[QLD] Free Bus Rides / Transport from 15 December 2018 to 28 January 2019 @ Noosa


This has been happening for a few years now ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227145 ) But it has been extended this year to a 6 week period. For all the Qld school holidays & Australia day long weekend as well. The ongoing parking issues on Hasting street are highlighted over these peak times & this may help any ozbargain'ers visiting during these dates.

During the Queensland State School holidays from 15 December 2018 to 28 January 2019, Council in partnership with Sunbus and TransLink are providing free public transport for everyone in Noosa.

The free services include:

Route 626 Tewantin to Sunrise Beach via Noosa Heads
Route 627 Tewantin to Sunshine Beach via Noosa Heads
Route 628 Noosa Parklands to Noosa Junction via Noosa Civic
Route 629 Tewantin to Noosa Junction via Noosa Civic
Route 632 Noosa to Cooran via Cooroy and Pomona

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  • -1 vote

    Noosa (Qld) Free Busses


    Unless you're from Noossa…

  • +1 vote

    Just take one bus at a time ,
    and it should be fine.

    If you're driving Beware the pedestrian's who walk on the road (goatrack) along the point even though there is a wooden path.
    Apparently they own the place but can't remember where they parked their Porsche.

  • +1 vote

    Every year they do this and it costs the council a fortune, and every year it makes ZERO difference to the congestion in Hastings St.

    So what is typical Noosa Council logic? Let's spend a shitload more money we don't have and do it for longer, that will surely work!


      Was in Hastings St at 10:30am in September on a Tuesday (Holiday from VIC) and it was bedlam on and around Hastings St. Never again.
      Couldn't even begin to imagine how congested this spot gets over the Holiday period!

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        It’s going to be even worse now because the council, in their infinite wisdom, has removed a whole heap of car parking on Hastings Street and made it bicycle and scooter parking. Now even less parking for cars but probably even more of them.