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Borders 3 DVDs / BluRays for $30


Brisbane CBD Borders currently having a sale of all DVDs and BluRays
Works out to be $10 each
incl all boxsets ie TV Series Seasons etc and Animes

I just spent $90 =(

Just started today.
I was at tail end of Lunch but there are still a few goodies there.

I would encourage others to seek out other stores incase it is nationwide.

Mod: It appears this is nationwide

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  • Is that 3 for $10 or buy 3 for $10 each?

    How are the boxsets priced? $10 per box? :)

  • $10 per box. 3 dvds/sets for $30. I bought 12, wanted 13 but they will only sell in multiples of 3 and I didn't want to fork out the extra.

    There was a guy in front of me at the checkout who bought 9, wonder if it was you?? :)

    • I wish. The cost of >1,000km drive up to BNE outweighs the benefit.

    • LOL… nope.

      I bought 2 lots of 3 to see if boxsets were included.
      They were. So I went back for another set of 3.

  • Will pop down after work… not holding my breath for there being anything decent left though.

    • Last night (~5:15pm, this is BNE store) there were a lot of DVD movies (incl. some box sets) but a very poor selection of Blu-Rays (what I was after). There were quite a few TV seasons there, but not many/any complete sets (e.g. at least one or two seasons would be missing). Great value if you're after DVD movies or are wanting the odd season of some TV show.

  • confirmed at parramatta. I was there about 6pm flat, plenty of dvds, and a few blu ray titles only. So its good for DVD box sets only!

  • +1

    It's definitely nation wide I'd say, I checked out Macarthur Square, and ended up with a 5 seasons of 24, The complete Speed Racer collection, Season 1 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, American Psycho (BR), and the Mighty Boosh collection.

    All for $10 each.

    • -1

      Was near full shelves today (Macarthur Square)

      Got excited in the ANIME section, but was just 1 series with "Collector Box" for the other 5 series to fit in :(

      Signs in store stated "ends Sunday" so don't rely on the expiry date posted.

  • I'll have to go check my local border tomorrow. Its a good deal if you can get 3 box sets for $30. Like there sale they had on end of last year.

    Time to stock up on those expensive Classic Doctor Who/BBC Box sets.

  • Yep at highpoint victoria too! Ended up buying 19 dvds which included 3 box sets of diff movies :)

  • Confirmed at Macquarie Centre as well.

    Different deal at Rouse Hill, because the store is closing. It was 75% off the original price of all DVDs/Blurays/CDs Similar savings on most books there as well.

  • Confirmed @ Knox City, VIC. Virtually no Blu Rays left, limited box sets, still a fair few DVDs left in most genres. Grabbed 9 DVDs/Boxsets, all kids movies/ABC TV shows.

  • LOLz

    Here I was thinking I got my post deleted when I saw the greyed out 3 DVD's for $30 at Border posts…

    then I realised… they were dupes of mine….


  • Anyone know if the Big Borders @ Robina, Gold Coast is closing down?

    • nope. the only borders store closing at this stage is rouse hill, nsw.

  • Looks like all the blu-ray are sold out at the two stores I visited, and not much left in terms of decent dvd. Only things really worth buying are tv show on dvd. Hornsby and Macquarie Nth Ryde.

  • I picked up: Australia, Year One and Astro Boy on Blu-ray at Borders, Garden City(There was only a small selection of Blu-rays and these were the last copies which were misplaced in different shelves).

    Didn't find any box sets that I like though.

  • I visited Westfield Kotara today and the boxsets had been completely picked over. Bought nothing. Shoulda been there yesterday.

    • I saw people walk in and just buy boxsets for the sake of being boxsets. They barely looked at the title and just bought up everyone they came across lol.

  • I went into the Highpoint store yesterday and there was barely anything good left. I was hoping to get the entire series of Lost :(

  • confirm for Chatswood (Sydney) went there thursday night. $10 for each DVD. a boxset is counted as ONE. ie $10.
    South Park, Family Guy, Dr Who, Buffy, Angel, Stargate Atlantis, Little Britain, Frasier etc each complete season $10. Yeah I just grab whatever is left as I dont have any so no need to think which season number i already have.

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