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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner $808.80 Delivered (Grey Import) @ eGlobal Digital Cameras eBay


1st time post so please go easy.

I have been looking for a Dyson V10 Absolute and saw this deal. Not the cheapest ever but best I can find at the moment.

Even more off with cashrewards!

Original PEPPY 20% off 133 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • This does not look like Australian stock. May not be covered by manufacturer warranty and also might come with an Australian adapter.

  • US Stock available from Amazon US w/ Prime. 802.71 - 11% Cashrewards = $713.53


    • Worth buying?

      • I bought the KMart $99 standup vacuum and the Dyson V10 Absolute+ $599 eBay Plus deal.

        I use the Kmart $99 standup vacuum more. Hahaha

        • Why?

        • Are you implying kmart done better job

          • @lw1987321: cause she is a kmart mum who is paid for product placemats lolz
            totally legit though, best product ever

          • @lw1987321: It comes down to user psychology. I do not have moderation. I do not vacuum one room only. That's just me. The V10 battery life isn't enough to clean my bedroom, living room, hallway and dining room's 20+ year old carpets in my 60+ year old house to my satisfaction. So when it died on me trying to do so, on two separate occasions, I simply leave it alone and pull out the big gun.

            Then I go around the edges with the V10 in short handheld mode.

            If you have a studio with easy to clean floors, or only vacuum one room at a time, it would be fantastic. I'm not that guy.

            • @So lo: Thanks very much for all the hints ahhh

              • @lw1987321: The battery life is 60mins+ and it does get this easily, I don't know how long that person spends vacuuming, maybe they're very pedantic. But if you don't regularly spend 60mins vacuuming, you don't need to worry about this.

                • @eagerfisherman: Don't fall for the marketing BS.
                  "up to 60 minutes of suction: In reality, this depends on the power level you're using (low, medium or max), and whether you're using a motorised tool, as that will drain the battery faster. In practice, our tests show that in max mode with the brush bar employed, the battery on the V10 only lasts a mere nine minutes" - Choice.com.au

                  As little as 9 minutes.

                  • @So lo: The max mode is severely excessive for most floor types and situations in a home. I do a 4 bedroom, 2 story home on a single charge every week without issue, low on hard floor and skirts, medium on carpet, some max on some long haired rugs if they've had heavier traffic but mostly medium does a great job here too.

                    I appreciate it isn't working for you, I'm not disputing that, I'm also just giving an alternate opinion. People are free to make their own decisions.

                    • @eagerfisherman: I agree, but people want to make an informed decision before dropping $700+ on a vacuum (It was a no-lose deal for me at $599 at launch, so different buying criteria). Thank you for specifying how and on what surfaces you use your vacuum. I think this is the most important thing people who own a device like this can do. Buying the V10 is like buying a gen-1 iPhone or Android phone. Similar form factor devices existed before, but the capabilities of this one device could make it revolutionary… or a giant waste of cash.

                      Edit: House is due for a vacuum. Gonna hit it with the Medium now. Maybe, just maybe…

                • @eagerfisherman: I had two robots working for flooring at moment and just need spot cleaning

            • @So lo: So you're comparing a plug in Vac with unlimited run time… to a stick Vac designed for small jobs..

              seems like you didn't really understand what a battery Vac is for

              • @Megahowler: So according to you, battery vacs will never replace corded vacuums for households? You'd be surprised how capable it actually is.

                Dyson is saying the future is here now - the V10 is "why we’ve stopped developing corded vacuums." I'm saying, not for everyone - I specifically stated I got old AF carpets.

                @eagerfisherman on the other hand has pointed out it works out fine for their mixed hard floor/carpet 4 bedroom 2 story home, so long as they use it on medium. I wouldn't call that a "small job".

                • @So lo: I have the V10 and a Dyson Animal upright.. And I can't see a non swappable battery vac ever replacing a plug in Vac for whole house deep cleaning.. If you have carpet

    • Whats the difference between the Absolute and the Absolute Plus?

      • The plus comes with an extra soft roller for picking up large debris on hardwood floors. It also has a different coloured stick to make you feel superior.

        Otherwise nothing. But do note, the extra roller is worth the price difference, it sells regularly for $90-100+ on the second hand market.

  • Would recommend you get this with Aus warranty only. Any saving you make is gonna get wiped out pretty fast if you ever need to make a warranty claim.

    My first V10 stopped working out of the blue, still had all the "correct" lights and debug responses but the motor would not run. Very easy warranty claim, sent me a brand new one (no issues since). Duds exist, warranty is important.

  • So many V10 Cant tell whats the difference