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Friends & Family - Extra 50% Sitewide (Sale + Full Price) @ Crocs


Hi all,

I'm sharing my personal friends & family coupon which entitles to an extra 50% off (sale + full priced)

Make sure to click on the provided secret link - ALL products on this page are included even if it says product excluded

Only 2 hours left to use :)


• No Exchanges / No Refunds / No partial cancellations.

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    Cheers for helping me to increase my popularity factor 😁

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    No free shipping if u use the code..

    • +2

      Looks like with $50+ spend it's free shipping.

    • Might be able to use "FREE" for free shipping

    • +1

      It even says at the top of the home page "FREE SHIPPING on all orders - limited time only!" …but no.

  • +30

    The interesting thing is that you lose friends and family when you wear crocs.

  • +2

    Wear these if you hate having fun

  • +7

    Friends don't let friends Crocs.

    • +2

      Crocs block!

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    This is the sale we have all been waiting for!

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  • ordered, thanks!

  • Hi Rep, when will you get more kids gumboots in? All sizes except 1 and 2 have been sold out for weeks


    • Hi there,

      Our gumboots are unfortunately out of season at the moment. We will be restocked in March!

  • +3

    Got 3 pairs for $54 at midnight. Thanks!

    • +7

      I'm sorry to hear that

      • +1

        Where we're going, you don't need socks

  • +1

    Thanks op!

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Bought 3 pairs! Love their shoes! Sure they are ugly but hell they are comfy and easy to put on! :)

  • Crocs not refund out of stock partial cancellations. Customer service insisted the out of stock item not charged. Has to go through bank charge back process. Very sorry to see this.

  • Yeah there was only an hour and half left before the code expired at midnight

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    Crocs - an alternative form of birth control.


  • +1

    In defence of crocs they are awesome for toddlers in summer, and they are very easy to wash blood and other flavours of patient juice off.

    I missed out on this short-lived bargain. Shame

  • -1

    Thanks for all your love!

    To everyone who missed out: Don't worry, this might warrant an ozbargain exclusive deal :)


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