expired Get up to $200 Cash Back on Selected Notebooks from ASUS (When Purchasing from Authorized AU/NZ Retailers)


ASUS Xmas Cashback Campaign – 23rd November 2018 to 31st December 2018 *subject to change

Offer is only open to residents of Australia & New Zealand aged 18 years or over. Employees and the immediate families of the Promoter and its agencies (including but not limited to ASUS resellers) associated with this promotion are ineligible to participate.


To be eligible for the reward in the promotion, consumers must purchase one or more of the following participating products from an authorised and participating ASUS retailer/reseller within Australia & New Zealand.

ASUS Xmas Cashback Campaign:
Lifestyle – $100
Gaming – $100
Gaming – $200

Lifestyle $100 UX301LA-DE002P UX331UN-C4136R UX391UA-ET083R UX461UN-E1030R
UX303LA-C4320H UX331UN-C4137R UX391UA-ET088T UX461UN-E1042R
UX303LA-R5095H UX331UN-EG068T UX430UN-GV029T UX461UN-E1044T
UX303LN-C4191H UX360CA-C4028T UX430UN-GV060R UX490UA-BE038R
UX303UA-C4037T UX360UA-C4132T UX430UN-GV088T UX490UAR-BE087R
UX305CA-DQ060T UX360UA-C4145T UX430UN-GV122R UX510UX-DM197T
UX305FA-DQ285T UX360UAK-C4197T UX430UN-GV129T UX533FN-A8019T
UX305FA-DQ349T UX360UAK-C4252T UX430UN-GV135R UX550GD-BN007R
UX305FA-FC060T UX370UA-C4059T UX430UQ-GV047R UX550VD-BN010T
UX310UA-GL243T UX370UA-C4197T UX433FA-A5045T UX550VD-BO116T
UX310UA-GL513T UX370UA-C4198R UX433FA-A5099T UX561UA-BO053T
UX310UA-GL678T UX370UA-C4198T UX433FN-A5021R UX580GD-BO001R
UX310UQ-GL420R UX370UA-C4363T UX433FN-A5037T UX580GD-BO001T
UX31A-C4032H UX370UA-C4367T UX433FN-A5110R UX580GE-BO043R
UX32LA-R3055H UX390UA-GS039R UX461UA-E1000T UX580GE-BO087R
UX330UA-FC083R UX390UA-GS097R UX461UA-E1020T UX580GE-E2036R
UX331UA-EG001T UX391UA-EA014R UX461UA-E1072T UX360UA-C4232T
UX331UAL-EG041R UX391UA-ET012R UX461UA-E1077T
UX331UAL-EG050T UX391UA-ET013R UX461UA-E1111T
UX331UAL-EG053T UX391UA-ET018T UX461UA-E1140T

Gaming $100 GL503GE-EN026T GL503VM-FY005T GL504GM-ES158T GL703GM-EE074T
GL503GE-EN228T GL503VM-GZ159T GL504GS-ES056T GL703GS-E5011T
GL503VD-FY126T GL503VS-EI042T GL504GS-ES062T GL703GS-E5012T
GL503VD-GZ302T GL504GM-ES152T GL703GM-EE014T GL703VD-GC114T
GL503VM-ED091T GL504GM-ES155T GL703GM-EE024T GL703VM-BA106T
GL703VM-GC041T GL703VM-GC041T GL703VM-GC041T GL703VM-GC041T

Gaming $200 G703GI-E5096R GM501GS-EI001T GX501VI-GZ027T GX531GM-ES028T
G703GI-E5097R GM501GS-EI002T GX501VS-GZ024T GU501GM-GZ041T
G703GI-E5144T GM501GS-EI102T GX501VS-GZ070T
G703VI-E5098T GX501GI-EI022T GX531GM-ES005T
GM501GM-EI005T GX501VI-GZ026T GX531GM-ES013T

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    Your link only shows 12

  • +5 votes

    I'm sorry @au2234, but the price jacking by Asus on all ultrabooks in Australia is just a joke. I'd rather have it delivered from the US.
    In your list you don't even have the UX433FA-DH74 listed. Which goes for about $1500 AUD on Amazon. What is the Australian pricing? At least $2000. Why are Australians being ripped off?

  • +3 votes

    "(When Purchasing from Authorized AU/NZ Retailers)"

    yeah - nah…

    stop gouging us and maybe we'll consider it…
    ill take the grey import "risk" + ACCC over your predatory pricing.


    Awesome! If I buy UX430UN-GV122R from Asus website ($1699) I will get $100 back.

    But hang on. I can still get cheaper from mwave for $1399

    Thank you

    • +1 vote

      you also get $100 back when you buy from Mwave as promotion is for all re-sellers


    Or spend $200 on something you dont have to lodge a case with the ACCC when it breaks to even get them to talk to you.
    Seriously bad service on ASUS….


      Only in Australia though. Got a Zenbook in 2014 from the US back in 2014. When I came to Australia the aluminum body was giving me little electrical zaps on the left hand side. This was a common issue. I told Asus Australia, they asked me to send it in to get it analyzed and asked me to pay the price… Like seriously, it's a serious health hazard and you're asking your customer to pay the price on your own faulty product.

      I know in other countries Asus customers got their ultrabook's serviced for free.

      Apart from that, the Ultrabook is still going strong. Probably have another 2 years in it.


    Why there is no Chromebook?

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