Theme Parks Surfers Paradise -Looking for Cheap Tickets

Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you guys can help me look for cheap / good bundle tickets for Theme park at Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise this Christmas.

We are a family of 4 ( kids 8 & 6 ). This is our first holiday ever to be honest, so we want to make the most of it. We are in Surfers Paradise from 26 - 1 (27th is my son's 6th birthday, this trip he asked me last year.)

So any help towards any deals for theme park, sightseeing etc. (this is our first time to Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise.

Thanks in advance



  • Check out your car/home insurance website. They usually have deals for the theme parks.


    Often has the best deals, a dreamworld season pass for the price of 1 day entry and 15% off one day movie/sea/wet n wild pass.

    If you only want to do one day at dreamworld potentially you could purchase your son a Season Pass (discounted at the above link) and utilise this offer “50% off 1 day entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World for up to 4 friends during your birthday month*”

  • Sometime Wyndham Resorts do publicity where you listen to their 90 minute publicity sessions and they give you ticket for one or more of theme parks. Check that

    • Yes, I saw that too! When we visited Surfers Paradise a month or so ago, we saw a small shop on the corner/intersection of Cavill Avenue & Surfers Paradise Blvd, a bit down from the Optus store! They were selling incredibly cheap priced tickets with just one catch - to visit a close by resort for a quick tour of their hotel, with no pressure to stay there! I thought I took pics of the prices, but can’t find them. The deal for say 3 parks in a one week period were incredibly cheap - something like $39 for one person, to visit all 3 Warner brothers parks, for possibly 7 days or longer, and kids were even cheaper! It was the best deal I have ever seen! The shop was indeed in that location of Surfers, unless they have moved shop, which I feel hasn’t happened! If any one knows of the prices listed, or has photos, it would be great to see the price list again!

  • This was the cheapest I could find for these three parks: Movie World, Sea World, and Wet 'N Wild - $80 per adult and $75 per child

    It's cheaper than going through NRMA's 3 day pass which is like $107 (

    I used that Golden Dragon Travel agency right at the end of 2016 to purchase tickets for use in Jan 2017, and they send you a PDF which you can just print out and show the ticket booths of the first park you go to. They'll issue you all the tickets for the other parks as well at the same time.

    We didn't go to Dream World, but I can see they have another bundle for Dream World, Water World and Sky Point for $50 per adult and $35 per child. Or you can choose other combinations it seems:

    • Thank you so much, I was looking for these tickets for my sister's family upcoming trip. Used to be able to buy the VIP Pass cheap on Groupon, but it's no longer available.

      • Yep, I had been keeping an eye out for that for months as it seemed to appear July-September over the last few years so pumped that Munki posted this.

  • Anyone know a cheap way to just get a single day Movieworld pass? I found an old link on here to KKDay or similar, but seems a bit dodgy.

      • I know you mentioned using them before, but I am not overly comfortable relying on Chrome translate to buy tickets on an unknown site where the prices are significantly cheaper than anywhere else (same issue with KKday).

        Has anyone else used either of these sites?

        • Trust me, I felt exactly the same way when I first found out about them, but a friend vouched for them and they legitimately have a store front in the city. There is an "English" version of the site - but there might still be parts in Chinese.

          I think the only reason they can get the tickets so cheaply is because they usually organise tours for Chinese tourists. In fact, the bloke who I spoke to when we got the tickets asked where we were from (in a friendly manner), and when we told him we were locals he said he only asked cause those tickets are usually from Chinese tourists.

          Look, it's obviously up to you whether or not you want to trust this site, but man I saved so much money buying from them than NRMA.

        • I just bought several tickets for friends last week for a single day pass to Movie World and yep, it works! Great find.

          The ticket is produced instantly after you pay via credit card and the ticket you get will have the QR code on it. Make sure you print the voucher out and bring it with you. I forgot to print it, but the ticket desk people have an email address that you can send the PDF to and they will print it out for you.

          Was quick and easy. Highly recommended.

          Use the Chrome browser on your mobile or PC for translation help.

      • You, sir, are my hero.

        • Enjoy mate!

          • @Munki: If you don't mind me asking…

            Do you speak the language? Or have you just used Google Translate and felt around?

            It asks for a departure date. Did it ask you the same when you booked yours? Did that effect the validity period? Can they just be used anyday (ie. don't have to predetermine date)?

            Sorry for 20 questions, I am still super grateful - you're saving me a bucketload.

            • @tomsco: No problems mate, happy to help!

              Yep, I can read Chinese and speak Mandarin and Cantonese, so I kind of knew how to navigate around and purchase. I also spoke to them over Wechat. I'm pretty sure they'll have someone who can speak English, so feel free to contact them.

              Because we knew when we were going (I drove from Sydney to Brisbane for the trip and then drove from Brisbane to Gold Coast for the parks), we had already planned when we would be there. I'm unsure if you can leave it blank and have it be just an open ticket. Sorry can't help you there.

              • @Munki: Are they sending the PDF tickets via email or their website? I noticed after payment, you can download a voucher, but I don't think that's the voucher to redeem the ticket at the park? The voucher from the website is mostly in Chinese, I doubt the park people can read them to process it?

                • @Edeena: This is what the PDF should look like.

                  I just checked and it looks like I sent it to myself not them.


                  • @Munki: Thanks for that, the voucher I see on the website currently is different, there's a QR code and then this word in English "**New Booking—Res team NOT received this booking request." so I guess it's probably just a system generated voucher, and the reservation team will process it later.

                    • @Edeena: Ah… Yeah most likely the case. Sorry it's been a while so I might not be 100% on the process, but I eventually got the PDF I needed to get the tickets, so it'll all work out in the end!

                      • @Munki: Thank you :) One more question, it's similar to the 3 day pass on the optusperks website right? They give you tickets for all the parks when you redeem the voucher, but you can visit one park a day, and not all 3 parks on that same day? I forgot to ask about this first before booking as I assumed no one can do 3 parks in 1 day… however, I'm a bit anxious about it now.

  • Thank you everyone. I have a friend who has a chinese boarder, will ask him to read to for us.
    thank you thank you all

  • lots of timeshare companies have stands in surfers. If prepared to sit through high pressure, can get them very cheap. Otherwise motor organs eg RACV/NRMA

  • Just reporting that the tickets bought from here all worked fine. Just print the voucher out and the ticket booth people will scan the QR code on the voucher.

    • Hey mate, good to hear the tickets worked! Can I ask, did you supply a chinese name when making an account on the website? Cheers

  • Guys…I was just about to purchase tickets from this Golden Dragon but decided to give them a quick call. To my surprise, I was told that I will not be able to use the passes as they are for Asian tourists only. She said unless I was asian, i will not be able to use the passes (she said that this has actually happened recently). I find this quite odd and actually racist but she really stressed the point that the deal was for asians only!

    So, my question is, any non-asians here has purchased tickets from them online and was able to use them successfully? My family is qoing to gold coast on the weekedn and I really dont want to risk them having issues at the door if I was to purchase these.

    • Wow, didn't know about this. We're Asian, so can't answer your question. This is probably a condition they had with the theme parks for the cheap tickets?

      Maybe you can try this, though I can't verify if they're legit…

    • I'd call that BS.

      I've recently been to the GC in a mixed ethnic group and have bought discounted tickets/ tours from 3 different Chinese tour companies (Golden Dragon included).

      • None of vouchers said anything about "Asian tourist only".
      • We've had no problem using the vouchers. (For 2 of the 3 activities, no Asian member attended. For the remaining activity (theme park), the voucher was exchanged for tickets by an Aussie member at the theme park.)
      • An Caucasian guy was purchasing theme park tickets for his group when we visited the shop of one of those tour companies in GC to pick up our voucher.
      • Why bother having the site in both English and Chinese when its products can't be sold to non-Asian.
  • I found it very odd too….if you dont belive me, give them a call and see what they say….

    • We did call them before we bought our theme park tickets via their website. Nothing of this sort was mentioned in that conversation (& not stated on the voucher we received online). & as refer to in my response above, that particular voucher was redeemed at a ticket gate at SeaWorld by a Caucasian member in our group with no problem. (We're running a little late, so we just sent someone to get the tickets first. By the time the rest of the group arrived at the gate, the process was almost completed.)

  • I am a Caucasian (blue eyed blonde) and I used the Golden Dragon Travel website and google translate to purchase a one day ticket to wet n wild for $48 which I used today with no problem at all. The ticket booth didn’t question it at all. I had the email voucher printed. I will definitely use them again. Thank you for putting me onto them!!

    • When you're booking, what do you put as the "departure date"? Is it when you want to use the tickets, or is it a departure date leaving the country as you're a "tourist" ;)

      • when you intend to use the ticket - but in all honesty, I doubt that matters

        I think it's meant for tour bookings

        • Thanks for clarifying that mate! I sent them a message and they replied that "the tickets are only for Asia." I'm still a little worried that my partner and I will get out there with these tickets and they will tell us they aren't valid….
          When we collect the tickets from the booth using the pdf print out, should we or do we have to do anything special?
          I want to believe but i'm so skeptical haha!

          • @Blackbox: Nothing. (Obviously, don't go asking if your voucher is only for Asian tourists and if you can use them.)

            Just hand the piece of paper (must have the PDF printed out) over to the staff at the ticket booth & they'll issue you the real tickets.

            • @Love a bargain: Great, we just purchased, heading next tuesday. Fingers crossed everything works out! Thanks for your help

              • @Blackbox: In the unlikely event that you get any push back - just maintain that such supposed limitation is not stated anywhere on the website or the voucher (& don't mention your previous contact with Golden Dragon of cos).

                I seriously doubt it'll come to that but, personally, I feel better if I know that I have a well-reasoned counter-argument in my bag.

              • @Blackbox: Hey did it end up working for you? Were you able to collect your tickets at the booth? Im heading to the GC next week and i want to try using gdtravel buuuuut the website does say asian guests only :/

                • @rickysalsa: Yeah it worked for my partner and i at movieworld. The guy directing the line told us to go over to the first booth for "group bookings". The lady asked where i was from and i said spain, i have a Spanish last name and lived there for three years in my early 20s so it's not a total lie. I guess with the website update specifically saying asian only there might have been some communication with the parks and these providers to try to shut this loop hole down. Whatever happens, i wish you a good luck!

                  • @Blackbox: Oooooh okay ! Maybe its worth a shot ! My girlfriend is from the Philippines so maybe she could go up to the booth and collect the tickets ??

                    • @rickysalsa: For sure man. No disrespect but if she looks remotely Asian, I'm sure the attendant at the kiosk will just assume that your tickets have been booked through a tour group. We took a print out of the booking confirmation, handed it to the attendant. She asked where I was from, entered a code (which I assume was noting my country of origin (spain) and handed us the tickets. Didn't ask for anything else. Best of luck

    • I love blue eyed blondes


    Confirming gdttravel used fine at Seaworld.

  • does anyone know how to member log in? or am I doing it wrong?

  • I just checked and they have updated their website to " This voucher will be rejected if this with NON ASIAN guests."
    Just wandering if I should bite the bullet

    • Tell them you've spent 6 months in Bali and now considered yourself Indonesian? Or that them one of your grand parents (other than your paternal grand father) is from an Asian country?

      Joke aside, I wonder how they're going to define "Asian guests". Passport/ appearance?

      Btw, for those don't want to risk it with GD Travel, there are also a number of Asian travel agencies with physical shops in GC that sell theme park tickets at discount. Might not be as cheap as GD Travel but they don't seem to come with such limitation.

  • Im heading to the GC next week and i want to try using gdtravel buuuuut the website does say asian guests only :/

  • Was looking at using this site for Dream World passes. My family and I ate all Caucasian, but I was born in Malaysia. My birth certificate is in Malay. Do you think if I produced that I’d be accepted as “Asian enough” for this deal!!

    • would be interesting to find out
      although who would carry their birth certificate to a theme park?

    • My girlfriend is from the Phillipines i was thinking about getting them and she collects the passes but i dont know if i should risk it

  • I recently bought tickets off this site (Golden Dragon Travel). 3 X 1-Day Passes to Warner Bros. Movie World for myself (Caucasian Brisbane resident), my partner and my friend (both Caucasian from France and Canada). The website is easy enough to navigate if you use Google Chrome and Translate to English. We printed the PDF vouchers (which have a barcode on them) from the website after the booking and payment was confirmed.
    We had no issues presenting them at the ticket booth, the attendant sent us straight to the ticket scanning area where the barcode was scanned, no questions asked!
    Great find and would use again, super easy!!

  • Nevermind, worked it out

  • I signed up using an English name - I just put my first name in the "Chinese Name" section and also my First/Surname in the next section. I used all Australian details (phone number etc). The website suggests you require details from an Asian Passport - There was no question relating to that throughout the booking/transaction process. In the "departure date" section, I just put the date I planned on attending the Theme Park.

    I picked "Movie World E-Ticket" option. $55 x 2 Adults and $45 x 1 Child. I used an Australian credit card. Transaction went through fine. Screen freshed after payment finished processing and immediately had the option to download the PDF e-tickets.

    PDF Tickets do not show anything that would suggest that they are only valid for "Asian people", there isn't even any Asian writing on them - all English, digits and bar-coding.

    I will report back as to my success (or lack there of) after we've attended.

  • Can confirm had absolutely no issue using these tickets at Movieworld today.

    They just scanned the barcode on the ticket and we walked through, no questions asked.

  • Can also confirm that I was also hesitant but purchased last night and used today without issue. Bought the e-ticket, just showed on my phone, they scanned and no issues what so ever.

  • Bought and used two tickets today (29/06/2019), purchased from gdttravel. They asked us where we're from (Italy) and that's it… Used without any issues

  • Hello, I just want to confirm with everyone that "Golden Dragon Travel" is legit. Just bought 8 tickets today, with a decent discount. TIP: they don't sell to non-Asian, but you can tell them you're Asian (even though you're not), and make a payment. They'll send you a ticket with a barcode, scan it at the gate, no questions asked. Happy Sharing!!!!

  • I'm pretty sure they ask everyone where they are from, for marketing purposes. Don't read too much into that question.

  • Anyone purchased Movie World Tickets lately? The don't seem to be available anymore.

  • Anyone successfully buy the Dreamworld tickets on this site?

    It's a bit confusing and I can't tell if it's the actual Dreamworld Adult entry (seems extremely discounted as well if it were!) Thanks!

  • Glad to see this post is still working for people! :)

  • Hey hey!

    Here to report that 4 Aussie looking adults got in to Dream World for $63 each on GDT tickets with not one problem.

    You just gotta go to Gate 7. There's even an email address if you've forgotten to print!

  • Golden Dragon Travel worked perfectly for myself and a friend, both Caucasian and from Sydney. It is such a great deal. Just had to print off voucher that was produced straight after paying and take it to gate 7 where they give you the actual tickets. The lady didn’t ask a single question

  • anything working for now?

    GD travel doesnt have it anymore.