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[PC] Steam - Borderlands, The Handsome Collection $22.15 @ Steam


One of the issues with Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel is that there hasn't been a collection of DLC as there was for Borderlands 2. With Steam's Autumn Sale, the complete collection of Borderlands (not including the original Borderlands) is now available.

I already had most of Borderlands 2 and its DLC, except for some of the outfits, so I was able to complete those and add all of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel including DLC for $13.70 AUD.

Long time watcher, first time poster. Please be… nah, come at me bro.

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    Sweet, total was $6.50 for me, and since I had a bit of Steam credit it was $5.72. Thanks!

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    Picked up on this too, finally picked up all the skins and couple of bits of content I was missing for a cool $10.

    Borderlands is great dumb fun. Esp with friends.
    … and I don't care what anyone says, I reckon Borderlands: The Presequal is hilarious.


    Thanks Op!

    Ended up $13.70 for me as I already had most(?) of the BL2 content, and none of the Pre-Sequel content.


    $13.08 for me. Guess there's no need to buy Season Passes for B2 & B Pre-Sequel now? Thanks.

    Now I've just got to find some time to play them…


    It would be $13.87 for me, but that ship has sailed. I loved each game and played hundreds of hours of each (well, maybe only a single hundred in the Pre-Sequel) but I no longer have that sort of time. These days if it's not $5 or less, I don't bother.