expired Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Headphones $144 + Shipping (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Cheapest price I have seen for this BT over ear headphones. Not the best comfort as pointed out in some posts previously but for this price it’s a good consideration.

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    active noise cancellation?
    edit: reading the Catch webpage

    Noise-cancelling: No


      Nope, but they cover ears pretty good, so you'll have a good margin off any sound.


    Just heads up, the controls are pretty fiddly, there is a beep for everything including changing volume. Also annoying voice prompts when you turn on and off the set. Doesn't do well connected to multiple devices either.

    They are fantastic for this price, battery lasts forever. They look huge, much bigger than other headsets, and the band design doesn't help as it sits so far away from your head it makes it look even bigger. The cups are very narrow but fits my ears fine. Great sound isolation too. Does have a static hiss at low volumes.


      Can you connect it to multiple? I use it with laptop, so controls are not an issue and I'm fine with voice notifications, at least it's clear whats going on. Not sure about hiss, have not noticed it.

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        Yes can connect to multiple devices. Voice notifications are bad as they are at the volume you last listened to, so often very loud blasts into your ear, and the controls are bad in that you have no idea if it's on or in standby mode, I often turn it off thinking it turned itself off and I am turning it on.