expired Red Bull Energy Drink 12 Pack of 473ml $38.21 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest ever in comparison to a 4 pack of 250ml cans which were sold for $5.35 at Woolies once this whole year.

But comes to roughly $3.18 per can, but gets better with 5% cashrewards/6% shopback cashback!!

I usually stock them up when the 250ml 4 packs go on sale at Woolies or Coles stacked up with 5% gift cards. But this works out to be a pretty good deal, just in time for Christmas!

Price history at CamelCamelCamel.

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    Even with the cashback this is still a lot more expensive than buying 12 cans at Woolworths/Coles.
    The current price at Coles for 12 cans is $30.60

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    So you're saying $6.73/litre is cheap???

    I honestly had no idea these were so expensive.


      Cheapest I have ever found red bull cans was for $6 for a 4 pack of 250ml when they were on sale, although price hipster says couple of times it dipped to $5.35 this year!


        What's the attraction of these energy drinks?

        Do they give you a buzz, wake you up or something like that?

        I'm not taking the p!ss… genuinely interested.


          Fair question I would say!

          My wife and I have this discussion atleast once a week!

          It gives me a boost of energy for sure, especially when I am in back to back training sessions training large groups of people repeating the same thing again and again! If I have one or two cans everyday for a few days, I certainly feel like I am having withdrawal symptoms when I don't have one! It used to be a bit of an addiction for me, but I am trying to rely on them lesser if possible.

          My wife can't start her morning without a proper coffee and typically goes through 2 or 3 coffees a day!

          My excuse is, red bull costs cheaper than buying a coffee when I buy them in bulk :)

          In comparison, I have tried every other energy drink out there and I find them all only to be sugary!


          It gives you wings.

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          I always have a can before going to the gym, Tbh I don't really get a buzz from it but I must say it works great as a placebo.

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        Flying Power is $1 normally at our local Aldi stores. It tastes the same as Red Bull.


      It's interesting not one of the energy drink companies has bought out a 1.25ml or bigger bottle - seems like they're all in collusion to keep the price high by just having them in cans with a 500ml maximum.

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        I remember buying a litre of V years ago but I'm sure the reason why they're no longer available is because that's more than you should be drinking a day.


          Think you can still get Monster in 710ml cans - they look ridiculous though!


          You don't have to drink it in one day - I'm sure you shouldn't be drinking 1 litre of coke etc in one day either.

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    It's cheaper to drink Beer


    I am curious - Who buys these and why?
    EDIT: Saw @SpottyMoose comment

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