[Reported Scam Site] iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey $1500 @ I Deal Gadget ($1,425 with Officeworks Price Match)

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Identified this deal via previous thread on iPhone XS. Title says it all otherwise.

Have just earlier got Officeworks to price beat this, over the phone. So that brought the price down to $1,425.

Will claim GST via TRS so will bring it down to $1,295.45. That will be a circa 20% discount compared to the RRP of $1,629.

Still quite expensive for a mobile but decided to splurge on this occasion.

Scam Alert

This website has been reported to be suspicious. Do not purchase anything on this website and report it to Scamwatch.

If you have put in an order, ignore all emails and do not reply or send any money using direct Bank transfers, as it would be irrecoverable.

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    Good find. What's everyone using for covers for these portable mortgages?

    I grabbed the XS 256 for ~$1600 the other day on ebay, quite happy with them, but need a case for it.

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    Looking at the XR 128gb for $1111.50…

  • Did Officeworks do price match with this website?

    • Yep

  • Only issue is all the officeworks stores are closed now except in Perth. Don’t know if the prices will remain same on this website tomorrow morning.

    • Officewoks opens 7AM, hopefully the prices remain the same online.

      Do report back how it went.

      • if they match and have stock, that would be great price …i’d consider dumping my android and go back to apple.

  • For those talking about XR, keep in mind XR is quite a big phone.

    Went to Apple store yesterday to hold it, and it felt much more bulky than the XS.

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    I just call and price match iPhone XS 256gb with OW against idealgadget.com.au. Their price of $1,700 against OW $1,879. Pretty good deal with extra 5% price beat and you can claim TRS too. Not sure if this is worthy of a post itself.

  • Just called office works in Melbourne CBD. They refused to price match from this website saying this website has been flagged for selling refurbish phones so they won’t do it.

    • How can phones that have just been released be refurbished…

      • I just called their main hotline and they did price beat it. 😁👏

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        Missus called on my behalf in morning she was told website sells refurbished phones so they won’t price match.

        I woke up now from my last night late shift. I called up same officeworks and Spoke to same person and had a go at him on phone that it’s same model and Australian website etc etc. He knew I wouldn’t take that crap excuse they sell refurbished phone so he had no choice to price match it.
        Picked up XR 128GB for 1111.50

        FYI: Lot of officeworks saying on phone that they don’t have it in stock or somehow finding excuse to not price match

  • Price matched iphone 8 64gb at Officeworks Kew east, Melbourne. Thank
    you OP.

    • Hi, did you price matched with idealgadget as well? How much the price after price beat? Thanks

      Btw, to all iphone user. Is 64Gb is good or go with 256Gb? Why they don't have 128Gb???

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        Yes,match with idealgadget. It was $832 after price match.

      • If you use streaming services for video and music, and backup your photos, the 64GB is ample. Given the data included in mobile plans these days this is pretty achievable. I’ve used about 35GB and I don’t really think about it.

  • called officeworks' main line and was told they no longer price match idealgadget "as per head office's instructions".

    • Dang. What was the reason provided?

      • +1

        call centre guy was very vague and kept saying he "couldn't get into specifics" BUT he knew i wanted to price match idealgadget based on the price - i hadn't even mentioned the store by name at this point.

  • Just got back from Officeworks, they price matched in store, no problems, iPhone XR black 128gb $1111.50

  • Has anyone had any success lately

  • Everyone, wait! The price will be falling soon. Greedy Apple.

    • Source? Also if Apple is greedy, why would the price fall?

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    Just picked up 2 in WA at officeworks

  • Picked up a gold 64GB yesterday for $1425, thanks OP!

  • Anyone still able to price beat ? I am planning to visit couples of OW store today. Thanks

    • Just placed an order through the 13 number now for click and collect. They said they only had 2 left of the 64Gb space gray in the Vic warehouse.

    • Yes, just did it over the phone for a XS 256GB. They had none in stock but said will be restocked tomorrow.

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    Surprisingly found one in Sydney city, 256GB Xs. :)

    We should all send idealgadget.com.au a Christmas hamper. It’s almost like it was created for others to price match!

  • I this deal available in Sydney officeworks stores?If yes, can you share the store where I can visit or call..thanks

    • Got mine from Pitt Street. Not sure if the store can order for you if they have no stock, but their website is hopeless at showing stock levels.

      • Thanks @quarrymaster!I tried calling them but not reachable.I will visit the store and see what's available.
        Also,how much did u get for..thanks!

        • Just checked the deal with the XR and looks like Officeworks has stopped price beat against them. So unless you're already holding your baby in your hand, I don't like your chances! :(

          And better not tell you in case you get even more disappointed! Suffice to say pretty decent deal, but not as cheap as some of the eBay deals on OzBargain — at least with the ones where members got legit phones at advertised prices with eBay discounts on top.

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            @quarrymaster: Picked up a 64GB xs from Officrworks on Saturday for $1377, price matching this deal

            • @bargainhunter87: It’s not me I’m worried about! But if another mob shows up Officeworks would price beat, jump on it!

            • @bargainhunter87: Nice! Did you pick it from [email protected] street,Sydney?

              • @yanivsinha: Please ignore. I meant to ask @quarrymaster.

                • @yanivsinha: I did, but that was last week when they still price beat ideal gadget. It was my first visit to that store!

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                @yanivsinha: No Castle Hill, they had one left in Space Grey and one in Gold. No one else in the area had stock including Sydney CBD.

                • @bargainhunter87: Thank You! I need to find a store which has stocks available!!

                  • @yanivsinha: I don’t know how you could tell without being in-store. They might tell you over the phone, but the website was no help at all.

                    • @quarrymaster: I purchased iphone xs(64GB space grey) from Officeworks Auburn for $1377.It was last stock piece available in the store!Thank you guys for the info..:)

            • @bargainhunter87: Nice! Did you pick it from [email protected] street,Sydney?

              • @yanivsinha: Did you manage to get one from pitts st SYD?

                • @xiazai0003: OW at Pitt St has stopped price matching them. The manager gave some ridiculous reason and keeps saying the website is a scam.

                  • @KaTst3R: I just tried OW in Campbelltown NSW.
                    They didn't price match. the guy looked at the website and came up with "that's not manufacturer warranty it's ideal gadget warranty so no good if there's a problem you can't return it to apple"

                  • @KaTst3R: Tried another store, they told me OW Main Office send an Email saying OW is not going to price match this website because they only provide reimbursement iphones for replacement.

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                      @xiazai0003: Yea the store manager i spoke to also showed me the email. The clause on idealgadget is that they reserve the right (read clearly…The Right doesnt mean they will) to provide a refurbished phone if the product is faulty within 30 days. So OW is using that as an excuse to say it is not according to ACL. And apparently, OW HQ tried "purchasing a phone" from the website and OW claims that Idealgadget "asked them to send money through the mail" so OW says its a scam. Anyway its all just BS excuses to not price match.

                • @xiazai0003: Auburn from the post.

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    Officeworks no longer matching I Deal Gadget - as per 1800 number and Croydon Stores (I Deal Gadget has IPhone XS at 1450 now!!)

    But, for those who missed out, OW matching Bexectech, who has it for $1524 (1447 post match).


    • That’s odd.

      Did they give a reason for this ?

  • Is there any reason not to buy the XS from I Deal Gadget for $1450 ? It's not as good as price matched price from OW but not far off.
    Are they selling Aus stock or not?

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