expired $1 Returns (e.g. Melbourne to/from Hobart $71, Sydney $84, Sydney to/from Perth $196) + More @ Tiger Air


book by 12pm aedt 23/11/2018 or until sold out

Fares available until 12pm aedt 23/11/2018 or unless sold out prior. Fares are correct as at 21 November 2018 for travel during the stated travel period. Light Fares are per person in AUD and include GST. Payments made with credit or debit cards are subject to a card payment fee of between 0.86% and 1.33% per booking. Payments made with interest free will attract a booking and service fee which is detailed at point of purchase. Payments made with POLi do not attract a payment fee. Fares are not refundable under the fare conditions but you may be entitled to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law in certain circumstances. See below for further terms and conditions

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Tigerair Australia


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    Could I use this to do…TRS run?

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    Cancelled 30 minutes before the flight, then claimed I had used the return ticket because "they had scanned my boarding pass"
    Had to threaten the Ombudsman to get a refund.
    Never again for life, Tigerair.


      I too remember saying that in the past, yet here I am again, considering to buy $1 return tickets!


        In Melbourne half the battle is actually getting to the airport (no train) so getting their at 6am with a full day planned kind of sticks in the memory
        They are dodgy.

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      On one occasion we were a few minutes late to the check-in gate (45 minutes before flight). There was nobody there so I went to the gate, found a staff member and they flatly refused to check me in. I said never again.

      Next time, I was travelling in a group of 4 people. Between the 4 of us we were ~1kg over the carry-on limit. Got charged an exorbitant amount to get on the flight - I think it was in the range of $100. I said never again, again. The worst part was that they couldn't check everyone; we were just unlucky to be next in line when they were done checking someone else's luggage. Also they were checking as they were boarding so we didn't have time to re-arrange our luggage and put on all our clothes.


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        Shouldn’t that be - never again, again, again

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        I believe you are misusing the term "never again" .

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        You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means…

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        If you're late to the check-in gate, they'll sell your seats to another customer. There was an entire show dedicated to schmucks like you who wouldn't read the T&Cs and expect a budget airline to wait for cheapskates.

        Why do you expect a budget airline to make exceptions for you? You're not paying for customer service, you're paying for the bare minimum. That's why you have to pay extra for baggage, food, seats etc.


        To be honest I don't think they were in the wrong in either of your scenarios. You were late to check in and over the weight limit. You said between the four of you, so I assume one of you was considerably over the limit and hence the additional fees - it doesn't matter that three other passengers that happen to be friends are under the weight limit.


        I must be the only person to have never had an issue with Tiger

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      Had a Melbourne 6:30pm flight to Sydney delayed due to “operational requirements” to 7:30pm. Delayed again until 9:30pm again due to operational requirements. Flight took off 10pm, flew halfway to Sydney, then turned back to Melbourne because they missed curfew. Bumped to 2:30pm flight the following day.

      Basically they undersold the flights and kept bumping until the last minute where they missed curfew for landing in Sydney.

      Never again…

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      I agree completely. I have booked flights with Tigerair only twice. Both times the flights were cancelled at the last minute. I wont fly Tigerair again either.

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    Does anyone know if Jetstar will price match this?

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    $1 Returns

    I might return to the Gold Coast and then return back to Melbourne.


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    500 seats

    travel period - 30 apr 19 - 27 jun 19

    restrictions - Not available on Friday & Sunday from 10AM onwards and Saturday from 00:00-13:59.

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    Still too expensive. To be honest, I think free is too expensive for TigerAir.

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    Tiger air sucks. It’s just not worth it to be honest.


    They canceled my flight from Perth, bought baggage only and a seat. Ended up free transfer to Virgin Australia, had movies, a meal and a exit row, luck of the draw right.


    There's a lot of bad press out there for Tiger but I have to say that I've never had an issue (touch wood). The two times that they have been late to depart have been due to Virgin and Jetstar flights before them leaving late and they have always made up the time in the air. If your flight is cancelled and if they can't get you onto a suitable replacement flight they are supposed to transfer you to a another carrier at no cost as per RhysNZ above. If they delay you overnight I think they are supposed to give you $100 per person to cover some expenses.


      When they delayed me overnight until the afternoon they flat-out refused to compensate me a taxi-chit or hotel because I didn't live over 4 hours drive away (tried to make the argument it's a 2-hour round trip to the airport from home and back which I had to make twice to no avail.)

      Rather pay ~$30 extra or and go with on Jetstar - yes they're often 30 mins late and there's no leeway at the boarding gate given they're a low-cost carrier who pay to use general gates and without their own allocated gate (my understanding is they get charged by the airport if they go over time limit), but at least they always seem to fly and not cancel or keep bumping more than once when undersold.


    Tiger has recently beaten Jetstar's on time rating for flights so assuming your flight isn't cancelled you may end up on time.


    Worst airline in the world. Cancelled my flight from Bali to Perth and sent me back via Sydney 12 hours instead of 3.5 Never again!


    I have had really good experiences with Tiger. I flew with them a few years ago Melbourne to Alice Springs and we had a great flight, on time both ways and paid $150 for the return ticket. Wish they still flew there. I find getting off the plane and getting the luggage much quicker than other airlines.