expired Sydney to Osaka, Japan from $491 Return on Air Asia X (June 2019)


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Air Asia X to Osaka in June 2019
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10 nights from $491 Return

Note it's a low cost carrier, but it's a great one, delicious food.

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    Note it's a low cost carrier, but it's a great one



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      Can vouch, after flying with Air Asia - I would never fly with them again.
      Their customer service on and off the flight was atrocious.

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        That's called authentic experience

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        Agreed, after flying with them to Cambodia, never again. Seats were terribly uncomfortable, service was abysmal.

        We were freezing cold from the cabin temp being too low and when we asked for a blanket they said we could "hire one" for like $10 also try asking for some free water to hydrate yourself, they sooner send you to the bathroom to drink out of the tap before they go to the hassle of bringing you a tiny paper cup equal to a shot glass of water.

        Pay the extra and go Qantas.


      lol wow. I flew with them a few years back and it wasn't too bad. I extended my stop overs to explore Singapore and Malaysia. It was a great holiday.


    I don't think this link offers any for $491. It says last updated price 20 hours ago.


      Flightscout polls sites every so often, but if you click through those ones it takes you to skyscanner, and it certainly still shows for me

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    Mmm the qantas deal for 625 out of sydney to tokyo might be better. full service.


    Wife said this is a bad time, hot and rainy in Japan. True?

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    Incredibly cheap but dang, one of the worst aircraft carriers I've dealt with. Bring a THICK jacket to take onboard to cover yourself otherwise they will charge you $20 for a tiny, thin piece of crap that will keep a hand warm. Oh, food options are limited and awful so sneak food & water onboard. Don't eat in front of them though.

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    I fly to Malaysia and back every year for around $500 ish return with air Asia X. never had a issue. if you want to spend $1100 for an extra inch of leg room go ahead. a plane is a transport vehicle to get you to your location and that's it. some people expect a cultural experience or something while flying

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