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Ticwatch Pro Android WearOS Smartwatch + Ticband Bundle: AU $369.99 Delivered @ Mobvoi


One of the best WearOS smartwatches with a dual display for extended battery life.

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  • Amazon AU have had it once for $330. Amazon AU have the two cheaper models at varying pricing as well.
    There are usually local sellers on ebay who offer better(and worse) pricing.

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      Yup, and on eBay too. What makes this a decent deal is that you get the Ticband free

  • Thought new chipsets were coming out for watches but it seems this still uses the 'Wear 2100' as with the Ticwatch E and S.

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      This watch is before they announced the 3100 chipset. Only one with that new chipset I've seen is the new Fossil Sport.

      • There's others in the premium brands. Talking thousand dollar plus stuff. So overpriced I gave it zero consideration and can't remember what they were. Maybe Louis Vuitton…

        • Mont blanc

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    Paid $310 for it and it's awesome. Not having to worry about battery life is huge.

    • How did you get it for $310 ?

      • $320 on eBay and 5% off. $304 actually.

        • That's a great deal if you don't mind not having manufacturers warranty. Checked with one seller. They have a seller's one year warranty

        • Would you kindly provide us the link ?

  • Not much of a deal. Catch has it for $332.


    • As I mentioned, what makes this a decent deal is that Ticband.
      Also, manufacturers warranty. But reading Kaiser's comments below, I sure don't want to try that

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    I've gotta pass on my Ticwatch experience. They're great value Wear OS watches. I bought a Ticwatch E for myself when they came out and one for my wife a few months later when all seemed good with mine. But then my GPS stopped working. Did all the proper trouble shooting for a week and lodged a support request on June 27. A replacement watch was quicky offered and received, but it was faulty too (wouldn't install system updates). Troubleshot again for a few days and contacted support hoping for a simple fix. Nope. We'll replace it again. Sent watch back then nothing… Email after email was fobbed off or ignored for months. I resorted to pestering via social media, writing bad reviews, and telling the story on Ticwatch articles on tech websites and emailing my man Paul the screenshots. In the meantime, this got the attention of Mobvoi's UK twitter account who intervened, and now, nearly FIVE months later, AusPost say my watch is due to be delivered today. I commandeered my wife's Ticwatch during this time and it hasn't missed a beat. Hopefully she'll finally get it back. There is more detail to this story but I'm obviously waay into TL:DR territory.

    TL:DR version… Nice value watches, but quality, service and support may suck

  • Ain't buy until it has 3100 chipset and LTE

  • I was really keen on the whole dual screen thing, but after reading a few reviews, apparently u gotta restart it to go from the low power mode to the smart mode.

    You cant seamlessly switch between the screens

    It wouldve been nice if there was on always on low power screen, but be able to access the smart features whenever

  • A new watch, the C2, is on pre-order at the moment. Still uses the older processor, but looks a lot sleeker. I would skip the Pro for this.

    • Interesting. I prefer the looks of the Pro better. But that's my personal choice, perhaps because I am a fan of G-Shock style. Hopefully you can get the new one around the same price, it was $250 wasn't it? Also I think you get 10% off if you pre-order.

  • If Fossil is your poison, here's a good deal. Disclaimer, I haven't looked at the reviews.

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