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I've never understood this, my mates and I back in primary school were hyped for Perfect Dark for months before of came out and when it did...
20/05/2022 - 14:08
as far as inoffensive family games for all ages go this is one of the best, but its not one I think many would be itching to play amongst a...
03/05/2022 - 14:08
Only a PC gamer with 3,000 intangible and unplayed games on their Steam account think good games should depreciate in value down to nothing.
30/04/2022 - 12:09
very *very* tempting, but I can't help but think (or hope at least) that we'll be seeing sim-capable launch monitors approaching this sort...
05/04/2022 - 19:31
I've heard its around 60 hours to clock everything in JotL
22/03/2022 - 18:10
the blade does flex a bit, but not on the cutting stroke seeing as its a Japanese pull saw.
05/03/2022 - 08:18
these come highly recommended by many camping/survival gurus on the internet, I've got one and it puts away timber like nothing else I've...
04/03/2022 - 22:45
Man, imagine selling all the worst Bond movies by themselves in a set. Extraordinary.
16/02/2022 - 13:35
shipping? it's a great little game.
15/02/2022 - 13:46
A nylon strung guitar may as well be a totally different instrument, I wouldn't bother unless you're planning on sending them to the...
29/01/2022 - 12:32
lockdowns will kill more people than covid would have without them.
25/01/2022 - 13:43
He's not even a computer nerd.
25/01/2022 - 13:40
its unlikely a beginner will hit any clubs well though.
24/01/2022 - 10:45
kind of surprised these starter sets come with so few clubs, but I guess they just want to keep the price point low. a 5 hybrid doesn't...
23/01/2022 - 21:54
there's a bit of iconography to wrap your head around at first and a few bits and pieces in the rules that can seem somewhat arbitrary (as...
23/01/2022 - 15:26
2 and 4 are the easier player counts, 3 and 5 are more difficult.
09/01/2022 - 16:19
my hot take on this one: way too long for the experience it offers. discovering the massive deck is pretty fun, but once you're familiar...
08/01/2022 - 12:01
great game, particularly with the 7x7 variant for two players and also with just the various goals from the Age of Giants expansion (I...
07/01/2022 - 18:06
The golf game for people who hate golf hey? What if you do like golf, still worth a look?
31/12/2021 - 09:48
more a reference to the head/sweetspot size I think you'll find.
28/12/2021 - 13:30
I've managed to put my bag together very cheaply waiting for deals, but realistically you're going to blow past the price difference in...
28/12/2021 - 11:35
I much prefer the original, what Party adds with menu variety can't make up for what it loses in having a small deck that has to be reused...
28/12/2021 - 10:36
6 nimmt! or Sushi Go! would both be worth having. for more like 20 bucks The Crew is excellent too.
28/12/2021 - 09:40
this game looks great on the table but the gameplay was pretty lackluster for us, the monster minigames are just way too straightforward....
28/12/2021 - 09:35
no, that was Rex: Final Days of an Empire. Dune Imperium is a completely different game from Twilight Imperium, Rex, and the original Dune...
24/12/2021 - 13:48
where are you looking? It's the 5th highest ranked game of all time on bgg.
24/12/2021 - 11:51
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition $165 Delivered @ Amazon AU
If you know you know, *the* epic 8 hour 4x board game. Already the cheapest price ever as far as I can tell, and I assume will stack with...
24/12/2021 - 10:22
Fifteen minutes of fun max, but I didn't like Overcooked either. Death Squared and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are much better couch...
23/12/2021 - 22:36
can't speak to the Bunnings one you've linked, but many of the cheaper cast iron skillets I've seen have a much coarser surface than my...
23/12/2021 - 11:32