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Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor AU $12.57, Xiaomi Mi Smart Multi-Functional Gateway AU $30.75 Delivered @ Gearbest


Currently a flash sale @ Gear Best

Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor AU$12.57

Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway AU$30.75

If you bundle the following with the Gateway there is also additional discount:

Xiaomi Smart Door Windows Sensor - AU$9.60 with Gateway

Xiaomi Smart Switch - AU$7.65 with Gateway

Can be had cheaper if you pay in US$ and use a credit card that doesnt charge international transaction fee like 28 degrees card.

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  • Noob to these products…

    Does that gateway connects you to all those other Xiamoi devices?

    Or do all those devices just connect and get controlled from phone app?

    • Gateway communicates with devices and feeds the app, Home Assistant, etc.

      • And phones home to China too.

        • Probably. Monitoring the temperatures in my bedroom for secret government business!

        • That's only needed for the initial setup. Once it is running you can block it on your firewall. hass.io works well with it.

  • The gateway uses Zigbee to connect to the other devices and you can control them from the app or other third party software.

    • Does it work with Alexa?

      • No, but some products like Yeelight product and the Wifi plug will work with Alexa and google home.

        Mi Home now works with Alexa and Google Home, which means you can use both your Xiaomi switches (which still need the gateway) and Alexa & Google home to control your Yeelight bulbs, etc

        Yeelight V2 bulbs only work with Google home, for now.

      • With gateway I believe yes - although I'm using Alexa as US region, you'd have to confirm the Xiaomi feature is available for AU.

  • Anyone that has tried to use Home assistant with a zigbee device as a gateway to control Xiaomi devices and other products like IKEA tradfri and HUE?

    • Not 100% sure on your question but I have Home Assistant linked to bot my Xiaomi gateway and a Philips Hue Hub and the devices on each show up just fine. I then use it to allow the Xiaomi ones to appear in Apple HomeKit for my iOS devices (Hue does it native so I don't need Home Assist. for that). Also have Xiaomi sensors set to control/automate Philips Hue bulbs based on Home Assistant configured events.

      • Thanks. I was looking to not buy any of the proprietary hubs or gateways and just use a raspberry Pi with home assistant as a gateway for all these.
        Have you tried this?.
        If not, will try and let you all know how it goes :) Just don't want X gateways around my router as I have not bought any yet.

        • +1

          I was under impression that the xiaomi hub/gateway will only handle xioami/mija kit. ymmv

          also beware that most zigbee gateways are limited to the number of devices that they can interface to— I've just got a second xiaomi hub for this very reason.

          • @walaj: Good point, will see how many devices it can handle. But that could also be a trick by Xiaomi to get you to buy more of their gateways.

            • @Rosace:

              But that could also be a trick by Xiaomi to get you to buy more of their gateways.

              nope - seems to be a zigbee limitation, although different hubs have different limits.

              for the usb stick referenced in the link above -

              The CC2531 USB sniffer zigbee2mqtt firmware has a limit of 15 direct children. This means 1 coordinator + 15 end devices and 0 routers.

              Xiomai hub is apparently 30.

              (then we get into powered devices which can act as range extenders..)

        • +1

          Gotcha. I'm not sure about bypassing the various manufacturers hubs and using your own. I don't anticipate you'll get too far with some brands as I'm fairly sure a number of the companies are using their own protocols to manage their smart devices, even if that companies hub will accept other companies hardware. From memory, and I haven't looked too far as I had no need to, Hue bulbs for example are locked to using a Philips Hue Hub even though that same hub can then accept other Zigbee bulbs.

          If you're more picky about your choices of smart devices then you might be able to get away with a single centralised hub. I was semi looking at a Vera Plus myself but that would be to complement a few other hubs rather than to replace them. Your results might also depend on what sort of smart devices you want in the home.

          TBH I'm personally not overly against hubs as long as the hub itself can be integrated with as it can for both the Xiaomi and Hue case. I haven't noticed any real latency with transactions that would have involved multiple hubs issuing orders, and I tend to hide my hubs out of sight.

          Let me know how you go, I'd be interested to hear.

          • @Smigit: Well, I already have Ikea tradfri lights and they don't sell the gateway in Australia yet and as said I don't want to be limited to Philips Hue or Xiaomi hubs. So was looking to replace these and saw all the devices that are supported by this setup and was impressed.

            A couple of downfalls I see though if I don't buy the respective hubs:
            1. Not being able to upgrade the firmware of the bulbs/devices.
            2. Complexity of getting this set tup and working.
            3. Ugly gateway :)
            I will give it a shot and let you know, bought all the hardware required from AliExpress for about $30.

            • +1

              @Rosace: I got the zigbee2mqtt going. Running that and the xiaomi at the moment. Was tricky to get devices to pair - but only done a couple so far.

          • @Smigit: I finally received the hardware and connected two devices so far; IKEA Tradfri kitchen Lights module and a xiaomi motion sensor. Works pretty good, I’m happy with the setup and was cheap.

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