expired Alien 1-6 Movie Blu-Ray Boxset $21.99 Free Shipping with Code at OzGameShop


Thought this was a decent deal for all six movies, free shipping code ends today.

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    Always hesitant to buy discs. My most recent purchase has a solid 5 minutes of ads/trailers that you have to watch -every- time you want to watch the movie you have paid for.

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      What really? Since when have they done this?

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      Can you name and shame?

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      Best to take off and nuke from orbit.. only way to be sure.

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      yeah this isn't uncommon. It's super frustrating and totally unacceptable to make it so you can't skip it. This is why I DGAF about downloading.


        I bought a number of iTunes movies and then suddenly my computer wouldn't play them anymore (issue with HDCP).
        Same monitor, same computer that worked previously. Apple said "try a thunderbolt cable" so I bought one and that didn't fix it.

        The only thing that made it good again was an OS update.

        Since then I've been wary of anything requiring HDCP. Unfortunately I can't get 3D movies other than on disc :-(

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    Keep 2 throw the rest out