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20%-25% off One Item: Google Pixel 3 from $959.20, Hub for $175.20 + More @ Google Store (Google One Users)


Google One users, check the promotions Benefits tab in your app/website and there's a custom redemption code for 20% off a product at the Google Store. Full t&cs in the App.

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  • Nice! Redeemed my coupon but still on the fence with pixel 3

    • Ye I'm the same.. I've seen just as many bad reviews as good. What did you get?

      I might just get the Hub or a Chromecast Ultra as I'm considering Kayo. Somebody mentioned the Xiaomi Mi Box S has an Ultra built in though so might look into that and get the Hub.

      • The mi box would be a solid choice. I did get the hub. Thanks OP!

      • -2

        OnePlus 6 is half the price and twice the RAM.

        • That's right and it's a better phone not sure why you got neg.

          Pixel 3 XL is sht. Only camera is good nothing else

      • +3

        I have a Pixel 3 and I'm loving it. Very worthy upgrade over the Pixel 1.

      • Pixel 3 is great. Pixel 3XL has had mixed reviews.

        • What are the additional issues on the 3XL? The notch software bug or is there more?

          I am leaning more towards the XL so would be keen to know the issues before I buy

          • @shockrave: I'm not a reviewer but the issues (which are disproportionate) seem to be coming up on the XL version. Same thing happened with the 2/2XL although I didn't have any real issues with my 2XL.

            Btw re notch: you can hide it to make it look the 2XL.

        • I have the 3XL and absolutely love it. I came from the 2XL biggest take away is the screen is a massive improvement, camera is better for stills especially in low light imo, video the mic has similar problems the 2xl.

          I haven't had any issues so far, I feel the only people who complain about the 3XL do so because of the notch. I for one don't care the wide angle front facing camera is more useful than I thought it would be.

          • @7wig: Good to hear that. I have the 2XL and don't really have any issues with this, and going to a 3 doesn't appeal as much as I want the screen size

            How did you find the battery life? There's comments that the 3 battery is actually worse than 2

            • @shockrave: It's similar I use the camera alot, bluetooth, and watch about three hours of Youtube daily on commute to work & home get about 20 hours of use.

              Yeah it's a hard sell going from 2XL to 3 but I do think the 3XL is what the 2 should of been in my opinion. I only upgraded because it was $15 extra on my BYO plan to upgrade to the 3.

        • I haven't heard anything bad about the 3XL except for the notch.

      • Is the mi box built in Chromecast definitely ultra hd capable or just hd? I can't find a definitive answer.

    • Stock Android and Camera are great. The speakers vibrate the phone like it's a piece of plastic which is a massive design flaw imho. Also my original one came with some pixels bleeding. Google need to up their QA. Overall though very pleased, but not sure I'd drop $1k out of my own pocket for a phone.

      • Speakers rattling was a problem with early build dates - fixed later on

        • Replaced it a few days ago. Same issue. It's not a rattling it's the whole phone that vibrates.

      • Don't drop 1k. Get Oneplus 6 instead

        • Exactly .. then sell the OP6 for $400 in 4 months and buy a 5G phone with SD855 :)

  • Perhaps targeted? I am a Google One subscriber but don't see a promotions tab.

    Only discount is Pixel 2 XL.

    • +2

      Do you have the Android/ios app? Sorry the tab is called Benefits

      • I did not, installed and there it is 20% off.

        Thanks mate!

  • +1

    I have a 25% coupon!!!

    Thanks OP - this is awesome.

    • I also have a separate 20% and $7 coupon

    • what plan are you on?

    • Yep me too.. got 25% off a Pixel 3/64gb version. $899.25 pretty happy with that.

      fwiw, I started with a google drive 1tb plan. converted to a Google 1, 1tb. Then they recently upgraded 1Tb plans to 2Tb 'for free'. But it is about $120 a year or something like that.

      I got the $7 store credit months and months ago.. spent that on the recent huge black friday google play sales. I got about $50 worth of apps for $6.76 or something like that. Some genuinely good apps too.

  • No promotion but a tab call "benefit", where I didn't find this deal but a $7 Google Play credit. Thanks OP

    • yo xyz, you still looking for a code? holla at yo boy.

      • Nah thanks, I'm cool. Not a Pixel fancier BTW

      • I just broke the glass back of my pixel xl.. would you mind passing the code?

  • I got both 25% and $7 Google Play Store credit! Thanks for the heads up op!

  • I have the Google Drive app on my iPhone but can't see any tab called Benefits. Any help

    • +1

      You need to download Google one app

      • Just checked, not available on ios app store. No luck.
        Anyway, if someone doesn't wanna use the 25% coupon, please PM me. Thanks in advance

    • Go straight to the website, I found mine there.


  • used up my $7 credit as soon as signed up but can definitely see a code for 20% off anything in google store appearing there too.

  • Can I subscribe use the benefit to order something and cancel?

    • Yes. You'll be able to sign up for 1 month for $2.49… A few users are saying this could be targeted though.. Its a great cloud service if you change your mind and stay on

      • +1

        I do have…an unlimited google drive from my estranged student account…

        • If you already have Google One then your original comment is very conflicting lol

          • @ExtraSalt: It isn't Google One. It is a deal with student email account. If you have a student email account, you get unlimited Google Drive space….

    • Well, even if you couldn't, if you just subscribed to the lowest tier ($24.99/yr) and were after something sufficiently expensive enough (i.e. a Pixel 3), the $239+ saving would make it worthwhile anyways.

      Using a reverse calculation, the break-even point would be ~$125.

      • Seems like to late to do so.. would appreciate a cosde PM if possible.

  • How does one sign up to One? Can’t seem to see any join link anywhere online on the Google One info pages.

    • Its just their new name for their cloud service… I think there's a thread somewhere on ozb where you get a $7 coupon for your troubles. I'll find the link if you struggle.

  • +1

    Appears targeted. No %age off offers under my benefits tab. :(

  • I signed up for G1, but only got the $7 credit. No 20-25% discount for me :(
    Anyone wants to flick it my way if not using?

    • +2

      See your PMs (it is 20% off btw)

  • anyone use Google Wifi Home Mesh Wi-Fi System.
    review? thanks

    • +2

      I've got one and I'm a big fan. Easy config and the app is quite clean. Only one ethernet port can be limiting, other than that it's all good imo.

    • Picked up the three pack last week after my router kept dropping out, it just works. Can prioritise devices , easy setup and the modules don’t take up much space.

    • Yeah, I've had one for 12 months now, love it.

    • I've been using a 3 pack for more than a year. I just wish I had more granular control of it however it's rock solid and stable wifi is no longer an issue at our place even with 50+ devices connected.

  • anyone can share %coupon if not needed? Thanks in advance!

    • Can't PM you… you disabled PM

      • Enabled it! Could you please retry to send PM to me? Thank you for you code!

  • +1

    only received $7 credit under Benefits tab

    • Cam anyone share me the 20% code plz? extremely wanna buy a pixel 3

    • Same only $7 credit

      • pretty disappointing

  • there's a custom redemption code for 20% off a product at the Google Store

    So does it apply on Google Home mini?

    • Seems you can't stack discounts.

      So Google home mini already has a $30 off coupon applied to it by default for everyone bringing it down to $49 (RRP is $79).
      But when you apply the 20% coupon, the discount you get it only 20% off RRP, which is less than $30

      • Damn Google, it's now $49 everywhere else as an original price

  • Is it pixel 3 only? Any love for the 3 xl?

  • Can anyone PM me coupon please.Thanks in Advance

  • Anyone have a coupon that they're happy to share? Nothing in my account.

  • +1

    Might be targeted… don't see anything in my Google One account. Been eyeing a Pixel 3 for a while… sigh

    Good deal though thanks OP

  • Another looking for a coupon code if anyone is feeling kind enough to share. Appreciate it. Thanks :)

  • Anyone has a spare coupon? Please PM! Would love to buy a pixel 3 xl if applicable.

  • Ah shame. I see nothing in my benefits tab. After a Pixel 3 XL if anyone wants to share a code!

  • I got nothing in my account.
    Anyone not using a code? Flick me a PM. Thanks.

  • Just another one looking for a spare coupon if anyone has a spare or not using theirs, Thanks in advance. Been on the fence with a Chrome cast for a while.

  • -2

    I signed up and only got the $7 discount :(. If anyone has a coupon code please PM me. I'm after a pixel stand. Thanks in advance!

  • -1

    Only got the $7 credit ☹️
    Looking to get a Pixel 3 if anyone has a code they don't need.

    Thanks in advance 😀

  • the price on the hub is listed wrong. I just paid $164 delivered

    • Ah you got the 25% off code.. Mine was only 20% 😔

      • maybe because I am on the 2TB plan?

        • That could be the reason, the highest tiered plan gets better discounts by the looks. Unless if OP says otherwise.

  • Seems to be targeted, should the title be updated?

  • A spare code would be nice!

  • Just signed up and got a $7 voucher. No 20% off code. How much is the Chromecast 3 for?

  • Would love a 25% off code for a hub if anyone has a spare?

  • Have they fixed where purchases from the AU Google store would charge a foreign exchange fee on your credit card as they were sending from Singapore?

    • Looks like they are still charging a foreign transaction fee despite being in $AUD. Make sure to use something like a 28 degrees mastercard or Citibank/Bankwest etc if you're buying.

    • They are definitely charged from Overseas and no tax invoice provided. I need to do the chasing otherwise I can't get my TRS refund but oddly, item is from Sydney.

  • -1

    Could I have a spare coupon? Please and thank you!

  • Is there a kind soul who can share with me the coupon code? Thanks in advance.

  • Any ideas where they will be shipping this from / how long shipping would take?

  • +5

    Ah, the moment every OzBargainer hates - the first time you see your newly purchased phone slightly cheaper somewhere else. I lasted two weeks. It's all downhill from here. They'll be giving these away free with cornflakes in a few months. :(

    Cheered myself up with a cheap Google Home Hub. :)

  • Some of the items are listed cheaper without the discount code, ie the Google Wifi is $159 on sale instead of $199, and the codes don't stack.

  • lookin at gettin one anyone got spare coupon cheers

  • Do you need to be on a certain storage tier to get the 20% off code? On the 100GB plan and only $7 credit the app :( #sharerswillbelovedforever

    • +1

      On 100GB as well and got the 20% off.

      • Damn, lucky ones!

    • Any good at fake stories? Find my comment at the end of this thread. I'm passing on my 20% off code

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