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[PS4, XB1, Switch] Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle $28 (Was $44.95) @ EB Games


I saw this earlier this morning on EB Games website it's a good bundle and decent starter pack if you own any skins or other cosmetic.

You receive:

Deep Freeze Bundle includes:
Fortnite Battle Royale Game (download code)
- Frostbite Outfit
- Cold Front Glider
- Chill-Axe Pickaxe
- Freezing Point Back Bling
- 1000 V-Bucks

Xbox: https://ebgames.com.au/xbox-one-244294-Fortnite-Deep-Freeze-...

Nintendo Switch: https://ebgames.com.au/nintendo-switch-244431-Fortnite-Deep-...

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    I'm confused, I thought the game was free?


      The game is free but not things like skins or gliders etc


        Gliders aren't free? Do they change the game?


      Yeah the actual game is, you're just paying for the v-bucks (normally $15) + the costume pieces. It's incredibly misleading when the packaging says it includes the game.

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    $28 for cosmetic items in a free online game. Bargain!


      yeah, the kids buy dance moves and skins and then try to out do each other or look cooler and buy more …..

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    • Frostbite Outfit
    • Cold Front Glider
    • Chill-Axe Pickaxe
    • Freezing Point Back Bling
    • 1000 vbucks ($15)

    There's certain people out there that would spend $13 on further cosmetics. I doubt they are on Ozbargain though.

    • +3 votes

      but their Sons would

      • +1 vote

        mine are making me do

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    Designed for the parents and grandparents who don't know any better trying to get the kids a Xmas gift

    • +2 votes

      The sad thing is it's probably the exact thing they want.

      • +4 votes

        Sadly true. I’ve been told by many friends of my kids that everyone is asking for V-bucks for Christmas. My son wants v-bucks but I bought him the save the world game where he could earn them because I don’t agree with paying for something that adds nothing to the game.

        I just can’t believe how expensive it is; 2000 v-bucks (~$30) for some outfits etc.


          My son wants v-bucks but I bought him the save the world game where he could earn them

          OMG this is the absolute best idea ever. Learn them to work for their keep from an early age. It's genius.


            @pennypincher98: It’s not too bad. They can easily earn the 950 v-bucks to get the battle pass, and then they earn more v-bucks in the battle pass and through the game that they can buy skins with. The only problem is that his little brother gets on there and spends his v-bucks on dance moves he doesn’t want and we have already reversed the maximum 3 transactions.


            @pennypincher98: I bought it for my son also - had a half price special recently. Problem is that he is on Fortnite constantly now to earn the v-bucks. Would have been better to spend the money buying the v-bucks instead rather than encouraging him to play even more


              @Riker88: Hahaha yeah perverse incentives. But there was a good logical thought process leading up to it!

              Personally, I'd rather my future kid earn them in some way - even if not directly through the game. Just some way to know that you won't get everything handed to you on a plate.

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    Been playing since June when it hit Switch. I stacked up 400 V-Bucks for free, lashed out and got the Ace costume for 7.50 (paid for the big half with gold coins from Nintendo purchases though), which comes with 600 V-Bucks. Used 950 of my 1000 to buy the Battle Pass last season.

    I think I got 1300 V-Bucks out of that, enough to have already bought that Battle Pass for this season.

    The most V-Bucks you can get per season (each season is 10 weeks), is 200 without paying a cent, meaning to get the Battle Pass, you would need to play the living shit out of it to get those 200, then do it again another 4 times, add together all those weeks, factor in that sometimes between seasons there's an extra few days or so of double XP or whatever while they get ready, etc. and you've got literally a year, to just buy the Battle Pass once.

    There's cool stuff like the Twitch Prime packs they did in the past, PS+ has something too I think, and you'll also unlock a few things here and there for free. But the gameplay itself isn't altered at all by this stuff, so with regards to advice for an unknowing parent, I would say this

    You have 2 options if you want to not waste a fortune.

    1. Nut up, and tell your kid to just (profanity) play for free, the costumes don't change shit anyway.
    2. Buy the Battle Pass, which will unlock a decent ass chunk of cool costumes and weapon skins and shit, and if they're any good they'll get enough V-Bucks through play with the BP that they will never have to "pay" for the BP again and just keep getting all the unlocked costumes and shit that way, like I intend to.

    If you want to straight buy the Battle Pass, it's 950 V-Bucks. This pack contains 1000. To buy 1000 digitally would be $15 AUD, meaning you're paying $13 for some costume and pickaxe, If your kid plays on Xbox though, you do get an actual disc version for that console (for some reason, not the others), meaning if you buy this for your kiddo for Christmas, you will at least have a cool disc you can chuck in, though let's be real, they already have the game anyway in all likelihood.

    I've rambled way too long, basically, either buy your kid the Battle Pass, or buy them nothing and tell them to suck it. If you can't enjoy the game without having a new costume every time, maybe it's not for you. Me and the missus got a good 150-170 odd hours play out of it EACH before we decided (profanity) it and bought the Battle Pass.