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Canon M6 w/15-45mm IS STM $671.20, Canon M50 w/15-45mm IS STM $754.80 (Out of Stock) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Drops on prices for both the Canon M6 and M50, when combined with 10% cashback from Cash Rewards, these are pretty good prices for local stock with two year warranty. If you’re unaware, I’d suggest reading up on Canon’s EF-M system before purchasing.

Link to Canon M50. Out of Stock

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    This or Fujifilm X-E3 with 18-55mm ?



      I paid under $650 + 2k Qantas points for M50 a month ago and it's a great camera. Replaced my 600d


      I got the Fujifilm X-T20 (similar to X-E3), very happy with it. The 27mm Lens for Fujifilm is on sale now for $50 after cashback.


      Fuji, even at this fantastic price, I fear that this Canon camera system is dead.


        " I fear that this Canon camera system is dead.".
        I know, the stuff of nightmares!. unfounded fears.
        @twoperspectives, do your own research, almost all the knockers have now come around to the M50, if you are at this level of market, it's a no brainer, buy the M50.

        If not you're looking the sony 6300 or 6500, or the 7 Mk2 (Full frame sensor), all these waaaay dearer than the M50, and even dearer lenses.

        Go on you tube and look at the M50 reviews vs _ :insert comparable camera"_ _ and you'll see, after 6 months of use reviews are the most useful, and you'll see if it's right for you.

        I nearly bought both, a 6300 and 7 mark2 (sony), At the end the M50 is more than what I need or honestly more than I am capable of as a photographer or videographer.


          Is this a good price or should I wait

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            @stickymoo: IMO it's a good enough price if you need it now, if not wait until you do, you never know what's around the corner.

            Im buying this to go with it now, i'll buy more lenses after Ive learned how to use and exhausted he kit lens supplied (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/419799),I a about to buy the peak design for about 100 more.


              @ozf1: m6 has video stabilisation & nfc. It looks like the image quality/ sensor etc is the same as the m50.

              I do like the fully articulated screen of the m50 though. That’s handy

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                @stickymoo: yeah, the articulated screen (lesser res than the M5, I was considering also) and the dual pixel focus and the latest Digic8 chip is what convinced me. Ive never owned a Canon and have read about the good canon colour reproduction also.

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    That's a massive drop on the M50.

    I paid way more than that….:(

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