Xbox One Vs. PS4 - Thoughts/Opinions?

Just thought it'd be an interesting discussion to see what everyone's thoughts are on the two consoles as we start moving to the next generation. I spent too much money on these consoles :(

I own both, as well as a Switch and PC, and I'm genuinely disappointed with my Xbox One S. What makes it harder for me is that the Xbox One's platform is the best. The OS is much nicer than the PS4's, it does more in terms of streaming and media, Xbox Live is still a better service and I think Xbox Game Pass is pretty good value. Not to mention the Xbox controller is amazing (I even use it for some PC gaming).

The games for the Xbox were a disappointment, though. I still can't really come up with any games which would actually make me go out and buy an Xbox. Halo 5 and Gears 4 are both alright, but not really amazing in my opinion. Most of the latest Xbox releases are disappointing, e.g. Sea of Thieves is such a let down after the massive hype. Funnily enough, the Forza series is probably the most compelling reason to buy an Xbox for me.

On the other hand, God of War, Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us (Remastered, but also the upcoming one) were all enough for me to buy the PS4. They are genuinely system sellers for me.

I bought the Xbox first but ended up regretting it. I have too many cross-platform games that would cost me too much to try and migrate over to PS4, but if I could do it all again, I'd just get a PS4 and those cross-platform titles on PS4 and Forza on my PC. The Xbox added nothing unique IMO.

Anyone have any thoughts? :)


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    My z series IBM is limited in games too, but you can compile some real classics.
    It is likely you should select the console that works best for the games you want to play.
    For some that is switch, for others it is Xbox or ps4.
    There is no point in asking opinions, it is like saying do you like channel 7 or 10 or 9 or Foxtel. They are different and suit different people.


      I think you are absolutely right - people should select the consoles which have the games they want to play, but which console is that? I think that's a question worth discussing. I don't think it's a surprise that when we look back at the old consoles, there were real winners and losers.


      No point of asking opinions in a forum?
      If it were an objective question that's when there would be no point. You could just Google the question.


        You're correct.
        But some things that look subjective on the surface may in fact be objective, at least to a degree.

        I think its mostly objectively true to say PS4 has better games, which means it is the better buy over the Xbox, which is possibly the better console.

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    I own them all as well, but this pretty much cements it for me:

    The games for the Xbox were a disappointment, though.

    Granted the backwards compatibility is cool, but I feel M$ forgot the most important thing about a games console the games. End of the day even my switch which is ludicrously overpriced, with games that are priced way beyond other consoles, and capabilities that the PSP 2000 had (connect to TV) it still sells out because Nintendo knows one thing, and thats how to make great games for their console and capatilise on nostalgia.

    I really wanted to like my xbox, I really did, because I'm not a massive fan of Sony and a lot of their business choices (and choices with the system). But end of the day the biggest difference for a lot of people is that the PS4 and Xbox both turn on, they both play first party games, they're both high quality but PS4 having more games (and better exclusives) means you might as well get the PS4 because all else is the same. Other then that it just becomes "whatever my mates are using".


      I share your sentiment completely. I've always been an Xbox guy - I owned the original Xbox and PS2 and the Xbox just had so much better graphics. I really think that the original Xbox really set the scene for the powerhouse graphical game consoles we see today.

      But as what you're saying, I think the PS4 has better exclusives this round. Even though there are heaps of Xbox franchises, I've just been disappointed with the releases as of late.


      I agree. I don't like Sony's business decisions either (no backwards compatibility, no cross-platform multiplayer etc). However the PS4 really does shine in its game quality and production values. Especially those darn exclusives.

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    6 of one, half a dozen of the other. I own both and I think they both have their pros and cons.

    I’m just posting for the inevitable shitstorm that will get posted here


    Ive had an xbox original and 2x360's. Only got a new gen console in black friday sales and was tossing up between ps4 and xbone. I opted for the ps4 pro with spiderman combo. I have only played spiderman so far and i thought it was awesome. Deffs do not regret my decision. However I have never really used the xbone more than a game of fifa at a mates place.

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    Xbox One X is a game changer

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      How so?

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        4K, graphics are miles ahead of any other console. Re ignited my love for xbox. Hadn't touched mine in ages, till I got an X.

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          Exactly the same situation as me. My 3 systems now all hold their own place:
          Switch for portability and exclusives
          PlayStation for the Sony Exclusives
          Xbox for backwards compatibility and the best place to play big third party games

          The X has changed my Xbox from being a Blu ray player into a system that now competes with the Switch for most time played now


    I bought the PS4, but I found the controller more comfortable on the XB. Many of the games available on the PS4 I wish were available on the XB, which is an ongoing frustration for me. I do tend to agree that the PS4 game library is better, but I'd imagine it would depend to a large extent on personal preference. Ultimately as much as I prefer many of the games on PS4 that I cannot access, I would find the ergonomics of the controller frustrating.

    The lessons that each manufacturer might learn from this generation is in some ways that they need to focus on on-going upgradeability, or a shorter generation/model lifecycle as consoles seem to age fairly quickly.

    My personal impression is that neither Sony or MS will focus on mobile development during the next generation, mainly as I don't think that they could achieve the graphics performance that they achieve on a mobile unit as the battery life would be fairly short, and the unit would need a fairly large battery. Personally, I'd love a mobile XB, but I just don't see it happening, particularly that the PS Vita didn't really, IMO, achieve universal commercial success and so a mobile XB is not going to be a sure thing by any stretch.

    AR, or VR is going to be somewhat of a wait and see space I think, as I similarly think that the performance needed to generate high quality gameplay visuals requires a fairly expensive hardware kit out, which I'm not sure if that would be a sure sell on a console platform, which typically are substantially cheaper than a cutting edge PC set up.

    Releasing Pro variants of earlier 'current' generation models may also put people off purchasing the newest console, especially if we start talking about 3 or 4 subsequent models during the same life cycle, though I'm sure the newest version will still sell.

    As for X vs Y brand, I've never subscribed to either mentality as both have their merits and will appeal to different consumers.


      I agree that it's about exclusives. As someone who owns both and genuinely want both players to succeed, I think that Sony have really killed it over the past few years with their exclusives. Just the few games I listed above alone were enough to warrant buying a PS4 for me.

      I think mobile gaming is a bit hit and miss at the moment. I would say there's little to no chance of MS or Sony investing any real time into the mobile gaming market anymore. I think the majority of the market for these portable consoles were kids and they've just got too much competition from increasingly powerful phones and tablets now.


    I am in a similar situation and came to the same conclusion
    - Anything cross platform I will get on PC
    - PS4 is purely for the exclusives and there are a LOT of good exclusives now as we approach the end of the generation
    - XBOX don't seem to have as many good exclusives and I find that eventually these exclusives make their way to the PC anyway due to the fact that it is Microsoft

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    What, you don't like Forza Gears Halo? Well how about some Halo Gears Forza?

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    Xbox vs PS4 vs Nintendo.
    It all comes down to what genre of games you play and what title/s you want to play the most.
    No specific title or genre you want to play? then it comes down to the most powerful console and what fits your budget, end of discussion!

    In saying that the PC is the best!
    The PC has the biggest catalogue of games and it's all backwards compatible, there are even emulators to play console games on the PC!
    The PC has to biggest catalogue of peripherals!
    PC's can do so much more than gaming.
    PC game mods, and it's so easy to get into doing little tweaks with Notepad++.
    The PC is democratic, nobody owns it, anyone can create games, software, peripherals and hardware/components and there's no big company looking for a % commission, there's just so much more competition, choice and flexibility with the PC!

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      Also you can play selected Xbox one & PS4 titles on PC too

      • Xbox play anywhere
      • PS Now on PC

      I run Forza Horizon 4 on PC 4K60p @ 60FPS where the XB1X console is restricted to 30FPS
      Downside = cost (unless you already have a decent PC without upgrade)
      I mean IMO, to enjoy it in 4K@60p, I would recommend at least a Core i7/AMD equivalent & GTX1080 GPU


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        In a short while, PC Gamers will enjoy PS3 and Switch emulation.

        So you're really only missing out on PS4 Games.
        It's not worth developing Xbox/360/One emulators at this point… especially if you can get an Xbox One X and do backwards compatibility on those titles. So if you really wanted to cover those exclusive titles, that would be my bet.

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        • Xbox play anywhere
        • PS Now on PC

        Ah yes, I had totally forgotten about them another 1+ got the PC!


    PS4 has better exclusives.
    Microsoft have been doing a disservice to Xbox owners, with cancelling titles and reserving popular licensed characters and franchises from being used.

    The Xbox One has been a fail from the start. Remember when it came with a Kinect and had mandatory online?
    Since then they focused heavily on media functions and backwards compatibility.
    The bragging point recently has been that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro. It may be, but just like previous systems it isn't the performance alone that matters.
    All Microsoft games are released on the Xbox One and Windows if they aren't already multi platform. (Crackdown, Forza, you name it)
    There doesn't seem to be any niche or unique features to get the Xbox One for, unlike the PS4 and the Switch compared to PC.
    It's almost as though Microsoft don't want anyone to buy the system.
    Meanwhile Sony are delivery everything people can ask for, with remakes and sequels to the most renowned games and plenty of original titles funded by Sony.

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      The Xbox One has been a fail from the start. Remember when it came with a Kinect and had mandatory online?

      I agree, I think that the Xbox One had potential from the start, but Microsoft made some really bad decisions. I didn't really buy the whole Xbox One name, the bundled Kinect was an absolute failure. It was also more expensive than the PS4, which really hamstrung it.

      I didn't really even mind the mandatory online, it's a similar model to PC with services like Steam, but I guess console gamers still see things a bit differently to the PC guys.


    I currently own a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch. I used to own an Xbox One but traded that in for a PS4 last year. It really depends on what titles you want, which many people have said. Also, take a look at the future releases that have been announced. This is a good indication of what to expect and what you can have fun with.

    Xbox One:
    In the earlier days, Xbox had some fairly decent exclusive titles - Halo, Gears of War… These titles have been pretty average of late and Xbox haven't been able to offer too much else.

    The reason I switched is because of the new exclusives: Spiderman, God of War… the list goes on.

    I really only use this for party games and when people come over. I don't really play the switch for titles that I would play on my own. Highlights for me would probably be: Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Overcooked 1 & 2 and Tetris etc. It's great for this purpose!


    20 odd comments and no fanboi has started an argument on terraflops yet ?!?!
    Come on OzBargain, you're getting slack in your old age :).

    As already stated, it's personal preference and in some cases loyalties- like Ford v Holden (well, that's bad argument because there isn't an option on those anymore).

    I lean towards Xbox purely because the online part is better imo. And the Gamepass for like $2 per month (when you wait for sales) is terrific. A massive library of games to play, that gets refreshed often enough to keep you interested and not have to buy $100 titles you'll never get your money back on later on.

    I used to spend thousands on upgrading my PC every few years to make sure the rig was up to spec for the latest games. But there's something to be said for just being able to press a button and launch into a game on the big screen in an instant. No crashes, no driver issues, just good to go… for less than the cost of a decent video card.


    Nintendo Switch

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    easy peasy japanese.
    base ps4 > (greater than) base xbox one/s

    xbox x > ps4 pro

    go watch digital foundry youtube red dead demption 2

    g luck

    i hope santa bring me an xbox x….. :(


    By both.


    I've had two Xbox Ones and a Xbox One S. I am loking to sell one and purchase a PS4 Pro when there is a great deal on. I also have the buyers remorse which is why I haven't upgraded to a Xbox One X.


    I prefer PS4 compared to Xbox because for obvious reason the library of games. I used to own Xbox one X and their update size was crazy and while it was updating you basically can't play the game, while in ps4 you maybe not be able to go online with the game that is being updated but you can still play offline (I don't know if that's still the case or not now though). I don't really like their interface either - to go to store page you need to go pass thru their recommended page and click at the little icon to see the full store, I think its a bit unnatural.


    I play casually.
    Xbox has better subscription services - games with gold, Xbox games pass and EA Vault is enough to keep the casual player stocked with games.
    PS4 has better exclusives.


    I dont think there is any point comparing. The preferred one will always be the platform that most of your mates are playing on. Other than the number of exclusives, the social aspect is probably the next most important factor IMO.


    I got it because it was the cheper to find a used Xbox one on ebay below $150, fraction of a gaming PC, Cheapest gaming system I ever had :)


    Xbox has a better controller and backwards compatibility. Xbox one X is the most powerful with the best graphics.
    PS4 has better exclusives. Especially single player exclusives such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us (remastered).


    FWIW, Sea of Thieves has apparently added heaps of content since launch. I need to check it out again.

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    PS4 has the best games. Everything else is inconsequential.


    The games for the Xbox were a disappointment, though.

    This is almost wholly subjective, and game library has always been the most valid reason to decide between different consoles.

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    I think if you didn't get a Xbox 360 and are more of a multiplayer and pick up and play gamer then the Xbox is the one for you.

    I love my PS4, yes the exclusives are great, but I have struggled to get into recent games as they are story/cutscene heavy and require a more larger/stronger dedication of your time. I always seem to forget where I am up to as I am often playing through multiple games at one time.

    Ever since getting my OLED Tv, game pass and Xbox One X. Its great to get into a quick few races of Horizon or a couple of levels of Master Chief Collection to wind down. Then I hop on the PC for the competitive stuff.

    Edit: If you are a huge gamer, you will have to buy all of them. If your a casual and tight on money, choose what you like and play most. Xbox for racing, multiplayer and casual singleplayer. PS4 for an in-depth single player experience. Switch if you must have the next Zelda/Mario and if you have lots of friends/room mates coming over.

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