expired [Steam] [PC] Grand Theft Auto V: AU $23.97 @ Steam Store


Historical low for GTA V for Steam. Otherwise comparable alternatives using Rockstar's own launcher. Great game with a historically high price.

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    Why include USD price? It's dead Jim


      Yeah, about to comment the same thing.

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      To remind us how much we're getting ripped off now that the Steam store charges in AUD?

      $14.99 USD = $20.78 AUD

      Australia tax in this case is $3.19 AUD or 15.35%

      $20.79 AUD at Humble Store if you don't want to pay the jacked up price on Steam. (Rockstar key. Does NOT activate on Steam)

      $18.71 if you're a Humble Monthly Subscriber (10% off)


        For Steam US, depending on your location, it will add a Tax before you complete the purchase, most states do not add a digital sales tax. The Australian price already includes Tax, so the price difference between US and Australia is not as large as you think.


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          That article is incorrect. Probably because it was written before any changes took place and was purely speculation.

          Valve ended up taking the hit on the taxes out of their 30% cut from sales.

          Go check any of your purchase confirmation emails after July 2017 and you'll see a GST breakdown (without you having to pay for it)

          They did this all around the world. It's only after the AUD currency was introduced that we saw prices jacked up.

          It's not Valve that's responsible for it either. It's the publishers, although not all of them did it. Ubisoft for example I believe now offers a lower price in Australia, while most others have jacked up their prices anywhere from 15-30%


      Wasn't too sure if there is a workaround considering, as mentioned, USD$15 is less than $23.97.

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        Michael is well written yeah, I just got bored of his marital and family issues. Trevor was great in the beginning because he was just batshit crazy but I also grew tired of that, not that I didn't think he remained funny, it just lacked depth.

        Franklin had a decent start but it felt like he became a background character probably half way through the game (to me), they had potential with him but not sure what went wrong.


    Akin to paying full price for Skyrim again. Both are great games and worth it if it's your cup of tea.

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    Why do people post deals without checking the default website for PC game prices.


    $20 on humble bundle


    G2a has steam keys for about 10 bucks… I've bought plenty from there, never had an issue. Global version, if that makes a difference.


      I sometimes forget about Grey market resellers. They usually have good pricing on the base game from A list publishers, but are weak on DLC discounts.


        Yeah, everytime I see a game I like, I'll check g2a and kinguin. If you buy from the major sellers with hundreds of thousands of customers, your pretty safe. Sometimes massive savings, sometimes not. Humble bu dles are generally the cheapest way to get games though.

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