Coolest RX 580 8GB Card ?

I'm after the Coolest RX 580 8GB card.

I think these are good contenders -

Asus Strix $299

Sapphire NITRO+ OC $339

Gigabyte Gaming $279

At first I was thinking Sapphire had the best cooling since everyone raves on about it and Asus was a close 2nd, but after sometime checking other ppls idle/load temps I found examples where the Gigabyte was 1 degree cooler (idle + load) than NITRO+. some cases NITRO+ seemed abit hot in some ppls test.

So at the end of the day I think looking at other ppls temp tests may not be accurate and it may not even matter out of the above cards since all 3 I found examples of good cooling. Decision might come down to just price and if I like 2xDP & 2xHDMI or 3xDP & 1xHDMI.

So anyone have an opinion on the coolest RX 580 ? Im wondering if I should wait a little longer for prices to come down if they do. (depending on stock availability over time)



    nVidia cards are cooler


    1 degree temp = well within margin of error anyway. Everyone lives in a different climate, have different case airflow characteristics, different case temps etc. Can't really make any decisions based just on 1 degree…

    Video cards also typically have more than 1 temp sensor — there are VRM temperatures which are often overlooked in favour of core temperatures. I know that the ASUS Strix Vega cards have a pretty big issue with hot-spots due to lack of proper contact of the heatsink against the VRM components, which is why I swapped my Strix Vega64 to a Gigabyte Windforce one.


    Sapphire is the quietest of the three by a fair margin with well controlled temps.

    Asus would be my 2nd choice, nice beefy cooler but the 3x smaller fans can be heard whilst gaming.

    Stay the hell away from the GB design as the cooler simply isn't up to the task of cooling the RX580, so it's a noisy, hot beast! (compared to the other two).


    Decision might come down to just price and if I like 2xDP & 2xHDMI or 3xDP & 1xHDMI.

    Cooling depends on so many other factors that a 1 degree diff won't really mean any real life differences. It could be as simple as different fan profiles, ambient temperature, other components, position of other components, case cooling and ventilation, etc.

    Base your decision on other factors.

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    This is OzBargain mate, get the cheapest card.

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    Awesome, Device deal are currently having a special for Sapphire special edition OC 8GB for $299 delivered. Just ordered


    Go for whichever one's cheaper (or just looks better if you're going for that sorta build)

    Bar the gig card…some of these responses are worrying.

    I'd recommend the ASUS card…but that's because IMO they look awesome. Irrelevant now anyways as you've ordered your card.

    Enjoy the card by the way ;)


      I feel like I bumped into you before in another RX 580 post, coz it looks cool :P


        Probably! Loved the looks of these cards ever since I saw them in Linus tech tip's rog reboot series!

        Got the 570 version in my own pc and can safely say they don't look worse in real life. Though it's disappointing card has to face downwards.

        Enough of my rambling anyway, lol. Sapphire cards definitely don't look bad themselves, especially if you have a blue build (for the blue card of course)


    Probably off-topic to you PC-folk…

    I have the Sapphire 11265-05-20G Radeon Pulse RX 580 8GB in my Mac as I had to upgrade from the (crappy) standard Radeon 5770 card to be able to run the latest MacOS Mojave.

    Massive heat difference - the temp has dropped 15-20C and the fans rarely need to ramp up - and noticeably quiter. Having 8Gb on the card as opposed to a miserly 2Gb on the 5770 helps as well.

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