres oceana located & why all the setup fees ?
    tried to create a VPS used 'ozcloud' and got
    You must have an active product/service to use this code


      ozcloud promo is working fees covers hardware, network cost and pays staff DTS-NET has been in business since 1997 and have locations through out the world oceana locations AU and NZ

      • Would you like to post a table of stats instead? Might be nicer viewing

  • Mods please delete this bargain, its not a bargain this is just marketing spam see the end date 351 days!!.

  • I'm getting "could not connect to the database" when clicking on the VPS or even the "live chat/help" lmao this site is so broken.


    have you opened a ticket regarding the matter or called DTS-NET phone support also have you try refresh site on your web browser again

  • dts-net has kept deleting support queries for months…


    DTS-NET support questions on OZ regarding customer accounts OZ and DTS-NET do not allow customer account information to be posted in comments you will need to call DTS-NET or live chat with customer service via dts-net.com since this is a public discussion only handle general questions on OZ this is for marketing deals DTS-NET now offers (10 TB to Unmetered data transfer available with ALL hosting service plans)

  • DTS-NET misconfigured hosting to show a different company's website… and still has not fixed it after being explicitly notified.

    The DTS-NET broken English customer support staff keeps deleting support tickets or closes them without fixing issues or validating.

    They do not even have sufficient knowledge of web semantics or computer literacy, judging by their poor ability to figure out where the reply button is on OzBargain…