Hisense P6 picture settings

Hi all,

I picked up a Hisense P6 50" over the black Friday weekend, and while Blurays and my Nintendo Switch look fantastic (both inputs set to game mode), I'm having a little trouble finding a nice setting for the broadcast stations, YouTube, and Netflix.

The game mode setting is unavailable for all of the above and the image looks like the TV isn't quite keeping up with processing the input…

With no smoothing it can be a bit clunky looking, but with smoothing you get a freaky 60fps sort of look that's even worse.

Ultimately 90% of the use is going to be over HDMI so I can live with it considering how cheap it was, but just thought a few people may have picked up similar models and have maybe figured something out.




    One or other amongst those may serve as general guide for you.

    Similar model in the wash - https://whrl.pl/Rfg10O


      thanks, that first Whirlpool link is on the right track.


    I have this thing too and pretty unhappy with it overall. How does everyone's look on 4k Netflix? Watched "the Ballard of buster Scruggs" and the motion blur is absolutely abysmal. Tried all different settings, nothing fixes it. My wife who freely admits she couldn't tell the difference between a good tv or bad thinks it looks terrible, so that's saying something.