expired [SA] OTR App - 12 Days of Christmas (e.g Free Remedy Kombucha 330ml, Free Red Bull Organics 250ml, Free Barista Bros Milk 500ml)


Saw OTR posted 12 days of Christmas deals on Facebook. Some are pretty good deals.
Just Download OTR app and register to OTR to access following deals:

13/12/18- Any FUIC 600ml for $2
14/12/18- FREE Remedy Kombucha 330ml
15/12/18- 5Kg Ice bag $2
16/12/18- Connoisseur Ice Cream 1L $5.99
17/12/18- Coke Cola 375ml $1
18/12/18- Free Barista Bros milk 500ml
19/12/18- No deals
20/12/18- 2x Fleurieu Milk 500ml $3
21/12/18- FREE Red Bull Organics Cola or Ginger Soda 250mL
22/12/18- Aspera Smartphone $49
23/12/18- 10 pack Pepsi 375ml can $8
24/12/18- Party Mix 1.5Kg $7.99

PLUS you get FREE regular coffee at C Coffee when you sign up.

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    shahins doing something nice? there must be a catch.


      LOL, I know it seems very out of character for Shahins…


      There is, you're downloading the app and are providing a data point.


      Knowing their business practices they would be hammering their suppliers to share or even take the brunt of the cost.


        Absolutely, they wouldn't be paying a cent for this stock (and probably keep left over units). Given they're the one of the first to raise and last to drop fuel, reality is they can afford to… But hey, better to build a racetrack than give to the community.


          racetrack IS giving to community (for a price)…..


          "Given they're the one of the first to raise and last to drop fuel," you can blame the customers for that i have seen it so many times when they are 30cpl dearer than everyone else and still have more customers at the pump then all of the others combined


    I live in SA and feel as if OTR is the poor man's 7/11.


    Grabbed my free drink this morning cheers OP

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    Convinced my whole family to download the app and go on a 9:20PM OnTheRun mission for 7 free Remedy Kombuchas. Thank you.

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