[PS4, XB1] Red Dead Redemption 2 $69 @ Harvey Norman


Not sure how long this will last but it seems like a not too bad deal for Red Dead Redemption 2. You can also do a price match with shops like JB-Hifi if it's more convenient to you. It's selling at $79 other stores

Link to Xbox One Version

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Ha ha. I got excited as I read it to be 2 for $69…

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    Its been this price for ages. They just never have stock.


      No, that's wrong. For a long time it was $69, which was the cheapest price around (excluding the Amazon Black Friday price), but on Monday they raised the price to $89. When they did this, Amazon seemed to immediately bump their price too. Instead of being $69 on Amazon, suddenly it was $78, which made it $1 less than Target, etc. And right now I see that Amazon has dropped their price to match again - now they're $69 once more.

      I was paying close attention to all this because I'd been on the fence about getting the game for a few weeks now. And then on Monday I decided that I'd just buy the game and stop debating it. It was then that that I saw that the $69 price was gone from both stores. But don't worry, I ended up getting it off eBay for $47.50 a few days later, so my story has a happy ending.

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    Isn’t amazon always have this price and always in stock?


    it's been like this for a while, they never have stock in so I went to JB HiFi and they price matched when I asked if they did. Also costco has it for 64.

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    and how is this a deal ?

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    Can get it for $58 from jb hifi
    Buy 2 of dragon ball z from target and trade in,
    And one free steel book case with game.


    Think getting this on Amazon AU is better unless you want the game right away

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      Getting it from anywhere is better than supporting that prick Harvey.

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        ^ THIS!

        GST Harvey won't get a cent from me.

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          The same. I don't normally take stands like this, but after his role in the online GST change I vowed never to buy from HN again. If they ever have a good price I just use it to price-match elsewhere.