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Philips HR2358 Noodle Pasta Maker $295.20 Delivered (Bonus $50 Cashback via Redemption) @ K.G. Electronics eBay


250 after discounts.
looking at 360 other times
Fix your favourite pasta dishes in only 15 minutes by using this Philips Hr2358/06. This programmable pasta maker automatically prepares pasta or noodles just the way you like them, based on your input. The digital display makes it easy to select the correct setting for lasagne, ravioli, fettuccine, ramen, or penne. Even add vegetables to a variety of pappardelle dishes while only using 200w. Easily cleaned after use.

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  • Very tempted to make ramen and udon

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      You need to purchase the ramen and udon kit separately though. Costs about $28 after discount I believe.

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      • Yeah I've been checking many review videos on YouTube.
        The main reason I want to purchase this one is to make Korean rice cake. Haven't seen anyone trying though but I think it might work

  • Does anyone know if these guys are reliable? Anyone dealt with them?

    • able to claim cashback from Phillips. It should be authentic.

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        if they deliver :) BTW - I did confirm with Philips you can still get the $50 cashback for the Hr2357/06 model. So if people aren't fussed about the autoweigh and buying some of the disks it might be worth looking at, if you can find a good price for it.

        • Delivery is included.
          HR2357 apparently has more stock than HR2358
          I Have been waiting long time for this discount set.
          They are about $50 different

          • @guoytt: I think you missed my point, but that doesn't matter. There are a few good prices for the Hr2357/06 model out there because it is being phased out.

            • @try2bhelpful: The lowest price can be found for HR2357 from the same seller at the moment around 200$

  • I have one of these machines. Works really well.

    You can even get a cookies attachment for it.

  • I am very satisfied with this machine. Use it every week。
    I got from last TGG 20% off dealthe model doesn't have Auto-weighting function but it works very well. The reviews said the Auto-weighting is shit.

    • yeah, to a certain degree that is why I went with the previous one as well. People complaining they kept getting an error message with the autoweigh. However, you do get a lot more "dies" so swings and round abouts.

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    Tempted, but I'm cutting out carbs :-(

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      Good on ya mate, in earnest.

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