Is Everyone Free to Post a Valid Religious Deal or Some People Only and Only for Specific Religion?

Can the moderators please clarify if everyone is free to post a valid deal with a religious bent or only some people, and if there is a restriction on some religion?

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    Some context of OP's question -

    This deal is not published.
    [eBook] an Introduction to The Way of The Buddha: Buddhism for Beginners FREE (Was $1.33) @ Amazon (Joke post / Trolling)
    This forum topic is not published.
    [VIC] $2999 Price on The Tempur Crown Princess Flagship (Bed Base Only, As-is, Floor Stock) (Merged with Existing Thread)
    This deal is not published.
    Islam and The Bible Course $13.99 (Was $29.99) @ Udemy (Joke post / Trolling)

    Why not just Talk To a Moderator?


      Islam is not a joke


        Still can't post Islam as a deal -

        Incomparable services


        i think their book is Quran instead of Bible


        Yeah but it is a garbage religion, well…. All religions are garbage.

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          Freedom of speech does not include dishing out religious insults

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            @alz: It's not an insult, its the truth.

            There are thousands of Muslims outside my house right now protesting the Malaysian government wanting to ratify the United Nations convention against racial discrimination.

            Apparently it will erode their rights to discriminate, and they're not happy about it.

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            @alz: It does. Exemptions are not made just because of feelings.


            @alz: Your point does hold some weight alz' after all it is a FACT that 'insulting' 'some' religions could very well have you dead or on some such list forever more.

            And actually I think anyone should be able and allowed to insult any religion they want… perhaps you would disagree? We tend to think this way in the more 'free' societies of the world.

            Do you think we should alter this ethos…? I for one wold love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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      I think the difference is the intention behind an OP's post… similar to the bloke who kept putting up random firearm deals to make a point.

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    I did. A particular moderator took the position that it was a joke or trolling post. When I clarified that's it's not, that particular moderator went silent when I sought clarification. So now I'm stuck between posting or not posting deals that are religious in nature.

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      Dont be shy, who is this moderator that you speak of? Transparency is key to solving problems :).

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      There where a couple of Christian "deals" last week.
      So I thought I would post A Free Course in Dianetics (scientology) to allow for some balance. I got a level one trolling warning and post taken down as a "joke". Not that I'm religious, more of a spiritual swinger, a dharma bum but I was shocked at the lack of tolerance. I have been enquiring into Scientology as my partner has some friends who practice this belief. And I was interested about their particular interests before I invited them round for dinner, si i did not say something offensive or served them the incorrect food.

      Anyway I understand the mod thought my post was a joke;

      I would prefer the judeo/christian religious deals are labelled so I can block them, alternatively mods should allow all religious deals and let the community decide.

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        It's not a valid deal if doesn't include a free e-meter. :)

        But yeah, not sure why you would get modded 'unless' it was obviously trolling. Try posting a few days after any contentious offering and see if it get's through. Sometimes subtle is better than obvious.

        "[VIC] $2999 Price on The Tempur Crown Princess Flagship (Bed Base Only, As-is, Floor Stock) (Merged with Existing Thread) "

        So where's the religious content in that deal?


          not removed, but combined


            @follow: They often combine multiple threads with existing ones. What's the issue?

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        • So I thought I would post A Free Course in Dianetics (scientology) to allow for some balance
        • Not that I'm religious

        I'd say you were trolling.
        balance, what balance? This isn't Palestine where an explosion/killing somewhere is 'balanced' with return fire

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    The question is what were the descriptions on the posts. That's what would signify a joke post

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    The main religion here is OzBargain, so mods might have taken offence

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      this is the only true religion

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    You mean like 2 for 1 circumcisions?

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    Once again, atheists get nothing.

    If the religious get a tax break, so should we.
    If they can discriminate against gays, we should be able to as well. Or not if you prefer.
    If they get holidays, so should we.

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      atheists gets more free time
      no obligations to headbutt the floor five times a day


    Can't we just nuke this debate by banning all religious/spiritual/skygod deals?