expired Kogan 34" Ultrawide Curved Monitor 3440x1440 $599 Delivered ($549 with Discounted Gift Cards) @ Kogan


Hey Everybody,

Kogan has a 34 inch 3440 x 1440 monitor right now for $549 including shipping.
To unlock this deal, purchase (max) five Kogan giftcards at 10% on ebay. Link is found here

Then, use POSTMAN on checkout for free delivery in Australia.

You can use this trick for any monitor or product on Kogan.

This monitor in particular uses a Samsung VA display. Similar Samsung monitors cost a $300 premium. Will give my personal review of the monitor after I receive the item. Monitor comes with freesync and has a 100 hz refresh rate!

Hope this helps!

Original POSTMAN deal

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  • +4 votes


    Why must your torture me with these deals I can't afford?

  • +2 votes

    16ms (8ms with OD) is very high, especially at 100hz. Even though these thing's aren't reported by manufacturers properly you'd want about 5ms (Half the frametime of 100hz) to avoid any blurriness.

    People who bought it and monitors that use the same panel seem to be pretty pleased though. Looks like a good price.

  • +6 votes

    I believe that this is probably (no guarantee) that this monitor from Linus is the same one as the Kogan. The housing and stand look identical and it has identical specs. The general consensus: It's a very cheap way to get a 34" 1440p 100Hz monitor. It's not particularly amazing at anything, but if you want a good resolution at a good price and good size, it's not too bad. Here's the video:


  • +1 vote

    lol im sure this a another quality kogan product!