UGG Australia ~20 to 30% off (Eg. Mens UGG Boots $100.10) + Spend $200 Get Free $70 Slippers. Free Shipping 100% AU Made


Just in time for summer! 20-30% off great quality Australian made UGG boots and other stuff.

My Mrs hinted she'd like new UGG boots so I checked out my go-to UGG boot store and found they have a Christmas sale.

Buy 1 item get 10% off*
Buy 2 items get 20% off
Buy 3+ items get 30% off
*You can pad out your order with cheap items so the minimum discount is effectively 20%.

Plus if you spend $200+ you get a free pair off $70 UGG scuffs(slippers).

Discount applies to sale items so you could get up 78% off. Good luck finding a style and size you want though.

Giftcards excluded
Free shipping
Not sure when sale ends.

$100 example from the post title is $129 Mens Eildon boots + 2x$7 crutch handgrips, which works out to ~22% off the uggs if you ignore the crutch grip value.

I'm sure my mrs would love some crutch handgrips but I went for Protector Spray ($20) and Leather Purse ($30), which are about the next cheapest items and actually useful.

My total was >$200 before discount but <$200 after so I may or may not get the free slippers. A diaglogue box for the freebee appears only when your order total is over $200, pre-discount, and it automatically applies the discount codes to I assume I'll get them.

These are great UGG boots, made locally using local materials. I've had my 'Orignal 3/4' for 10 yrs ago and will get another 10yrs out of them. My mrs got hers at the same time, and they've only worn out because she's home much more than I am.

If this discount doesn't float your boat then I recommend heading to their shop in Brunswick when they have a car park sale. Selection is a bit limited but discounts are huge.

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    Some advice would be to consider their boots or slippers which have replaceable inner soles for when the wool becomes worn and flat. You'll get more mileage out of them. I've got a pair of the Ross slippers.


    I like that they're one of the few Aussie manufacturers left, but am a bit nervous mail ordering without being able to try a boot on for size. Does anyone know if they have Sydney resellers?
    Alternatively, are there any Sydney based manufacturers? There seems to be lots of Sydney stores selling boots assembled in China from Aussie sheepskins, but I'd like to support a local manufacturer.

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      There’s a guide on the website and IIRC they run pretty true to size. At least I hope they do.

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      Westfield Sydney
      Level 5, Shop 5006C
      188 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

      Phone: (612) 0421 336 056

      They should have more resellers if you contact them.

      The tag on all their products recommend you get 1 size down so that it stretches to a snug fit.

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