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Incipio Feather Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 $2 (was $69.95) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


The Incipio Feather Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 is lightweight and tough, giving your compatible device the protection it needs to conquer the rigours of day-to-day use.

Key Features
Featuring a lightweight design and a Plextonium polycarbonate hard shell exterior, the Incipio Feather Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 reinforces your compatible device with low-profile protection against casual bumps and scratches.
For an easier grip, this Microsoft Surface Pro Feather Case showcases a premium soft-touch finish.
The Incipio Feather Case can also be used with the Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard.

C & C while storks last or spend $25 shipped via shipster.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Don't think shipster will work - pick up only

  • Is this compatible? Don't understand the clumsy naming like Apple products…


    • Model naming: The model this cover fits is effectively the Surface Pro 5 called the 2017 (with slight improvements over the Pro 4), superseded by the Pro 6 this year.

      Compatible with the one from JB without model listed? (Probably not listed because it is the "2017" which gives it away as older model.)
      Should fit that model. The latest model does not come in that slower Core m3 processor, according to reviews.

      So that's an older model entry level tablet (slower & less RAM) being cleared out with added keyboard as a bundle. (I happily use a Pro 4 with Core m3 & same RAM. Not used for intensive processor tasks.) Check it comes with pen as it's an expensive addition to that model.

  • Thanks! My surface pro's case broke the other day so this is a perfect deal.

    Not sure if it fits the Surface Pro 4 but at $2 it's worth as punt.

    • I have the Surface Pro 4, which has about the same dimensions, but reviews state changes to stand & more rounded corners. Will pop in later with the Pro 4 to see if fits. The price is right😉

  • Thanks for posting. Just ordered one for pickup. Hopefully fits the sp4. This Amazon listing suggests that it should. https://www.amazon.com.au/Incipio-Feather-Microsoft-Surface-...

    • fits Both Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) and Surface Pro 4 $129!! Compatibility
      Thanks for that - will now get for Pro 4. Dimensions are almost the same with minor changes in 2017 model. Plenty of stock in stores near me.

  • Thanks OP

  • Does anyone know if this will fit the Surface Pro 6? Tia

  • Cheers, will see if I can cut part of the side off to fit the 2017 pen.

    • HN photos show with 2017 pen on side of this cover.

      • Isn't that the old pen with the metal clip at the top?

        • Strangely, Incipio states… Pen holder not compatible with Surface Pen 2017

          Pen holder only for pens with clip (eg Surface Pro 4)!

          I wouldn't have believed that until you suggested a major redesign!
          Cut away! Maybe add a clip or velcro.

          Must find my Surface Pro 4 pen - with clip😞

          I Lost My $100 Surface Pen!
          I had purchased this product assuming that it was designed for the new Surface Pro. Well…it wasn’t. It’s the same one for the previous generation.
          The telltale sign is that it has a pen clip receptacle. The new Surface Pro’s pen does not have the clip—it attaches on the Surface with magnets. The thickness of the case reduces the effective force of the attachment.
          How did I know? I had lost my $100 pen when it got dislodged.
          I recommend that Incipio add a pen receptacle to side in a more robust securement

          Horrible, Poor Design.
          Horrible! I really wanted to love this case as it is minimalistic and sleek but it is very bad quality.This case does not work!! When you tilt the hinge back, the case begins to slide off and separate from the top edge of the surface pro. This creates a gap between the case and the device and you cannot push the lock or volume buttons due to this gap. You cannot push the case back snugly until the hinge is closed. Unacceptable! Will be returning.

          But great value @$2. Buying for the Pro 4 - that it's designed for.

  • Silly idea but would this work with a Galaxy Tab S4? I know this case is bigger by two inches in height and depth specs but possibly could work?

  • These are being snapped up. Surprisingly nearing 1000 clicks.

    Available stock near me has disappeared in last hour at several stores. Likely there was little stock any way.
    Decided to c&c rather than chance no stock left when stores open in less than an hour in Qld.

    Just went out of stock at my local store.

  • Looks like there's no more stock in metro Melb area :(

  • Yeah none in Melbourne :(

  • No stock around Parramatta NSW

  • Stock levels were inaccurate. I am not surprised😠
    My c&c order missed out😞

    Arrived at store opening ready to be persuasive. 13 orders were placed online before went out of stock at my local - for only 8 actually available😱

    Got staff to track down stock at next store, they rang & was told 1 was waiting for me.

    But didn't ask which staff member had put it aside… No one had received call at next store… And that store had sold more than the 4 on their system & had more c&c orders…
    Finally they found the 1 set aside by the mystery person😀

    🎉So finally have 1🎉
    But was it worth it??

    Commiseration to the many who will miss out😢

  • It's a fairly flimsy piece of plastic trim (described as "hard shell"!) designed to clip on a Surface Pro 4, but apparently fits later models. Protects metal back from scratches. Won't protect much against bumps or drops despite claiming "defends against accidental drops".

    Price reduced from $68 last night. Looks only worth $2 & hard to track down stock.

  • Just wondering if the other store can price match this?

  • Picked up in Gepps Cross, hopefully it fits lol

  • Neatly clips onto the Surface Pro 4.
    Looks great. Although with a black Type Cover keyboard & black back cover, it now looks like a nondescript black tablet or thin laptop.

  • Got a Surface 6 and fits perfectly. Nice $2 purchase.

  • Stock in Joondalup, WA

  • Does the "premium soft-touch finish" on this case actually make the Surface any more grippy?

  • still in stock in Thomastown VIC today

  • Ridiculous after almost 3 three of waiting for C&C Harvey Norman decided to cancel by order and refund. Guess never should have had any expectation for this despicable company from the beginning.