This was posted 3 years 2 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Purchase RX 590, RX 580, RX 570 or AMD Vega (+ VII) & Redeem Up To 3 Free Games (Resident Evil 2, DMC5, The Division 2) @ AMD


AMD Rewards has updated their ongoing Raise the Game promotion to now include 3 different upcoming game titles which are all sequels to pre-existing franchises: Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry V, and The Division: 2. No more crappy indie titles that nobody has ever heard of. These games should be worth quite a bit at launch and provide a pretty compelling reason to buy an AMD card over Nvidia's Pascal. (With Nvidia, you'll get Monster Hunter: World with their current promo)

The details:

Purchase the higher end AMD Vega Series, or RX 590 cards to get all three games.

Purchase the lower end RX 570 (cheapest available is $199, or the RX 580 (Cheapest $239) and you'll be able to select two out of the three available games

  • Offer available through participating retailers only. 18+ only. Following purchase, Coupon Code must be redeemed by May 6, 2019, after which coupon is void. Residency and additional limitations apply. For full Terms & Conditions, visit
Purchase Resident Evil 2 Devil May Cry 5 Tom Clancy's The Division 2
RX Vega (56, 64, Vega VII)
RX 590
RX 580 or RX 570 Pick any two games

Link to the Terms and Conditions of the Offer

List of Participating Stores according to the AMD website. This is official information from their PDF.

OEM's Participating in this Promo: ACER, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo

System Integrators Participating:
Computer Alliance
Origin PC
PC Case Gear (PCCG)
PLE Computers

The following stores are not yet confirmed to be on the "Fully Loaded" promotion and might still be on the previous one (that is, you'll might get Assassin's Creed Oddysey instead). Please call before ordering.

PCByte and their handful of clone eBay stores
Shopping Express and their eBays stores named: Shopping_ExpressOutlet and Futu_online

Update: This offer now also includes the new 7nm Vega VII graphics cards. Terms and conditions subject to change at anytime without any prior notice.

Related Stores
Centre Com Online
Centre Com Online
Computer Alliance
Computer Alliance
MSY Technology
MSY Technology

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    Damn wouldn't even be a bad idea to go to a higher model and subsidize the purchase by selling those games

    • +1

      Where do you sell the codes for these games?

      • Trading post

      • People generally use ebay.

    • If it was anything like the last promotion that included AC Odyssey then it's not easy to sell the keys - will only install on a machine with the GPU installed (at least that's what it said..)

      • Amd offer needs to be activated with the gpu installed. I couldn't claim on my phone. But once you've got the steam key etc I think you can do whatever you want.

        • That's what I did Registered the transaction got the key and link to installer then used it on another device.

          I've seen forum posts that say certain browsers can be hit and miss Chrome seems to be the better option even then you need to ensure you have cleared cashe

          Microsoft is the only one that links directly to Mac# for the OS

  • Wonder if you could still claim the old promo with Ass creed etc as well? Looks like it expires next month

    • If you have bought the GPU's very recently and the codes the supplier gave you was for Ass Creed, then when you go and redeem the codes you will get the older games.

      However any new stock you are purchasing henceforth will probably not get you Asscreed but rather these new titles.

      • Yeah that's a bit greedy. I'll be waiting for Navi anyway.

        • Different codes - that's why some of the retailers are not willing to fully confirm their participation yet (i.e. PC Case Gear). The issue is the previous set of codes are for the old games (which you must redeem before December 31, 2018).

          The issue is that we are currently in somewhat a transition period and AMD just announced the new one recently. I am guessing retailers are not sure whether their supplier(s) will give them extra codes for their current / existing stock which fall into this period. The best case situation is retailers somehow still have some old codes and get extra new codes from their suppliers (and give you two - hopefully, the old one still works). A bit of wishful thinking I reckon.

          I think it is best to get a confirmation first before you purchase (based on the info Ben1985 provided). If you are not in a rush and you want those games, might be best to wait.

  • +2

    This has already been posted in the computing category. Regardless, the problem is as follows. Currently, the only retailer to confirm that they are participating in AMD's "Raise the Game Fully Loaded" promotion for non RX 590 8GB video cards is Mwave. Unfortunately, Mwave went anti-consumer overnight and increased the price on the RX 570 4GB from $199 to $249, no longer making it a good deal. PC Case Gear have listed the promotion on the RX 590 8GB product pages, but not on the others (and didn't conclusively state they were participating when I emailed them yesterday morning). It's likely that all of the other retailers who participated in AMD's "Raise the Game" promotion will also be participating in AMD's "Raise the Game Fully Loaded" promotion, but if you are purchasing right now and want absolute certainty, your only option locally is Mwave with their inflated prices or internationally with Overclockers UK.

    • +4

      Mwave had the 570 had been on sale for over a week and it was advertised as finishing on 16th the whole time.

      • +1

        Deal started a month ago according to their facebook. Happens to end on the same date a month later

        • +5

          Exactly, OP can't say "Mwave went anti-consumer overnight and increased the price" when it was known long before.

          • @8azinga: Do you consider increasing the price to be $50 more expensive than their competitors pro-consumer? If not, then the action could be considered to be anti-consumer, couldn't it? Regardless, the reason it was mentioned was because the original post stated that the promotion was applicable to the RX 570 4GB at $199, but that wasn't an accurate statement, as Mwave were (at the time) the only retailer to confirm their participation in the promotion, but their price for the RX 570 4GB had increased overnight.

            • @Ben1985: Where can you find the ASUS Radeon RX 570 ROG Strix OC 4GB for $199 now?

              They didn't increase the price. Their sale finished and went back to their normal price. Mwave put it on sale on on 16th Oct. On their website, it stated it was online only and finished on 16th Nov.
              How was Mwave suppose to know that there would be new free games promotion coming 1 month in advance when other stores don't even know if they are participating?

              OP linked to a deal that had already expired. Not Mwave's fault for that.

              • -2

                @8azinga: If you actually re-read my post, that is the point I am making. The promotion isn't available at $199 for the RX 570 4GB as claimed in the original post, as the only retailer (at the time) who had confirmed participation was Mwave who had already increased their price. MSY, PC Case Gear, and Scorptec all have the RX 570 4GB at $199, but they aren't currently participating in the promotion. I never claimed that Mwave increased their price due to the promotion, but simply that increasing their price to be $50 more expensive than their competitors wasn't in the best interests of consumers, regardless if it's due to a sale concluding. I'm unsure why this is so difficult for you to comprehend? It seems like you're getting upset just for the sake of getting upset, as nothing that I've stated is factually inaccurate.

                • +1

                  @Ben1985: "Do you consider increasing the price to be $50 more expensive than their competitors pro-consumer?"
                  "as nothing I've stated is factually inaccurate"

                  MSY is $239
                  Scorptec is $249
                  PC case gear dont even have it anymore.

                  We get it, you have issues with Mwave.

                  • -1

                    @8azinga: It appears to be less about me having an issue with Mwave (which, outside of them having inflated pricing for particular products, I don't), and more to do with you having an affiliation with them. The fact that you've cherry-picked the ASUS ROG Strix RX 570 4GB (which is unremarkable in every way, lacks a PCB back-plate, and has a heat-sink that doesn't contact the memory chips, resulting in the thermal ceiling being reached at factory frequencies) as your only supporting evidence would seem to support this notion. Did you also want to defend Mwave on their pricing of the Gigabyte AORUS RX 570 4GB at $299 when PC Case Gear currently have it listed for $199? The fact remains that both PC Case Gear and Scorptec have RX 570 4GB models priced at $199 in the form of the ASUS Expedition and Gigabyte AORUS.

                    PC Case Gear, Gigabyte AORUS RX 570 4GB, $199:
                    Scorptec, ASUS Expedition RX 570 4GB, $199:
                    Mwave, Gigabyte AORUS RX 570 4GB, $299:

                    • @Ben1985: The Asus ROG Strix RX 570 was referred to in the deal as that is what Mwave had for $199. You also referred to it by calling out Mwave. I didnt have to cherry pick anything.

                      Now you are comparing different products to try to prove your point which only shows you have issues with Mwave.

                      Scorptec is actually $209 and not $199 as you claim. Why use a cached webpage showing an old price? I guess Scoprtec must be "anti-consumer" as well for putting their price up.

      • The deal is back on again.

    • I have purchased a 570 from techfast back to August but didnt receive any code. Since when they are participating AMD's promotion?

      • Well, I never stated TechFast were participating, that was mentioned by the OP. However, AMD's original "Raise the Game" promotion was active between August 8th and November 3rd. So, if you made a purchase during that period, you'd have to contact TechFast for your game coupons and hope they were participating.

      • +3

        They are part of the promotion now.

        • Good on them for being proactive. Is "PUSH10" the only Ebay coupon currently available?

          • @Ben1985: I got mine from TechFast last time. They responded to my messages/e-mails quickly. You will need to contact them for the code AFTER you receive the card. They said the program will check for eligible cards. When I asked them for the actual code, they did provide it quickly. Best to ask them during business hours (they do reply to e-mails after hours, but the list of codes appear to be in their office).

            I agree with you (Ben) however. As we are now in transition period, retailers are unclear whether they will get the new set of codes for the cards they currently have in stock or the distributors will only give them codes for new cards they ordered. They cannot give you the old codes because even if they do work, they will be for the older games (old codes must be redeemed by Dec 31).

      • windai. Previous promotion was from 7th Aug - 3rd Nov 2018. If you bought the card during that time, I strongly recommend you contact techfast and ask them to provide you a code.

        The old set of codes won't expire till end of the year.

        • Unfortunately, I have sent them an email at 19th Oct, but never get any reply. I will send them another email again and see.

          • @windwai: eBay purchase? If yes, send an eBay message. Did you order yours on 19th? I sent them 3 messages in total (1 to check whether they were participating, 1 to request for the code (right after purchase - they informed me they can only give the code after the card is received, as it checks for eligible card). 1 more to request the code again once I received the card.

            • @netsurfer: I ordered mine on 22th Aug, and sent an ebay message for the game code at the same day. They replied they are not the partner of the promotion but contacting AMD.

              Than I sent a follow up ebay message on 19 Oct but no reply.

              In some reason, ebay message is not working atm, I will try again later today.

              Edited: I am able to send the message now after I removed the link to my order.

              • @windwai: Okay, that's basically my concern for this one as well. It looks like the distributors only provide them codes for cards they bought after the promotion.

                You might need to try AMD support. Mention the retailer refuse to provide the code to you (make sure you provide the receipt (electronic format)). Some people on the forum had some luck getting one from AMD eventually.

                • @netsurfer: At least they should give me an answer, ignoring my email is giving me an impression of bad customer service.

                  I will try AMD support, if it still doesn't work than it is fine. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • -2

      (profanity) mwave then

    • Still like mwave even if it does take a long time to arrive sometimes. Mwave used to be crap years ago.

  • Regarding Computer Alliance (since they were mentioned in the original post and currently have a sale on Ebay), when I inquired with them via Ebay, they stated they weren't aware of the promotion. In a follow up, I was told "… its likely we will get set up in the next week or so, but safer to assume we are not involved." So, once again, don't just assume you'll receive the game coupons from all of the retailers.

  • +2

    Didn't realize Futu_online and Shopping Express are related.

  • Already mentioned it yesterday:
    Didn't know it can be a separate post.

    Ben1985 indicated PC Case Gear indicate they will likely participate but won't give a definitive yes.

    Anyway, this is probably going to be like the last one. If the retailers got their stock from the major distributors (Synnex, Ingram Micro), they will likely be able to provide the code - so not limited to those listed. I bought one previously from a retailer not on the list. That retailer was pretty good (responded to my query very quickly and code provided quickly when requested).

  • damnnn so the pc from techfast with a ryzen 2600 and rx580 that i paid $719 for gets 2 free games, this deal keeps getting better and better. lets say both games are 120 combined and thats lowballing it, that makes the pc $600. damn steal for the specs.

  • Hmmmm, went digging and the promotion says it's only available for orders from the 15th of November. I ordered the $239 RX 580 from PCCG on the 14th.

    I've sent them a message to see if I can claim.

    • -1

      from where? u mean from techfast???

      • PCCG - PC Case Gear.

    • Ask them whether they can re-do the order to change the date. Thing is, it looks like most retailers don't have the new codes yet so they will not be willing to confirm they will give you the code.

      Worst case could be ask for their return policy and return the card.

  • Bought Vega 64 from techMall on 16th…Hopefully they honour this…

  • Will Wireless1 be part of this promotion?

  • +2

    Already bought a 570 with the other 3 games but this makes it tempting to purchase another one for these games. Can you crossfire the 570?

  • I'm looking to get a GPU for an external enclosure in my Mac so won't have any use for the games.

    Can I simply sell the codes or do I need validate it in some way before doing so?

  • As of November 18, only PC Case Gear and Mwave are participating in the Raise The Game Fully Loaded promotion.

    Valid for Purchases between Nov 15, 2018 – Feb. 9, 2019

    *Offer available through participating retailers only. 18+ only. Following purchase, Coupon Code must be redeemed by April 6, 2019

    Use your Sales Order from one of the above two stores and go to

    As OP states, Most major computer stores should be part of this promotion. Agreed, but as of November 18, they simply are NOT.

    Eligible AMD Products as stated by OP.

    Redeemable games and availability dates:

    Resident Evil 2
    Available January 25, 2019

    Devil May Cry 5
    Available March 8, 2019

    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
    Available March 15, 2019

    • This still isn't an accurate statement to be making. When I contacted PC Case Gear regarding the promotion, they were unable to confirm their participation on video cards other than the RX 590 8GB. The only place the "AMD Raise the Game Fully Loaded" promotion is mentioned on their website is on the RX 590 8GB product pages within the following image:

      It might seem like I'm nit-picking, but it introduces the possibility that someone may purchase a non RX 590 8GB video card and not receive the game coupons. The last time I checked, the only retailers to confirm they are participating in the revised promotion on all eligible video cards (i.e. RX 570 4GB/8GB, RX 580 4GB/8GB, RX 590 8GB, Vega 56 8GB, and Vega 64 8GB) are Mwave, PLE, and TechFast (according to the Ebay screenshot the OP posted above). The best approach is still to wait a few days for other retailers to clarify their position.

    • Not sure why you guys got negged. I + voted both of you.

      Guys, we DO want all those retailers to participate a.s.a.p. However, we just want to let you know some retailers are not able to confirm yet (quite possibly with legit reasons).

      Please don't get upset and don't blame the retailers (and get a confirmation before you purchase). AMD should have taken the responsibility to provide the codes. Retailers might not be able to get the codes for their current / old stock. They probably can get them for new stock ordered. Their current stock probably have the old codes (which officially, they are not suppose to give out old codes anymore).

      TechFast for example did not participate initially last time so their earlier customers did not get codes. That is why AMD should be the one handing out codes to avoid this mess.

  • And Mwave are only honoring a purchase of an RX 580 or RX 570 to be eligible.

    On AMD`s official promotion page though, they do state that only PCcase Gear and Mwave are the only Aus. retail participants. < then click on get yours for participant info and then footnotes at the bottom of page.

    I would not put too much hope in Ebay screenshots. Will other retailers come on board? Who knows?

    It looks as if retailers pick and choose how they prefer to honor this particular promo.

    I am annoyed that I purchased an Vega 64 on the 15th from Umart and will most likely be ineligible for the promo ;/

    I chose Umart because none of the other major retailers in Aus. had a Vega 64 in stock. And still don`t as I type this.

    • My take is that distributors (Synnex, Ingram Micro) get codes from AMD based on the number of cards they purchased from AMD. Retailers (PCCG, Mwave, MSY etc…) get codes from the distributors. Now, distributors only give codes for new cards purchased. Clear (an OZBer) confirmed codes were provided to them (retailers) by the distributors last time.

      We cannot expect retailers to magically clear ALL their stock before the new promotion starts. So retailers are not in a good position. Honestly, there is no reason for retailers to withhold codes.

      Topaz, if the retailer refused to give you one, contact AMD support for one (provide the digital copy of your invoice). I would be shocked if AMD support refuse to help you given that you purchased a Vega 64.

      P.S. it now makes sense why one of the retailers in the expanded list currently carry very limited stock of AMD graphics cards. They probably anticipated this mess and know holding too many AMD cards right now is trouble.

      • I am still waiting for my card to arrive.

        Who knows maybe I will have a coupon/code with it though I have a feeling its old stock (Gigabyte card) so I might well have to supply a digital copy of the invoice.

        I`ll report back on my findings either way.

  • +4

    I contacted AMD support and they linked me to the PDF of the terms and conditions.

    So I've updated the post with the stores that according to them, are the stores and brands that are engaging in the promo. Call the store before purchasing to make sure you'll get the games, otherwise you may be given a code that is for the older promotion.

    • The concerns are:

      1. According to:, only Mwave and PCCG are listed (so far for Australia). So, there are two lists currently.
      2. Even techfastau, which eventually participated last time, were unable to provide people who bought cards within the AMD promotion period BUT before they participated. This could mean distributors only provide codes to cards retailers purchased within the promotion period. Existing stock don't get the codes (it seems). It could also explain why PCCG is unwilling to confirm yet.
  • The RX 570 and RX 580 product pages on PC Case Gear now show the RX 590 Raise the Game banner… I still can't tell if my Gigabyte AORUS RX 570 will come with the promo code! Guess I'll wait until it's ready for pick up.

    • I also purchased the Gigabyte AORUS RX 570 4GB from PC Case Gear. You'll likely beat me to the punch if you're doing a pick up, but if not, I'll provide an update on whether or not I receive the game coupons. The product page is still a little bit ambiguous, as it only refers to the RX 590 8GB and Radeon powered computers.

  • +1

    I just got confirmation from PC Case Gear:
    "I can confirm that the RX570 and RX580 cards are eligible for this promotion, however they are only valid for a choice of 2 of the 3 games in the bundle. The cards that are eligible for all 3 games are the RX590 and RX Vega cards!"

  • PC Case Gear have sent me through a code for my RX580-4G (that $239 one) that is still in the post, so at least verified PCCG work.

    I placed the order on the 15th, so the very first day of the new promo where I'd pick two of three games. Any way to tell if this is an older Assassins Creed Origins code or the new code without having the GPU yet? I'd rather Assasin's Creed to be honest, but freebies is freebies.

    • Luck of the draw I'd say. You could probably just swap the game with somebody who bought a Samsung SSD or video card, and does not want Oddysey but would rather something else. Try the usual tech forums like OCAU / Reddit / Whirlpool

  • PB Tech have the ASUS Expedition RX 570 OC Edition for $178.58 + delivery (free shipping with $200 spend).

    • $188.13 due to GST charges in the cart.

      • The $188.13 price is $162.35 plus $8.68 shipping (depending on which city you choose), and $17.10 GST.

  • Anyone receive any updates from the stores? I've contacted Shopping Express via Ebay, but am yet to receive a response.

    • It appears Umart have come on board with the Raise The Game Fully Loaded promotion as of yesterday (2018-11-19)

      The AMD promo page has not been updated to reflect this yet though.

      Maybe I am in luck after all! Still waiting waiting on my Vega to arrive ;/

      `The 2 game bundles will be for:

      ANY VEGA or RX 590 purchased between November 15th till Feb 9th (or whilst stocks last) will get 3 GAMES ( Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5)

      ANY 570/580 purchased between November 15th till Feb 9th (or whilst stocks last) will get a choice of 2 GAMES FROM the list ( Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5)`

      • Thanks. Got a response from shopping express via ebay and they're not part of it. Pity as they have the best place for the vega 56/64 from what I can see.

  • So after receiving my vega 64 I emailed Umart support and
    was given a code which when used at AMD Rewards reaped these games:

    Strange Brigade
    Assassins Creed Odyssey
    Star Control: Origins

    I believe these to be from the August Raise The Game promo

    So the HOT TIP is- if you get a coupon code hang on to it for a little while longer
    until the old promo Runs Out!

  • So what's the best game to get?

  • Hey guys it seems that ** ** are also supporting this promo.

    Get up to three games FREE when you buy an AMD Radeon™ RX Vega, RX 590, RX 580 or RX 570 graphics card or an eligible PC computer powered by Radeon™ graphics.*
    Promotion Time: 15 NOV 2018– 9 FEB 2019
    *Offer available through participating retailers only. Following purchase, Coupon Code must be redeemed by April 6, 2019, after which coupon is void. Residency and additional limitations apply. For full Terms & Conditions, visit
    *Campaign period begins 15 Nov, 2018 and ends 9 Feb, 2018 or when supply of Coupon Codes is exhausted, whichever occurs first. Eligible AMD Product must be purchased during Campaign Period. Offer void where prohibited.
    *Full T&Cs please visit
    HOW to redeem:
    Step 1- Purchase an RX Vega or RX 590 (redeem to receive three games) or
    Purchase an RX 580 or RX 570 (redeem to receive your choice of two games) from MSY within the promotion period.
    Step 2-Email your proof of purchase (please screenshot your invoice, including the invoice number) to [email protected] to get the coupon code/ Please put "RAISE THE GAME-R2 Coupon Code" as email subject
    Step 3-Install your new AMD Radeon™ RX Vega, RX 590, RX 580 or RX 570.
    Step 4-Go to and login/register. Click on "Get Your Game Key" button and type in your coupon code. Then follow the steps-by-step process to redeem.
    Step 5-Once you get your Game Key please follow the steps to do download the game.

  • Redeemed PCCG code for RX570 today and got 2 games from the new promotion … Resident Evil 2 / Devil May Cry 5 / Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

  • can we sell the games? how do we go that as they seem to be just codes…

    Also how can i tell which of the 2 are the more expensive ones? should I just base it on prices on Steam?

  • The promotion period and redemption period has been updated in the terms and conditions:

    "Revised on January 7, 2019 with extension of promotion period to April 6, 2019 and redemption period to
    May 6, 2019; addition of Eligible AMD Product, Radeon™ VII graphics card; and revision of typographical
    error in Section 6(d): General Terms."

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