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36 Singles Day Increases (Amazon 11%, Telstra $111, Energy AU $155, Lenovo 11%, Hotels.com 11%, Bonds 11%) @ Cashrewards


A stack of increases here to enjoy over Singles Day. Note that some increases expire beyond 11/11. Please ensure you read the terms for each store before purchasing as some have very strict guidelines (ie. Amazon). Should be a great shopping day, and possibly a few more surprises from us through the day as well. Thank you as always for the incredible support. Have fun :)

A Small Education Piece:

Please always ensure your last click before purchase is from Cashrewards. Simply click Shop Now and complete your shopping without leaving the store. A lot of untracked claims come from the fact members have other tabs open and/or are using Google or comparison sites to review their product/s before purchase. All cashback/rewards sites work off a simple principle - last click. The winning affiliate is always the one that receives the last click. Also turn off any AdBlock/uBlock/Ghostery as well as Safari (mobile and/or desktop) Cross-Site Tracking. Finally, you must return and click through from Cashrewards to the store every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2018.

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  • Awesome work TA, great increases :)

  • WTF is singles day

  • Thanks TA!

    PS. How about 11% cashback on eBay?🤑

  • Dayuuum that's a lot of deals! I'll be maxing out the credit card in no time.

  • Singles day? Hijacking Remembrance Day for commercial purposes leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    • Singles day originated from China. It just Aussie and international companies jumping onto the trend.

      • Any company in Australia that uses a day set aside to honour those who served in the First World War (almost 10% of the Australian population enlisted, and over 65 per cent were killed, wounded or captured) and all those who have served and died since just to sell shit should be ashamed of themselves. The 11th of the 11th has special meaning - and it isn’t an 11% discount on an iPhone.

        • +2 votes

          We have Anzac Day for remembering them don’t we?


            @DisabledUser182271: Yeah, Rememberance/Armistice Day was supposed to remind people how horrible war (WW1) is and don't repeat it…..21 years later…they forgot.

        • +1 vote

          Well I hope you're just as vocal at all the people who won't observe the minute silence at 11am.

        • Relax… only war we love is a price war

        • Well, there are people playing cricket, going to the racetrack, its just a normal trading day for Woolies and Coles, my wife has just gone down the beach for her surfing lesson. So quite a few people making a buck today. How about you mate? Are you going to spend the day in sackcloth and ashes, paying homage to the glorious dead in total silence? I would hope so, after that little rant of yours.

          I don't see any reason why a person can't observe the minutes' silence and buy a phone on the same day.

          • @cannedhams: My criticism is about appropriating the 11/11 for a sale.

            It’s just a trashy thing to do here in Australia given the really strong and well understood links to something so terrible that every year we’re encouraged to pause and remember. I think - and respect you and others may not - that re-badging that occasion for a sale is just completely tone deaf.

            No expectation that people don’t go about their everyday lives or that businesses don’t open. No expectation that anyone where a sack or prostrate themselves at a wall memorial. Just a sincerely held belief that 11/11 has such well understood meaning here and elsewhere (about truly horrendous things) that to try and take away from that in Australia and give it new meaning is so tasteless and disrespectful (I made no criticism of any other sale or activity taking place today or of the Singles Day as an event in countries without that shared history).

            I can think of dozens of other occasions around the world that have particular meaning to particular people - and I’d feel the same way about appropriating those occasions for something as base as a sale in those markets.


    • You know this isn't a hijacking right?
      Singles day originated in China, they aren't a part of the commonwealth and my guess is 11.11 was chosen for aesthetics whereas remembrance day was born from the german armistice - of which China was not a part of.

      • Not a jab at the Chinese event at all. A jab at the Australian companies who have signed up despite the significance of the day here in Australia. For base commercial purposes. For everyone else, everywhere else - c’est la vie.

        • I agree it's a very tasteless act for the Australian businesses targeting the domestic market.

          Good thing the vast majority of those putting offers out will be international businesses.

          Having said that, singles day generated $33Billion in sales last year and that record is expected to get smashed tomorrow.

          Australians as individuals who have relatives who sacrificed so much are sensitive to this. I am sensitive to this.

          However, Australians as shareholders of the Australian companies don't want to see their investments outperformed in their own markets by foreign competition who won't care.

          It's just how commerce goes mate, they're screwed if they compete, screwed if they abstain.

          • @ndftz: You know those companies are made of people who live among us. But as usually with so many other things people choose to ignore things. people allowed them to be like that. Yes' it's capitalism and I'm sure Australian companies would do the same. So essentially doing it to each other. Nothing wrong with making a sales, but it's all gone downhill how it's done.

            With how many sales come and go, one would think we are endlessly rich with infinite amount of money to spend. So each year companies are expected to smash the record.

            Well, I am out of the rat race and consumerism. There are more important things that should be done something about but silence is deafening, so life will just go on as usual until maybe the next great war, just to be forgotten again in the next 20 years.

    • +14 votes

      It's not an Australian holiday and thus not related to or hijacking Remembrance Day. 11/11 was chosen as the number 1 resembles an individual who is alone.

      In recent years its become big overseas like Black Friday that originated in America. And while we're on the topic of Black Friday, that name is also shared with bushfire disasters, but I never see any controversy about that.

      • As I said above - I have no beef with the event in other countries. I just really question why an Australian company would participate given the significance of the date to many here. Given what is being acknowledged (terrible waste of life and unimaginable sacrifice) it just turns my stomach to think some idiot at Telstra or Bonds has gone “sweet, we can make a buck here”. What other companies do in other countries without that shared history - I have no problem with at all.

    • With only 365/366 days per year, there are many celebrations/remembrances/sales/etc occurring on the same date. It's hardly being Hijacked.

      Commonwealth countries see a significance in 11am on 11/11 (1918) - the ending of hostilities in WW1. My family served in that war - returning, but severely changed.

      The Chinese see a significance in all those 1's of 1111, like single people.

      And some people believe it has other significance… but they're off with the fairies

      Just because dates have a different significance for different groups does not mean you & others can't observe that date for your purpose.

      Hide these sales if it offends you.

      • My criticism is of those where the significance of the date is the same. Domestic companies operating in the domestic market. No beef at all with the Chinese event for the Chinese market. I take ndftz’s point above - but that’s exactly what disgusts me so much.

        • As with the misuse of "Anzac" for commercial purposes, if this was a REMEMBERENCE DAY SALE - that would be offensive. But it's not - it just shares the same date. Business here continues as normal.

          It's just the biggest sale date in the world. So not surprising local businesses want some of the action.
          (And most on this site are just after bargains.)

          Thanks for making some aware of the date's significance here & in some other countries.

    • luckily boohoo.com has increased cashback

    • As the world is getting smaller and smaller, it won't take long for us to be in a state that we have no day to celebrate anything without upsetting others. However you feel on this particular day, sad or proud, going online shopping isn't really a way to celebrate, but a way to let out your emotions.

    • one anazc day is enough.

  • Telstra $111 (normal rate $90)(cashrewards.com.au) rate is for any 24 month postpaid contract with handset

    So I gotta pay more for this Single's Day deal huh.

    Edit: or does this mean $111 off?

    • Edit: or does this mean $111 off?

      It means $111 cashback….. rather than the normal $90 when you take out a 24 month contract.

  • FYI, just chatting to the lovely Gearbest rep and she's advised that they are now just charging the price that is displayed I.e. not add GST in the cart. Maybe something to keep in mind if you're buying something from them!

    • They haven't been charging GST for ages. It's always said GST will apply but it never did. Or at least not for me.

      • They did for a while. A message was added to say that GST was added on.

        • Probably realised the government scare tactics don't work.

          • @Clear: The gov scare tactic will work when they send you a letter to tell you your item has been confiscated by custom and you’ll have a fine

            • @fuzor: Why would customs confiscate your package? They don't check to see if the store you bought it from has paid GST. That's not how the legislation works.

  • +3 votes

    According to google, singles day is Feb 15 - after Valentines day.

  • Dangit just put through a huge order on amazon.

  • Bought something today on Amazon @ 8% cashback. $1 down the drain!


    But previous net a porters have been 12%…

  • No AliExpress?

  • I'm waiting for triples day

  • Any deal on aliexpress?

  • You had me at nasty gal :O

  • Would this work if I select a product Amazon Global on amazon.com.au?

  • +1 vote

    Literally just put my order through for Amazon before I saw this -feelsbad

  • Does anyone know if pre order games are eligible for CR? I don't see them on the exclusion list, looking at grabbing BF5.

    • +1 vote

      Pre-orders are eligible for Cashback at the current advertised rate provided the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.