expired [PC] Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition $20.38 (76% off); Elite Dangerous Base Game $10.30 @ Steam


The deluxe edition includes the base game, the Season pass, and a Cosmetic recoloured skin DLC.

The Season pass alone is $10.30 (a historical low) and the base game is the same price (it has been lower once before).

Just note, the game has no offline only single player mode the way the old Elite titles did, and thus cannot be pirated. It you are interested in this sort of game, cough up the money now while the game and it's season pass are heavily discounted.

Fool that I am, I paid about $13.50 US for the game on sale last year and $11 US for the dscounted Season pass last month (about $34 AUD in total). The Deluxe ed is really good value.

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    Elite Dangerous just got a large content update yesterday which did get some people back into it just like myself. The game is sort of like Euro Truck Simulator but in space and also has a steep learning curve. However, the game turns into a grind-fest early on which may discourage new players. Overall, I've gotten my money's worth out of the game (around US$30) with over 500 hours in it.

    If you don't like it or can't figure out how to set the game up, you can always request a refund from Steam if you have less than 2 hours played.

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      I think its best to think of it as a space simulator like you mentioned, not an MMO or anything like that.

      Peer to peer networking, barely anyone plays it so the world is dead outside AI, you just grind and grind for better ships for no real reason.

      The only redeeming part of the game is the music, atmosphere and combat.

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    If you have a VR rig and can tolerate games requiring more learning effort than an average BArts degree, you must see this review.


    Hell, everyone must see this review anyway. Language warning though.


      Not sure if they have updated the VR experiences with ED, but when I used it with my Oculus, it was terrible would not recommend. Otherwise, I enjoyed the game, yes it is a grind but if you like to explore and space sims you will like it.


        Its been many years since they fixed VR support.

        The main issue is the many small panels and text.

        Vive Pro and the upcoming Pimax 5k/8k are perfect for Elite Dangerous.


    Can someone explain what a season pass is? I know they're popular with console games and I've never figured it out =/ sounds like a subscription to me! Do you need one to play?


      You don't need one to play, and in my opinion season passes are not worth it in any game.


      Just click through and read the description of the Season Pass:

      Change the galaxy with the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass. Explore the surfaces of countless worlds today, and unlock new ways to play in five themed expansions.

      2.0 – Planetary Landings
      Available Now
      A whole new angle on the galaxy. Journey from the stars to the surfaces of strange worlds, and hit the ground running in the new Scarab Surface Recon Vehicle.

      2.1 – The Engineers
      Available Now
      Introducing an all-new mission system and game-changing loot. Craft exotic weapons and modules for your spacecraft and build a ship unlike any other.

      2.2 – The Guardians
      Available Now
      Take what comes and strike back with double. Bring a second ship to every combat encounter with Ship-Launched Fighters.

      2.3 – The Commanders
      Available Now
      Team up and take on the galaxy. Forge your own identity with the new Commander Creator, then share your bridge with Multi-Crew and fly with friends.

      2.4 – The Return
      Available Now
      Continuing and concluding the Horizons season with ongoing story events that will see commanders engage in combat with Thargoid ships for the first time in decades. The Elite Dangerous galaxy will never be the same again.


      Season Pass means you get all the DLC rather than buy them individually.

      In this case all the Horizons expansion DLC which is all already out and is only really sold as "season pass", not future expansions.

      Horizons is more like V2 of the game, it's fairly significant and would be stupid not to buy it at just $10 more.
      Without it you can basically forget PvP and are significantly worse performing in all aspects.


    Have they got a proper auto-docking/landing computer now in the game? Honestly put me off landing the ship manually.


      This was in the game near the start?

      I always land manually, much faster and more enjoyable.


        Not when the Station is spinning constantly and you have to constantly adjust it to match the hole and fly in. I bought it ages ago but haven't touched it since. Docking/Landing becomes a chore when you end up "farming" for credits on good routes between systems.


          I think its pretty fun, adds a lot of challenge if you are transporting stolen/illegal goods.

          There are plenty of clues on how to find the entrance if you get close but lose track of it.


      Yeah there's a docking computer module that you can add to ships which will dock for you.


      There was always a docking module, even in the prehistoric DOS versions.

      Plus it is more reliable now, has at times needed supervision incase it started ramming a wall.

      However if you find docking hard then I wouldn't bother with the game, it's never going to be your style.

      Not sure what was hard about it? Even the station rotation is automatically autopilot assisted to cancel it out, unless you turn the assists off (which is hardcore).

      You do need a good multi axis control setup though. Basically 6 analogue axis, which is dual twist sticks or HOTAS throttle with mini joystick.

      If you were subjected to keyboard and mouse on your first flights then yeah that's just not enjoyable.


    Sounds like a pay to play snoozefest …

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    I've personally put a few hundred hours into this game and I can't speak highly enough of it, but I'd only recommend it IF you're the kind of person that would enjoy a game like this (It's a slow burn, not a quick dopamine hit). It is possibly one of the best games I've ever played in VR (and is very well suited to that medium) but I do admit that it has a steep learning curve and is much better enjoyed with friends (especially if they can help you out getting started).


    If you hate a flight simulator then it's probably not going to be your cup of tea.

    If you can enjoy flight sim style complications and enjoy space fantasy and can fill in your own storyline (it gives none, just randomised missions with a meaningless mugshot) then it can be good fun.

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    On their direct site too, it gives a steam key plus you keep the option to not use Steam.

    The exchange rate for Rubles is usually off and can get extra percent discount. It actually converts back to GBP at payment step.



      Thanks for this - after conversion from RUB to GBP to AUD, I was only $7.87 out of pocket for the base game.

      I got lost trying to find the Steam keys… turns out you generate them under the 'Partner Keys' tab, and NOT the 'Key Purchases' or the 'Product Access Keys' tabs in my Frontier account.