This was posted 3 years 1 month 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off The Good Guys @ eBay


The Good Guys eBay 20% off runs from 10am AEDT Dec 17 to Dec 19. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

  • Maximum discount of $1000 per transaction
  • Maximum 10 items per transaction
  • Maximum 3 transactions per account
  • Excludes gift cards

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  • Does the Dyson stick vac come with the kiddie vac? I can’t see it on the listing

  • +5

    All DJI products have been removed. No deal.

    What else has been edited for the 'sale'?

    Check all prices

    • +7

      I like how the Tech & Gadgets image link has a pic of the Tello but it's not available for sale.


    • +14

      Excludes: Stuff people want to buy for Christmas.

      Basically trying to move stock.

      • +2


        Only ACER orphans for sale

        Will NEVER forgive TGG for frauding me with a SMEG stove, E&S Trading saved the day

    • +9

      Is vanishing the new jacking?

    • All DJI products have been removed. No deal.

      What about all the other people out there who aren't interested in DJI products?

      • +2

        No deal for me.

        Check all prices

      • +1

        All the LG French Door refrigerators with the knock knock windows seem to have been removed.

    • To be fair, most of the big companies only have a small percentage of their products on EBAY.

      • Doesnt explain why they took it down

  • +62

    Don't forget Cashrewards for an extra 0.0%.

    • +1

      And thats the limited time bonus rate, get in quick! :)

    • +1

      OMG - ALSO NO CAP !

      • +1

        The irony of this sentence is not lost on me.

  • Damn, just bought a Google Home Hub from their ebay store yesterday. Might be a new all time low for someone to post.

    • Serious question, why get a Google Home Hub. Seems like the only thing extra is a display.

      • +1

        Looks like you answered your own question!

      • It does come with 6 months free Youtube premium access (until 31/12) which is effectively another $90 off the price for anyone using Google music/Youtube premium, takes the total price down to $70ish.

        • Probably worth nothing the free offer is only available to new subscribers who haven't signed up for a free trial before.

      • I want one in a kitchen as a convenient, always there, display for home automation state and as a way to bring up recipes etc.

  • $498−20% = 398.40 for PS4 pro. Is that good?

    • -2

      It's ok. Best was Black Friday sales last year where the Pro could be had for circa $350.

      • +1

        I'm remembering the best deal was $379 with Fortnite bundle from Amazon. This deal isn't too bad.

        • I purchased the Fortnite bundle during Prime day sales, at $379 and if you count cashback, it was around $350.

    • +2

      It's decent. Doesn't beat Amazon prime day tho

    • +1

      You sure you're looking at the Pro? Its the PS4 Slim 1TB for $498…cant see a Pro for sale…

  • +5

    No deal for me since phones n gadgets r not on sale.

    • +3

      If I r u, I'd be angry n mad.

    • I manage to add a Galaxy S8 in the cart to apply the code and available for click and collect in my local GG. Order totalAU $630.40.

      Unless they do not have the phone you're looking for on sale.

  • +2

    Thanks OP.

  • google Hub tempting :)

  • +1

    Yamaha at1080?

  • -1

    Can I return something I bought via ebay last night?

    • -1

      I also bought something at 1am last night. talked to ebay and they said its fine to return and rebuy - just need to discuss with Good Guys.

    • they have 30 days return.

      • eBay also has price matc if buy on eBay then find it cheaper they will refund the diff

        • They dont price match theirself.

  • -1

    Nice post op

  • +1

    Has anyone had issue with click and collect via Ebay with TGG? Some items are showing not in stock where the website says it's avail and also some items not even giving the pickup option

    • Stock levels between their eBay store and the normal store are separate. I bought a dishwasher a few months back via TGG eBay click and collect and was ready same day.

      • As in it's meant to be different or they don't always catch the differences?

        • It's meant to be different

  • +3

    I would have saved another $40 via this sale on the fridge I brought compared to the ebay sale I brought it during. Oh well, you never know when these deals will come along.

    On a side note, no XM3's on the ebay TGG page. What a surprise! (/sarcasm)

  • How does Amazon work with their pricing?

    Will they match some eBay prices minus 20 percent?

    Looking for a Philips Air fryer for mum.

    • Amazon doesn’t price match on request. They will often lower their prices to match sales, but you have to wait and hope that they will do it.

    • They often "respond" to a blockbuster item, so the $249 PS4 at Big W tomorrow they will probably match (already dropped to $279) but quite unlikely to respond to something less specific like 20% off Good Guys eBay.

  • -3

    One Shitty Deal, better wait for Amazon to match their price :P

  • I bought the kindle yesterday. I will end up buying this and returning the previous one at the store today. Anyone have experiences with returning an item to Good Guys straight after collecting it from the store (bought via ebay)? I believe they have a 30 day return policy.

  • +1

    Yay I can finally get that new jaffle maker I've been eyeing off

  • -2

    Any deals on Samsung s9 plus? Missed on jb other day for $1099 for 256gb.. thanks…

  • I’ve never used a click and collect option via an ebay store before. What are your experiences with The Hood Guys and their click and collect times via ebay store purchasing? Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • +1

      I did a few times. Very easy, just show them driver license and show the transaction via mobile.

      • Nice, thanks for the reply, as easy as you suggested

    • +1

      If you buy via Paypal, then they will ask you to sign a form so that they can get back to Paypal saying that item has been collected.

      • Exactly as you described, thanks for the reply

  • Has anyone had experience getting this price matched with brick and mortar department stores like Myer or David Jones? I prefer their rules/flexibility around returns/warranty etc as my experience with Good Guys has never been the best. Got my eye on an item and that 20% would help alot (christmas present).

    • As per every other time, it's an Ebay code. So no.

    • I could not even get a Good Guys store to match it.
      Last time I stood in the store and ordered the item on eBay.
      Then did click and collect from another GG store to rub it in.

  • Iphones included in the sale?

    • Haha of course!

      • I don't think it's included…

  • +1

    Would people say the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multifloor for 399 (Original 499) is a good price?

  • Is Nintendo Switch a good price? $359.2 with discount

  • Darn. I just bought a fridge yesterday with the 10% off and eBay gc’s….. anyhow know if good guys let you cancel orders and how the ebay gift cards get refunded?

    • Well the good guys has a 30 day price guarantee where they will give back 120% of the difference.

      • edited.
        Ok thanks. Yeah just read about it on their website. not sure they would necessarily price match against themselves on an ebay code. thanks though

      • +1

        No they will not with an ebay code.

      • +1

        not with ebay promotion tho and they seem not beating their own price

  • Thanks OP.
    Fitbit Charge 3 listed at $188, so $150.40 with 20% off seems like a decent deal right?

    • It sure does. I just bought the Versa for $174 instead of the Charge 3 though.

  • GoPro Hero 5 Black down to $300 with 20% off.

    • These were $150 just last week (Hero 2018 flashed)

  • +1

    Samsung UA49NU7100WXXY for $716 seems very decent. 49" is too small for some, I know.

  • Has anyone bought a fridge from their eBay store? Does the delivery include the installation and removal of old fridge like if you bought in store?

    • I bought a fridge from them last time but they did not install the new or remove the old.

  • Their soundbars seem ridiculously priced before 20% off….

    eg: Samsung HWN950 - $1.8K, Sony HTZ9RF - $1.5K

  • Thinking of getting the Yamaha YAS-108B for $216 posted as there are no stores near me for C&C. I think it would be a good upgrade from the $80 aldi soundbar I bought a few months ago.

    • +2

      Get the ATS-1080 from Bing Lee eBay instead, it's the same thing and cheaper

      • I would but they don't post to my address in Victoria.

    • I checked on the Goodguys website and they do have it in stock at Ballarat store but on eBay it said they don't and I would have to pay for postage🤔

    • If you don't mind sharing, how do you find the quality of the Aldi soundbar?

  • +1

    i did a search on the store before this went active for a Google Wifi.
    WAS $149
    after 10am i went back to search for the same thing and the price went up$199

  • Don't forget 10% off ebay giftcards here

    • How does that even work? It says for a $200 gift card it's £114 - which is $200aud

      • how to get this giftcard with 10% off?

  • +1

    Was looking to buy a portable hdd but both ones I looked at went up in price as soon as the sale started:

    NEW Seagate 2886338 2TB Expansion Portable HDD
    Pre-sale = $99, Sale = $109 - 20% = $87.20

    NEW Seagate 2505821 2TB Backup Plus Slim Portable HDD
    Pre-sale = $118, Sale = $139 - 20% = $111.20

    Still seem like good prices but not 20% off.

  • Just when they remove the Sony A9F.

  • Looks like most of the split system cashback promos have ended otherwise this might have worked well when stacking 20% plus the 10% off from yesterday.

  • +1

    Nice to see them increase a TV I was looking at by $500 LOL, misleading. Crooks!

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