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[Switch] Pokemon: Let’s Go + Poke Ball Plus Bundle $99 @ Target


This seems to be the cheapest price currently available for the Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee game and pokeball combo releasing this Friday.

Next cheapest from physical stores is $119 at Big W, and $129 at most other physical retailers.

Link to online catalogue for price matching purposes

Edit; Amazon has now pricematched. Preorders should adjust accordingly.

Amazon Deal

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +4

    Price match at EB to still get carrots.

    • +1

      Wouldn't Flybuys points be worth more?

      • +5

        Since carrots have virtually no use at all past LVL4 membership, yes. They have absolutely no use at all if you're not a frequent EB customer.

    • +12

      When's the last time a first party Switch game (or even a Pokemon game for that matter) did that?

      • +3

        Pretty sure it will be a big system seller for them - even if it isn't that good

        • I think there will be a huge demand for Super Smash Bros Ultimate also. Have ordered both through Amazon Aus. Cashback Rewards was offering 12.5% (pre GST) but noticed it has dropped to 11% now.

      • -2

        Links crossbow training and starfox come to mind.

        • Star Fox was a case of end of Wii U lifetime and a poorly reviewed game leading to overstocking. Link's Crossbow Training was a tech demo for a plastic peripheral.

          Neither of them are Pokemon either

          • @Ninternet: Animal crossing Amiibo festival.
            Hyrule warriors
            Pokémon pinball.

  • +4

    Pre-orders on Amazon will match this right?

    • they wouldnt match via chat, i guess they may if a few numbers start to get on to their chat system and slow things down for a while

      • +1

        They matched it now, cancel and reorder is quicker than dealing with chat.

        • +9

          No need to cancel, my preorder was automatically price matched.

          • +2

            @declongo: Ah nice, good to know the system works :) (I didn't have a prior order)

          • @declongo: Same for us.
            Caugjt the 12.5% cashbsck with Cash Rewards too, in lieu of the current 11% also.

          • @declongo: same here

  • +4

    lets hope that the amazon pre-order guarantee kicks in

    • Has.

    • Confirmed I got billed $99 today (less my $20 Maccas Monopoly voucher)

      • yep same.
        the system works

  • +1

    Oh wow not bad for $99. I was contemplating if the ball was necessary but for that price, I might as well.

  • +1

    Does the pokeball actually change the gameplay at all?

    • +3

      It can link up with the Pokémon Go app for some added features, but if you’re only playing the Switch game, the joycon would suffice.

  • +1

    I think Amazon will end up price matching and that way you can get it cheaper with Cashrewards/Shopback

  • Damn, good price!!

  • I have the standard edition paid off, how necessary is it to have the pokeball controller? For example if I'm on a plane and wanna catch a Pokemans, do I swipe on the touch screen or?

    • You don't need to use motion controls in handheld mode (which upset people when they said you cannot use pro controller), just select item and press "a" button.

  • Hmm can't place online 'preorder'…..I would imagine stock may be hard to get the first few days

    • +1

      With 11% cashrewards

      • There goes my day 1 release…

  • +3

    Note: Amazon has updated their price to $99 now too.

    Woo, thanks! Was looking for something to use that $20 off $79 maccas monopoly code.. couldn't do it with the $118 Amazon price but $99, done!

    • Amazon have Price gurantee on pre-orders. My pre-order just dropped to $79 as I've used the maccas code when I order. I do miss out the increased cashback though.

      • Really? As in you miss out all of it or just part? (I'm in same boat)

        On the original purchase price of $119 (less $20 Maccas credit), estimated cashrewards (based on the email) was AUD 9.79.

        • I got the cashback on the $99 not $79 or $118.

  • Why it is not shown on their online catalogue? They have different catalogue?

    • From memory the catalogue starts from this Thursday - it definitely didn’t have the Christmas cover thats shown on the website. I guess they’ll upload it later this week.

    • I got my hands on a physical one over lunch. The deal is legit, but I guess they don't generally upload newer catalogues. I just wanted something tangible to have when going to EB to get them to price match. I already pre-ordered, but I haven't paid in full. I'm hoping they'll allow the price match

      • Need one to get JB price matched.my local target only have the same catalogue as the online one. Might have to wait then.

  • If you were thinking to buy this digitally, it looks like it'd be cheaper to get the physical copy from Target for the introductory price offer: $69 v $79.95 https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000000449 https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000000446

  • Amazon have a zippered pouch (Orzly Accessories) for the ball $17.99 but has $4.99 shipping to be added to it. Amazon Prime (free for 30 days) doesn't cover the postage for this particular item though; sellers fulfill.

    The Official Trainers Guide "Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu!" from Amazon US is $23.50 but has $14.98 shipping which kills the deal. You would have to spend $49+ in total order to remove delivery charges.

    • +1

      Saw that but felt it seemed a bit excessive to spend $20 to protect a $40-$50 item.

      • Agree and didn't order either.

        The Super Smash Bros Ultimate manual was only $17.11 (no shipping cost), so spending so much more on the Lets Go Pikachu manual ($23.50 +$14.98 shipping) doesn't seem justified!

    • +1

      Why not just buy it yourself? (Am I missing something?)

  • It's sad that the amazon deal got more upvotes

    • +1

      Because of cashback, that deal does cheaper.

      • It’s a great price at Amazon with the cashback taken into account. I’ve personally had preorders with Amazon turn up several days after release in the past, so I’ll be sticking with physical stores for anything that I really want to play on day one :)

  • EB's Sydney CBD stores are unlikely to match with Target or Amazon (can confirm World Square can't), but they may be able to match JB Hifi.

  • I was tossing up between buying from Target and Amazon but went with Amazon because there's a longer return policy… since I don't actually own a switch yet? (stalking Ozbargin for a good deal).

    • Yes, at the very least there is the cashback rewards with Amazon; was 12.5% up to a few days ago, now 11% I think (pre GST).

      As you don't have a Switch yet maybe check out what the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate deals coming up have to offer. The manual is currently $17.11 no shipping; have taken advanatage if the free first 30 days of Amazon Prime … think I shall cancel this before time is up though.

      • I was tempted to get the Prime trial to get it launch day but then realised it would even matter since I can't play it yet LOL. I'm not sure if I'm really into Super Smash Bros Ultimate unless there's an amazing deal. TBH I don't think I'll end up playing the switch much. I've always have had the habit of playing a new game console heaps then completely stop. I've got some cousins overseas that have inherited them all, though I wish I'd kept my Gameboy colour, I hear you can get a good price for those LOL.

        • I don't play anything but buying for son. He has always liked the Super Smash Brothers games and played in a few tournaments at EB Games in Melb.

          Yes, the old Nintendo gear is doing really well and holding their prices; kind of becoming collector items. Son never traded in and kept everything complete. Yes, from that GameBoy Colour too. All still works well; even the old GameCube!

  • +2

    Target just uploaded the latest catalogue which Contains this deal. case anyone want to do price match as a reference.

  • +1

    My Amazon order shows delivery on Tuesday Nov 20 to Melbourne (Prime Expedited Delivery).

    Anyone else?

    • My order placed earlier (7th November) gives delivery estimate at Friday, 16th November (release date). Perhaps it is just first come, first served.

      I did sign on for the first free 30 days of Prime but unsure if that affected the date or not. Ordered several other items at the time.

      • It's most likely the order date. My Prime expires today apparently, I got 20th of November for ETA as well and I just ordered it today.

  • Ok so what link should I show at eb games when I pick this up tomorrow morning? I don't think this catalogue picture will count? Could be US? EDIT: Never mind it's above, but here's a bump in case you missed it like me - SHARE AT EB to save $30 https://www.target.com.au/catalogues#page=catalogue&params=g...

    • Thanks mate, have updated the OP with the catalogue link.

  • Came back from my local JB, ask if they will do PM tomorrow , the guy in charge s game said should be ok. Nobody inform them not to. So go early guys

  • Is this available for purchase online? Or in physical NSW stores? I can't seem to find a listing on their site and when I click on the item in the catalogue it just says "Find Stores" with no stock availability info…

  • Sort of wish I didn't order through amazon with C rewards. Even with Prime Shipping I'm receiving it Monday & can't cancel & pm Jbhi Fi

  • Amazon was this price a couple days ago, did it go back up and now back down?

  • Can we price match the standalone game at Big W to JB Hifis $59 price tag, and then get the 10% friends and family discount on top?

    • Yep just did it then, got it for $53.9 with E gift card making it $51.20

  • +1

    JB price matched . Happy with Pikachu bundle. With discounted gift card. Cost me 84.15

  • +1

    Target Melbourne CBD no stock of the bundle. But no issues price matching at EB Games Swanston St.

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