Anyone Have Experience at The Northern Beaches Hospital?

NBH has had a rough opening based on news report. Can anyone who has been treated (or had a relative treated) there able to share their experience? Is it as bad as described? Or has the media over-blown the issue?

I'd like to think positively, but the CEO's resignation is a huge red flag in my mind.

Edit: Not my local, but I have friends and family who could potentially be sent there in an emergency.


  • If they were sent there in an "emergency" then I would suggest NBH would be better than nothing?

    • Very few emergencies are absolutely time critical. If you were driving the patient yourself, it's 30 minutes or less to get to Hornsby or Royal North Shore hospital.

      • Very few emergencies are absolutely time critical.

        I feel like you're using a non standard definition of "emergency".

        • I'm using "emergency" in a broad, practical sense of the word… "unexpected medical conditions that require timely treatment", not "get help or die":

          If you have a heart attack, stroke, major RTA… yes, minutes do matter.

          But plenty of conditions need treating within hours to days are still considered emergencies, and your outcome from these are determined by the quality of care you receive… NOT how quickly you can get to the emergency room:
          Broken bone
          Dog bite
          Baby swallowed a coin
          Gastro causing dehydration

          And for these less time critical emergencies, you do have a choice… these are instances where friends or relatives usually provide the transport, not an ambulance.

        • Emergency: a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.