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50% off High-Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts & Musicians + Free Shipping @ LVCHLD


50% Off Black Friday Sale

Use the coupon code 'BLACKFRIDAY'

Unsurpassed clarity
Protects up to -20dB - equal sound reduction across the spectrum of hearing
Richness of music is preserved; speech remains clear, just quieter
Low profile design

LVCHLD earplugs feature a low-profile, stem-less design that sits snugly in the outer ear without protruding. The earplugs come with a small, flexible pull tab that allows for easy removal and a custom aluminium waterproof cary case.


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  • $50 earplugs hmm

  • I think these would be the same at less cost and can be bought using discount coupons

    • I used these from JB just the other week at a rock concert. They worked perfectly and did not distort the sound quality. In fact, without them in, the sound felt more distorted by the sheer volume. I would never go without them to a concert. They are also great for doing lunchtime duty under a tin shed while it is raining and 300 students are "quietly" eating their lunch.

    • They look like they’re gonna stick out of your ear though. I was thinking about getting a set for when I’m struggling to fall asleep because of outside noises so would pay the extra $10

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    Identical ones from Aliexpress for $13 delivered.

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      I'd like to try these just to compare, but the thing I like about the Etymotic is the cord which attaches to the earplugs. Hang them around your neck when you're not using, I've never felt I'm going to put them in too deep and they are easily extracted.

  • I love this shape for my IEMs - i get a way better seal and noise isolation with these than larger tips.

    Has anyone seen IEMs about that use them? I seem to go through Etymotics pretty frequently and they are $$$

    • What exactly do you mean by “IEMs”?

      Are you talking about hearing protection or earphones?

      • Would say referring to in ear monitors such as these

        • That’s what I figured, but this deal is not IEMs :)

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    Previous deal was deleted as “Sockpuppetting”. Can’t see this lasting long either.

  • IEMs are earphones, in ear ones - I’ve been trying to find earphones that have this style of tip but aren’t as expensive as Etymotics.

    I’ve tried hacking this style of tip onto the standard ozbargain Xiaomi Pistons but the tip is too large.

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