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Free - Six Month Digital Subscription to New York Times (Was US $90) @ Google One


Six month access to "fake news" if you have Google One. I signed up recently for the Google play credit and then cancelled the subscription and was still able to grab this deal.

What’s Included
Unlimited articles
Enjoy unlimited article access anytime, anywhere on NYTimes.com, in the NYTimes app and across Google.

Countless topics
Find something for everyone — from coverage of critical issues to sports to opinions.

Subscriber exclusives
Access exclusive features and newsletters, along with early access to new media releases.

Get 6 months of unlimited article access on NYTimes.com and on the NYTimes app (a $90 value), compliments of Google One.

After your trial, it’s only $7.49 a month for 12 months, then $14.99 a month after that. Offer is only open to first-time subscribers of The New York Times. You can cancel anytime.*

Cancel and manage your subscription.

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  • -1 vote

    NYT digital version kind of defeats the purpose ie. can't use it for lining animal enclosures.


      Or for playing paper toss. I would be getting good at it by the end of the 6 months!

      I had this last time and didn't really use it.
      It's not exactly "fake news" it's just more disproportionately blown up problems.

    • +6 votes
      • +1 vote

        Oh, don't let facts get in the way of the Trumpista fake news nonsense! One of the most respected newspapers in the world (and yes, acknowledging that it's also a "business"), this is a great deal for the discerning two-eyed consumer. Thanks, OP!

        • -6 votes

          This is a great deal for the gullible low info people.

  • -2 votes

    Not enough for lies yet?

    • +2 votes
      • -3 votes

        Oh please… main stream media creates its own awards and gives it to themselves. Its a circle jerk of epic proportions.

  • +2 votes

    Cheers OP!

  • +8 votes

    I will never sub to them again after how much of a pain in the ass it was to get myself unsubbed.

    • +3 votes

      To clarify this point:

      Yep, cancelling used to be a sh#t show. I ended up signing up twice with two emails and there was no way of cancelling though the press of a button. You had to contact, and they pushed you to call them instead of emailing.

      I emailed and had no issues, possibly because I was already paying on another account. However I don't know if it would have been harder in different circumstances.


      This shouldn't happen anynore. I believe legislation passed earlier this year in the US making it mandatory for a simple click unsubscribe to be made available to all news subscription services. If you sign up now, you should have no problems ending a subscription if you choose.

      As an aside:

      As a paying customer who values good news, this is very good value. NYT covers US and international news to a standard that always impresses me. It's the site I go to first for US news and major international stories because I have huge faith in their editorial board and the journalists they employ. It's crucial, especially at this point in time for the future of balanced journalism, to support it.

      I also pay for Washington Post for much the same reason. In the age of social media clickbait and lazy journalism, I can't put a price on a reliable news service.

      • +1 vote

        "In the age of social media clickbait and lazy journalism, I can't put a price on a reliable news service." Spot on! Not sure why your post was negged.

  • +7 votes

    So if I cancel now does it stay active for the 6 months?

    Edit: just did this and it said it will stay active til jul 2019. Great!


      interesting, mine's only June 2019… but hey, free is free!


    They see their ads on Facebook every time I open my Facebook app, and the subscription fee is $1 / week. Now it’s free for 6 months, will be free for life soon.


    Awesome, thanks OP. Worked for me with a Google Play subscription, despite getting an error message.

  • +1 vote

    Their website is free but doesn’t have a heap of content.

    • +2 votes

      I suspect you've not spent long on the page if you think there isn't much content.


        I read it every day.

  • -2 votes

    Excuse me, but not for free I subscribe to that newspaper.

  • +2 votes

    That newspaper is worse than the smh

  • +2 votes

    Thanks OP! Worked fine for me with using my google account and PayPal connected. Immediately cancelled after subscribing. Sub valid for next 6 months still. Would be interested to know where all the haters are getting their supposed quality news from.


    Thanks OP. Nice one.


    Beware. It's only open to new subscribers. I had a lapsed sub and it charged me a month's sub:(


    Outline.com gives you 365 days free


      More info?

      • +5 votes
        1. Right-click and copy the link of the article you want to read behind the paywall.
        2. Paste it in your browser URL input line but don't press enter (i.e., don't jump to that page yet)
        3. In front of the entire link, type outline.com/
        4. Now press enter/return to jump to the link.
        5. Voila, view the article behind the paywall. Works for a lot of paywalled websites, not just NYT.
        6. You're welcome. But consider paying for the subscription anyway. Journalists need jobs.

          Works for a lot of paywalled websites, not just NYT.

          Even better. Thanks!


    you dont need google one. I joined for free with just my normal google account.

    I do have an active YouTube Red account though

  • +3 votes

    While it can be agreed upon that people have their leanings towards specific news outlets.
    Australian libraries provide access to many national and international newspapers for free (although in this case the New York Times, isn't one of them) via the online sites:

    Best to access these sites on a Tablet or Desktop/Laptop computer and not on phone

    1) http://library.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/viewer.aspx
    2) To login make sure you enter an 8 digit number, but it must start with a four (eg. 44771122)
    3) Select the country on the right side of the screen to access various Newspapers & Magazines

    For those who want a more 'personal login' you can apply for a library card from the National Library of Australia
    1) https://www.nla.gov.au/getalibrarycard/
    2) After you fill in your personal details, you will get your card in the mail and can then access PressReader from the nla.gov.au site
    3) https://www.nla.gov.au/app/eresources/item/4307

    Your local library might be able to give you access to their PressReader login (if using the mobile app) however you will need to find out.


    Make sure you also subscribe to Mike King's "Anti-New York Times" .