expired Sonos One Smart Speaker $225 @ Harvey Norman


What is there to say, those who have Sonos know the deal that this is, those that don't read on…

Boasting the same, brilliant, room-filling sound quality as the other Sonos speakers you know and love, the Sono One steps things up a notch with future-ready voice control built in. So you can enjoy suprisingly rich music and audio now and eventually, control your wireless multi-room Sonos system with simple, intuitive voice controls

Proven Design
The Sonos One has been built using the same blueprints of the Sonos PLAY:1. Featuring Class-D amps and custom drivers built specifically for the speakers unique acoustic design, resulting in rich, room-filling and balanced sound.

42 Streaming Services
Sonos now features up to 42 music and streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Audiobooks.com, Deezer and more. Sonos also provide software updates over time when new services are added to ensure existing speakers are able to access all of the latest services.

Multi-Room Listening
Like its predecessors, the Sonos One can connect via your Wi-Fi network to other Sonos speakers and products throghout your home. Allowing you to expand and modify your home audio system as you see fit. With the Sonos Playbar^, you can even set up a wireless home theatre system.

Customise Your Audio Setup
Create a wide spread stereo image with two Sonos Ones as a stereo pair, add rich, deep bass with the Sonos SUB^, pair with your PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE^ for an epic home theatre surround sound experience without the hassle of speaker cables running everywhere.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Amazon have price matched these and still have buy 2 get an extra $10 off.

  • +2 votes

    Go to JB and get them to match dirty old Gerry

  • +5 votes

    That’s a cracking price. Especially when used with your $50 off Harvey Norman AMEX offer when you buy two.

    • +3 votes

      Didn't manage to get the AMEX offer but I went into my local JB Hifi and managed to get them to price matched Harvey Norman's price + the AMEX deal. Scored 1 for $200!


    I like my sonos speakers but now I have echo dots and Google home minis in pretty much everywhere its hard to justify this cost. The speakers on the mini are good enough for most rooms


      How would you rate the quality on the Sonos Speaker?


        I really like Sonos One. The sound quality is amazing. I have on in my room. Great bass with Clear crisp sound. I just bought one more to make into stereo pair lol. Hopefully that sounds even better.

        I also got echo dot 3rd gen. They are ok. Can’t expect much in a large room.


        Great, I have 2 Play:1s and 1 Play:3
        Was originally going to put a Play:1 in every room, but have since changed my mind, with the price point of the minis

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      You can't really compare the sound quality of the Google Home Mini with the Sonos One.

      The Minis are OK for their size, but the sound is 'tinny'.

      The Sonos One compares more to the Apple Homepod, or maybe the Google Max (though less powerful than the Max).
      I'm sure the Sonos one also sounds better than the Google Home, which has reasonable sound.

      • -1 vote

        I dont hear tinny with them, especially in kids bedrooms they work great for what the kids listen to. It would be great if Sonos brought out a little version to compete with the mini


    Can I use and control a non-voice control sonos speaker with amazon dot (v2) ?

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    Google assistant for Sonos One is in beta testing now.


    I have setup and played with some sonos 1 and 3, personally I think it sound pretty bad for its price tag, even a cheaper Yamaha speaker is way better than it.


    Really enjoy the quality of the Sonos 1….generally (like most things) you pay for what you get,and I'm sure they were cheaper than this previously on OzBargain?


    The beam is also 15% off at $505.

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