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3SIXT 5W Wireless Charger Pad $10 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman


Built to keep up with your smartphone’s fast-paced advancement, the 3SIXT 5W Wireless Charging Pad lets you power up compatible devices quickly and clutter-free.
Key Features
The 3SIXT 5W Wireless Charging Pad has a compact footprint, letting you power up your Qi-compatible device without consuming too much desk or table space.
Highly-versatile, this charging pad works with most 2017 models of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Link to Harvey Norman

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    OP you forgot to include the reduced price and original price

    • Sorry..I am not sure how much was the original price.

      • Isn't this just the normal price? I don't see a bargain here.

  • +15

    I have one of these and they are crap. Very slow charging, overheats, phone must be placed perfectly to work

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    bought one of these too. returned it the next day

  • +4

    Avoid this like the plague

  • +5

    Threw mine in the bin after a couple of weeks.

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    I wouldn't waste your money. I brought 2.

    1) After a couple of weeks starting just constantly starting and stopping the charge so my phone just sat on it going Beep Beep Beep Beep.

    2) Would stop charging while on with no notice, so I would wake up to find I only had 10% battery left.

    • my charger does not seem to charge and be able to play podcasts at the same time, battery level remains the same or even reduces.

  • A lot of these unbranded generic wireless chargers share the same issue: too slow charging and too inefficient. End up being useless.

  • Have 2 when they were $10 at JB. When charging overheat the phone. Very limited placement when charging actually works. 1 stopped working wirelessly though i knew it was getting power. Seems to get worse over time. I wouldnt bother.

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