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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $143.20, Google Home Hub $158.40, Samsung Gear S3 $239.20 C&C (Or Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch for $239.20

Google Home Hub Chalk and Charcoal for $158.40

Greetings everyone, this is the cheapest so far for this, an excellent price coming up to Xmas.

Plenty of stock available for C&C if you're worried about getting it before Xmas.

Stack with the 10% off gift cards from eBay UK for further savings!

As always, enjoy!

20% off The Good Guys @ eBay thanks to TA!

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  • Doweyy - Getting in early there - here's hoping they dont bump the prices.

  • Gear s3, can I talk to the phone during the call if I connect through Bluetooth?

    • If you answer on the phone, it will default to the phone, if you answer with the watch it will default there.

  • I bought the kindle yesterday. I will end up buying this and returning the previous one at the store today. Anyone have experiences with returning an item to Good Guys straight after collecting it from the store (bought via ebay)? I believe they have a 30 day return policy.

    • +3 votes

      return the old one first, go have a coffee and pick up the new one.

    • They are not required to accept change of mind returns, but I'm sure you can convince then to do it. I've done it before when I complained about their customer service.

      1. Refund Policy
        We will provide refunds pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the “Act”) namely, if the goods you purchased:

      Are not of merchantable quality;
      Are not fit for its purpose;
      Do not match the sample.

    • It'd be easier to claim 120% price difference cashback via their online portal. That WY you keep your kindle, the franchisee keeps profits and TGG (HO) are the ones out of pocket

    • How did this go for you? I'd like to return my unopened purchase too

      • No hesitation. Just told them upfront that I bought 2 accidentally. They cancelled the order and advised it will take a few days for money to be refunded. Just be sure that you are refunding the higher priced purchase :)

  • Mine is saying "the code isn't ready yet"

  • Hopefully Amazon price match with the 10% cash back at the moment

  • Great price. Copped one thanks OP.

  • 2 months ago, i bought 3rd Gen Kindle Paperwhite at $139. :(
    It is new 4th Gen version and only $4 difference.

    • I am sure the 2 months usage is worth $4. Unless the one you bought are still in the box.

  • Grabbed a Hume Hub - thanks OP

  • Anyone want to comment on the google hub? (assuming they own).

    Is it any good? We got a mini (speaker) and never use it, so I question how much value I would get from it…

  • Thanks, got Kindle after a long procrastination.

  • Keeps saying 'code can't be applied to your order' WTF?

  • it keeps saying "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again."

  • Same here, getting errors when selecting store.
    Must be out of stock as it worked for delivery.
    Hopefully I'll receive it this week.

  • The order worked fine for me

  • these gear s3 deals make dint on the Galaxy watch sales :p

  • Thank OP, bought the new kindle as a christmas present for a friend. They are selling like hot cakes, last I checked 48 sold in the last hour on the ebay listing.

    • 48 sold is hot cakes err, there are literally 100 good guys stores.They should sell 1000s in a day

  • Fitbit Charge 3 for ~$150.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP….got a Kindle…I wasn't planning on picking one of these up, but they have them at my local GG and that's a cracker of a price I think.

  • Thanks OP. Used discounted ebay vouchers from previous deals . Too bad the click and collect option didnt work for me though.

  • Awesome deal thanks OP just purchased a Kindle. I probably should have gotten the case at the same time.

  • Thanks OP. C&C Kindle still available at my local. Also any feedback on the folio cases or other recommendations?

  • Does anyone know if you can buy waterproof tablets as opposed to just kindles?


    Samsung gear s3 selling like hot cakes.

    Should have got its own page.

    My listing got revoked.

    • Samsung gear s3 selling like hot cakes.

      That's because the Galaxy watch hasn't delivered. Step counter is way off.

      I've sold my S3. Might sell the GW and go back to an S3.


        S3 Frontier has nicer looks than Galaxy watch.

        I'll wait for Galaxy firmware update if I were you.

  • why cant I pick up stock at a local store? They've either run out of stock or never allowed for pickup at some it seems.


      Small items cost $5 delivery. Bigger one costs $38. Strange as TGG website has $10 flat rate shipping.

  • people keep posting dupes for the watch, so I'm making the text bigger :)

    • Lol thanks for that :)


        Gear S3 deserves its own page. You hogging multiple deals in one page.

        • What does this even mean? OP is free to add as many items as he pleases to his post.


            @tightarse: Yeah, next time add 2000 items sold by good guys on the same page. No need to have separate pages for different items.

            That is your logic btw.

            • @DisabledUser73199: The titles have limits for that reason (can have multiple items, but not heaps), if you really wanted it to have it's own page, you should have posted it first.

              My opinion on the matter is, why spam every individual deal when you can group a few, they all share the title no matter what and this went front page regardless.

  • "1yr breakdown & accidental damage cover from Virginia Surety - AU $27.61"

    Worth it?

  • Thanks OP. Got a Google Hub. Good price!

    Looking at the Ebay orders - so have another 72 people since 10am when the deal started :)

  • Thanks OP !!!!!!

  • Bought a Gear S3.. thanks..

    The new galaxy watch is a bit of a let down
    And very poor value compared to the S3

  • Galaxy watch 42 mm is 399.20 with this discount. I tried to price match with Harvey Norman , but not luck. I guess i will keep waiting.
    I need the 5 ATM waterproof. Have been using aonther 5 ATM waterproof for the last 5 years, so now very hard to remember to take it out at the beach , also is when the wathc is more usefull since you are away form the phone. I will be happy with Gear Sport at au$ 300 , but very low stock here in Australia at not any deal

  • Thanks very much!
    I also bought the Gear 3 last night after procrastinating for far too long and wasting good money on an Amazfit Pace which I need a magnifying glass to read the notifications!
    I notice that the GG have already sold 212 of these and Samsung AU are also still flogging them for $299. They must have a container load of them to offload. You'd think they'd learn that the RRP is far too high.
    I just hope they don't bring out a software "update" that stuffs up the Gear 3

  • Oops, I pressed purchased the Paperwhite but forgot to enter the Code.
    Asked for cancel the order, but cannot, and TGG keeps sending out the package.
    Feel shit myself!

    Should I return to get refund and buy the second one with code?


      Its only $36 saving. Consider it xmas donation.

    • I did the same thing and ordered another one with the code. Contacted TGG support on eBay and they gladly cancelled the full price order.

      • Thanks, They've just replied my message on ebay and notice that my order has been cancelled.
        Ask question only because I got an email this morning which notice that the item was dispatched by the store, and Ebay automatically discarded my cancel request.

  • Just got the Kindle today, awesome little unit. Ordered the case separately but for some reason looks like it may come in tomorrow even though they were both picked up at the same time.

    • Ah crap, so the case I purchased even though it is for the 'Kindle Paperwhite' its not for the 'New' Paperwhite. Hopfully GG will accept a return.


    Item hasn't been shipped out. Purchased yesterday. Anyone has their item shipped?

    • I ordered the Kindle afternoon 17th and has just received it now, 4pm 19th. Very fast delivery from their Caringbah to Syd CBD.


        My tracking hasn't been updated since Monday. Something not right.

        Will cancel and get refund if not delivered by Christmas, as its a gift.

        Aust post is a joke cannot even deliver from Sydney to Sydney in 7 days, worst than 3rd world country.

  • Got further 5% off at Officeworks for the kindle via price beat

  • I ordered the 8GB, but received the 32GB, weird but not complaining.

    • Curious to see how warranty will work if you ever need it. Unless you can go through Amazon instead?

  • Ummed and Erred over the Gear S3 again (sold out from Bing Lee last time) and this time missed out on local C&C options, but it is still available for delivery.

    It seems there's about 3 smartwatches remaining, as entering a quantity of 4+ yields an error message.

    • Lol you're so entitled, give it a rest.

      • I ordered one yesterday and it’s not here today… *sadface_emoji.png*

        • -1 vote

          Hopefully yours arrive after new year.

          • @DisabledUser73199: Nah, I called the local store and spoke to the manager. I stamped my feet, laid on the ground, screeched and demanded they drive up here and deliver it personally.

            • +1 vote

              @pegaxs: If only you had a safe landing spot for the helicopter.

              • @PJC: All I needed to say was "I have a 7yo child in this house, do you want to ruin their Christmas???". I was all ready to drop the ACCC bomb on them as well. "I know my rights!!!" or my ever favourite "I know you're busy and I don't care, I just want to know about my stuff that I paid for???". Sometimes I'll even pinch my daughter to make her cry just for the added drama.