expired YAMAHA NS-555 (5.1) Speaker Package $1499 (RRP $2999) @ WestCoast HiFi


My first post and I thought I'd share this deal with those who are here in Perth. I purchased the Yamaha NS-555 Speaker Package at WestCoast hifi a couple of days ago $1500 and at the time of purchase, WestCoast hifi had these speakers package for $1999 showing on their website.

The Yamaha NS-55 Speaker Package includes:
• Yamaha NS-555 Tower Speakers
• Yamaha NS-333 Bookshelf Speakers (Given an option to swap with Yamaha ceiling speakers but I preferred the NS-333 speakers instead)
• Yamaha NS-C444 Centre Speaker
• Yamaha NS-SW300 Subwoofer

After calling around a couple of stores and mentioning Eastwood hifi price of $1399, the Malaga store offered me a really great deal. They couldn't match Eastwood hifi price, however, the lowest they could offer is $1500 and they also included Yamaha PDX-B11 (RRP 169), 35 metres of 4 core speaker cable and Kordz 3 metre single RCA cable for the sub.

I was already happy to pay $1500 but the additional items made this an incredible deal. I am not sure if they will still include the additional items with the current special deal they have going since they have dropped further $500 on this speaker package from $1999 to $1499 for the black Friday sale. I think the manager mentioned the black Friday specials will end after Monday.

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    Do they deliver to melbourne?

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      You will be better off getting it from EastWood hifi, they have the same speaker package for $1399 and located in Sydney inner suburb, so shipping will be much cheaper to Melbourne than the freight from Perth to Melbourne.

      Below is the link to EastWood hifi special page. They seem to be also great to deal.




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          No worries.

          I am not sure if there are other stores having the same special in Melbourne but if I were you, I would call around the hifi stores in Melbourne firstly, and try to find out their deals and get them to match the price. I've been told this time of the year is when Yamaha reps are giving promotional deals to their retailers.


        Thanks. Got it from eastwoodhifi. Very courteous salesman, Nick. Hopefully it will go well with a newly purchase Pioneer VSX-932. My first 5.1 setup :). I did ring addictedtoaudio as they have a similar package but unable to replace the ceiling speakers for the rear speakers. He also sounded pretty rude on the other end.


          Good purchase, the staff at the Eastwood seems to be a friendly courteous people and very knowledgeable.

          You have the exact setup as mine. I bought the Pioneer VSX-932 a couple of months ago. So far loving this AVR amp however after I heard the Yamaha Advantage AVR it sounded so good.

          Anyway enjoy your new system.


    I have this bought few years back, almost the same price, sounds great..

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      I noticed these speakers model has been around for over a decade and hasn't changed much if any at all. And regularly they go on sales price of around the price range of $1400-1500, which was really where I set my budget of around $1500 - $3000, but at the higher end there would be a lot more options. I think these are great at the sales price, definitely above average sound.

      Too bad Yamaha decided to discontinue the Yamaha NS-777 tower speakers here in Australia. They would have been better speakers compare to NS-555.

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