[XB1] The Evil within $9, [PS4] Uncharted 4, The Last of Us $17 & More + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Few good prices on these games. Seems like Amazon matched Big W prices on most of games.

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    Hmmmm…I could swear I saw The Evil Within and Mirrors Edge Catalyst last week for under $10. No, I don't have a time machine before anybody's asks!

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      Not sure why you're being downvoted as they just bumped the price today. The Evil Within was $9 a few hours ago and is still at that price for Xbox One.

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      Mirrors Edge was def under $10 a few days ago. Didn’t post because I don’t consider it a deal at any price point as it’s about as enjoyable as taking a whipper snipper up the anus

      Edit. Still $9.79 for XB1 if your into that kind of thing

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        I disagree. Mirror's Edge Catalyst is one of the best games I have played. And it is worth at least 20 bucks.

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      GT Sport was $9.95 a week ago or so as well.

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      For clarification, I wasn't trying to degrade the deal in any way and merely expressing my disappointment at the price rise from Amazon. Particularly when that seemed to be their standard price for those games.

      I check this site enough to know that Being Askhole regularly posts gaming deals. Sometimes even twice a day. I appreciate his efforts…alongside all the other gaming deal regulars like Chibot, SSS333, Lysander etc. They keep my hobby affordable and I'm certainly grateful that they continue to post here.

      I also upvoted the deal before I left my previous comment incase anybody thinks otherwise and that I'm back peddling.


    Is the Evil Within 1 better on PS4 PRO or XBOX One X?

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    Also found Project Cars 2 Xbox One $15.00 + $6.75 Delivery
    Solid reviews.


      Nice find, reviews look solid but so did the reviews in the 1st project cars and I played it for 5mins and it's been collecting dust ever since. It's one of the worst racing games Ive ever played. Thinking wether or not to pull the trigger but don't want the same mistake happening again

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    The Evil Within is $8.95 on the PSN store.

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