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Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (PRODUCT)RED $999 (Was $1149) @ JB Hi-Fi


Received this in my mail today.
Same as previous deal, while stock lasts.

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    256GB would be nice…wonder why JB don’t stock them?

  • I just sold mine. 1year old 256G 8plus for 850 in immaculate n like-new condition.
    For this price I don’t think it’s really “bargain”

    Anyway thanks for sharing the info OP

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    I would buy this over the XR, XR screen is equal to a 6/7/8 quality not a 8 plus.


      Camera(s) better in the 8plus than the XR? That and the home button are the reasons I want a “legacy” era phone as opposed to the face-unlock ones.

      • Camera reviews say otherwise, only falls behind in zoom. Pretty much everything else is better in XR than 9+, like you said it's only if you prefer wasting screen real estate with a button, getting a phone with a year less support, getting a smaller screen in a bigger phone, having worse battery life, worse front facing camera performance, no gesture support - that you would want the 8+

    • This is a poor comment, in reality you can't tell unless you use a microscope to look at your phone. There's so much more you get anyway, even if you could tell the difference, it would still be worthit.


        I’m confused, which one are you recommending?

        Are you arguing against your own comment?

      • Exactly, people love to say the screen sucks but our eyes literally cannot tell the difference


          I can see the difference between the 8 and 8 plus, so XR is same. Some people on forums say they can't see diff between XR and XS/XS Max which is rubbish, or they need to visit specsavers.

          • @DisabledUser260423: They can, but it's so insignificant it's stupid to say. It's like saying you can see the performance difference of IP8 and IPXR, it's there, but can you really see it without having to benchmark it?

            I have 20/20 vision, and yes I can see the pixels when I hold it up to my face, at normal distance I can't, and neither can you unless you literally hold it 10cm from your face which is terrible for your eyes btw. If you weren't told it was lower PPI, you wouldn't even have noticed. Yes I can tell the difference next the the XS and XS MAX but that's because you are comparing OLED vs LCD.

          • @DisabledUser260423: That made no sense, Le online predator gave you a educated lesson below though

  • $999 for 8+ 64gb seems still too expensive. I'd get it if that were the 256gb version.

    btw, porting in Telstra $65/month 80gb will get $500 discount, making the phone only $499. is this a good deal?

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    I wouldn't pay $999 for one, i bought a 8 plus 256gb 2 weeks old 6 months ago for $800, and a 8 256gb same age for $600. Both as new.

  • Funny how some people compare "Brand New" items to "Used" (As New). "As New" is very subjective.


      Whats funny if a used phone is not as new condition i dont buy it, see pay cash done.

    • All those ads on gumtree are “as new” “opened only once”etc. they don’t look so new when you see them.


        Not all and if no good don't pay, its not hard. I buy from gumtree all the time, keep some and flip some. Easy $$ and you get to try different phones.
        You just need to know what you are doing.

  • iPhone XR is more expensive, has notch, inferior display, ugly 1 hole camera, and if you’ve seen it played it in person, it is chunky as hell. From aesthetics, no iPhone (x xs xs max xr 7…) is close to the RED iPhone 8 plus, the other 8 plus colorways aren’t attractive too but RED standing out.

    The only thing iPhone XR should be compared to is iPhone x. Those are close in pricing design, notch, face recognition etc

    Xr is just apples orphan outcasted exclusively for fanboys who aren’t able to afford xs max.


      I agree and how bad does the back look in a case with that camera lol.


        I plan on following your advice & getting a Gumtree special, preferably with apple care. Looking for 256gb if anyone cares to PM me.


          I just sold a 8 64gb with Apple care for $800, same as I paid for it a few months before the XS Max came out.