expired [XB1] The Game Awards Sale (Yoku's Island Express $8.89, Dead Cells $22.41, Overcooked! 2 $25.09 + More) @ Microsoft


More at the link, also watch the Game Awards on Mixer to get Obsidian Lantern for Sea of Thieves and a chance to win 1 of 500 copies of BFV for XB1.

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    Far Cry 5: $50
    AC: Odyssey: $60
    GTA5: $30
    Rainbow Six Siege: $17
    No Man's Sky: $64

    Those are some of my highlights! Especially Far Cry 5, I don't know if I've seen a sale on the official store of $50 before. The others are fairly standard (except AC: Odyssey but I expect we'll see lower sales fairly soon anyway)


      No Man's Sky: $64? That's a RIPOFF price. At LEAST double what it should be.

      All the pricing is crap IIRC. Someone more into their xbox can tell me if I'm wrong.


        LOL, I got the disc version for $9 on eBay.


        yeah absolutely overpriced. Think they should drop the standard price to around 40 and sale price a little below 30. And feel free to make extra money through cosmetics since they'll probably be updating it for years to come.

        But some people like to buy games exclusively from the official games store, and this is about as good as it's been.

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    Yay, been waiting for a sale.